Accessibility at Disneyland Paris: MagicALL

At Disneyland Paris, we are committed to providing a magical experience for all. MagicALL is how we describe the collection of offerings and services that we continually refine to create an accessible environment in support of both guests and Cast Members with disabilities and community organizations. We’ve placed inclusion at the heart of everything we do and are committed to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and belongs. We understand that individuals and communities have specific and unique needs and preferences. As we continue to grow and develop our offerings, accessibility and creating a welcoming place for all remains one of our top priorities for our guests, Cast Members and the community.


Disneyland Paris is committed to providing a safe and accessible environment for all guests.

Disneyland Paris is committed to providing a safe and accessible environment for all guests. Information and services are available every step of the way, from the booking experience on our website, at our central reservation center or with our valued trade associates, to the experience across our entire resort once guests arrive including accessibility maps and tailored guides, dedicated access cards, audio description services, Virtuoz a service to help blind and visually impaired guests navigate our parks,  adapted attractions, entertainment offerings, shopping and dining facilities, disabled-friendly hotel rooms and facilities, adapted transportation and priority parking, as well as dedicated Cast Members to provide support. We continue to address a diverse range of disabilities and special needs – including hearing, mental, motor and visual – to deliver an exceptional guest experience. 

Our approach includes an accessibility program which provides priority access to up to 58 attractions at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. To accomplish this, we empower guests to evaluate their own autonomy and decide which attractions they can experience, depending on attraction safety access conditions and level of autonomy. We also have updated vehicle loading and evacuation procedures – working closely with safety and rescue teams – and provide dedicated training to Cast Members on welcoming guests with disabilities, accessibility procedures and special features available in locations such as shops and restaurants.  

For more information, please visit our dedicated webpage for Guests with Disabilities or Special Needs, where you will find the Accessibility Guide and Accessibility Maps, among other resources. Information is also available onsite during your visit. 

Disneyland Paris welcomed 193,000 guests with disabilities and special needs in a one-year period starting October 2022.
Since 2004, Disneyland Paris has been recognized by the state brand Tourisme & Handicap for reaching French accessibility standards in both parks for four types of disability: hearing, mental, motor and visual.
All 58 attractions at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park are now include provisions to increase accessibility to guests, depending on attraction safety access conditions and level of autonomy.
Among our adaptations, guests can experience three of our most popular shows, “The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands”, “Mickey and the Magician” and “Disney Junior Dream Factory”, with artistic narration in French sign language. "Mickey and the Magician" is also available in synchronized audio description.


Our Cast Members are the heart of our resort experience.

Our Cast Members are the heart of our resort experience. Since the very beginning, Disneyland Paris has focused on providing equal opportunities for employees and continues to recruit Cast Members with disabilities and special needs for all types of roles. We incorporate considerations across our workforce, from team training to tools that facilitate the inclusion of disabled employees. This is made possible through an ambitious human resources management policy and dedicated team, which aims to improve integration into the company, support professional growth and safeguard the jobs of Cast Members with disabilities. 

Disneyland Paris offers tailor-made solutions, adapted to each situation, in collaboration with occupational physicians, social workers, human resources teams and management. These include adjustments to working hours, workstations, part-time work, payment of a cab for home-to-work journeys, coverage of the cost of specialized equipment and paid leave of absence, helping to reconcile disability and professional life. Along with resources and dedicated training modules, we organize informational events encouraging Cast Members to engage in discussions on disabilities such as conferences on the challenges associated with certain disabilities and the workplace, as well as workshops and immersive experiences like wheelchair basketball or fencing, and blind table tennis. 

For more information, please visit our Cast Experience page. 

There have been 10 company agreements since 1993 in favor of recruiting, integrating and accommodating Cast Members with disabilities.
Cast Members with disabilities now represent 5.87% of all employees at the resort across many lines of business including roles regularly interacting with guests.
Since 2016, Disneyland Paris has provided training to its recruitment professionals and HR Business partners to help them better understand the process of integrating disabled employees.
In 2024, more than 9 000 Cast Members in contact with guests will be trained or retrained in accommodating those with disabilities.


Disneyland Paris is committed to partnering with the disabled community.

Disneyland Paris is committed to helping underserved and underrepresented youth create the future they imagine by providing them with access and opportunity throughout their journey, from early childhood to early career. As part of this commitment, the resort contributes to the educational and professional orientation of young people with disabilities. Our efforts are primarily concentrated in four areas – scholarships for youth with disabilities to promote access to education, coaching workshops for resume development and interview skills, job discovery visits at Disneyland Paris throughout the year for those at the middle school or high school level, and adapted internships available across all resort roles. This is made possible through working relationships with associations and educational organizations, among them the Student Federation for Dynamic Study and Employment with a Disability (Fédé 100% HANDINAMIQUE) and the Regional Association for Education and Placement of Youth with Disabilities (ARPEJEH). 

In addition, Disneyland Paris maintains a procurement policy privileging companies with inclusive policies hiring people with disabilities. We strive to work with suppliers from the “protected and adapted” sector, in which employees with disabilities represent 80% of the workforce and are provided adequate conditions. Since 1992, Disneyland Paris has been working with these suppliers – designated as ESATs – and providing an inclusive working environment at the resort in various roles around the resort while also helping to further develop employee skills. 

Thanks to an ongoing relationship between Disneyland Paris and La FÉDEEH, 80 students have benefited from scholarships since 2016 to help pay for disability accommodations and go even further in their studies.
More than 140 young people ages 16-25 have benefited from small group coaching workshops so far to provide one-on-one interviews and feedback for professional skills development, with many more to come.
In 2019, 400 children and parents benefiting from the APF France Handicap association were welcomed into Disneyland Paris as part of fifth annual Operation HandiDon awards ceremony. Also, in 2019, 200 children were welcomed alongside Disney VoluntEARS for Autism Awareness Day.
In 2022, Disneyland Paris contracts with suppliers from the “protected and adapted” sector represented a budget of 1.6 million euros with twelve different companies in the fields of groundskeeping, hygiene products, animal care, and paper recycling as well as IT services.


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