The company owes its success to its ability to find and develop a variety of talents, called Cast Members. To bring to life the Disneyland Paris magic, the company counts on the commitment and expertise of more than 18,000 Cast Members from 123 different nationalities, speaking 20 languages and filling in 500 job classification. A group of men and women work together to create exceptional, magical experiences for every guest daily. The diversity of this team is an asset and an engine of creativity.

Disneyland Paris puts diversity and professional equality at the heart of its human resources policy. Gender equality, the hiring of older workers, recent graduates, people with disabilities, and access to job opportunities for the long-term unemployed are an integral part of this policy.

See the actions we’re taking to value the talent of our cast members below.

Ambassador Program

In 1965, when Disneyland celebrated its tencennial in California, Walt Disney had the will to create a legacy program named the “Disney Ambassador Program.” Since then, the tradition continues in all Disney Resorts around the world.

Walt Disney was involved in several monumental projects and was overwhelmed with requests for personal appearances and to host special guests. He decided to appoint a spokesperson to serve as the official representative of all Disneyland Cast Members. Tour Guide Julie Reihm was selected by Walt Disney himself to serve as the first official Ambassador.

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Celebrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Disneyland Paris has a comprehensive, multi-faceted diversity, equity and inclusion strategy which has grown with us over 30 years, taking into consideration not only professional equality but also diversity of identities, abilities and nationalities, career experience levels and ages. We are proud of this strong and ever-expanding program, which is present at all levels of the company.

We strive to create a culture of inclusion, where everyone is welcome and ideas and contributions from our diverse workforce help us grow. These efforts are furthered at Disneyland Paris through impactful policies and ongoing engagement opportunities which continue to expand, such as exclusive Cast events and dedicated employee-driven groups to provide inspiration and support.

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