The company owes its success to its ability to find and develop a variety of talents, called Cast Members. To bring to life the Disneyland Paris magic, the company counts on the commitment and expertise of more than 17,000 Cast Members from 121 different nationalities, speaking 20 languages and filling in 500 job classification. A group of men and women work together to create exceptional, magical experiences for every guest daily. The diversity of this team is an asset and an engine of creativity.

Disneyland Paris puts diversity and professional equality at the heart of its human resources policy. Gender equality, the hiring of older workers, recent graduates, people with disabilities, and access to job opportunities for the long-term unemployed are an integral part of this policy.

See the actions we’re taking to value the talent of our cast members below.

Ambassador Program

In 1965, when Disneyland celebrated its tencennial in California, Walt Disney had the will to create a legacy program named the “Disney Ambassador Program.” Since then, the tradition continues in all Disney Resorts around the world.

Walt Disney was involved in several monumental projects and was overwhelmed with requests for personal appearances and to host special guests. He decided to appoint a spokesperson to serve as the official representative of all Disneyland Cast Members. Tour Guide Julie Reihm was selected by Walt Disney himself to serve as the first official Ambassador.

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A Magical, Accessible Destination

Since 1993, the year of the first agreement for the employment of disabled individuals and the creation of Mission Handicap, Disneyland® Paris’ commitment has steadily grown to make the destination ever more accessible.

The aim of the agreement signed in 2019 is to further and strengthen the recruitment policy, in particular by supporting young people in their career plans through discovery days, internships and scholarships.

Beyond recruitment, the company’s policy aims to facilitate integration, support career development and enable the retention of disabled cast members.

The destination also focuses on improving reception conditions for disabled guests – about 110,000 per year – by taking practical measures such as incorporating French sign language into the Mickey and the Magician and The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands shows.

Focus on Gender Equality

Made up of 49% women and 51% men, Disneyland Paris is firmly committed to establishing equality in the workplace.

The “D Elles P” committee, composed of sixteen women and four men, focusses on female leadership. The group’s mission is twofold: fostering the emergence and development of gender balance conditions and supporting women in their professional and personal development.

Gender equality index

For the second year, as part of the “Avenir professionel” law, French companies with more than 50 employees are required to disclose their equality index on 1 March 2020. This index aims to measure a company’s commitment to providing an environment based on gender equality to their employees. It follows a specific methodology measuring companies on a scale of 100 and requiring those scoring under 75 to put proactive measures in place to increase their score for the coming years.

Disneyland Paris disclosed a score of 94/100.

Diversity and inclusion are key values for Disneyland Paris and are an integral part of the company’s DNA. With more than 500 different professions and 17,000 Cast Members, this score reflects a solid parity between women and men in a wide variety of jobs.It also reflects the commitment of all Cast Members in achieving true professional equality.

Committed to equality for more than 15 years

Since 2004, Disneyland Paris has implemented several agreements to promote gender equality, with nearly 20 concrete measures and a dedicated budget. Particular emphasis is placed on equality in the workplace, with the creation of working groups focusing on women’s leadership to strengthen and enhance equality initiatives.

Disneyland Paris remains committed to ensuring these efforts so that Cast Members have the resources and support they need to develop their careers and write their own history.

Youth and Senior Citizen Employment

Since 2010, Disneyland® Paris has focused on employing both young people and senior citizens. As part of this effort, the company signed a new Agreement which provides specific measures for young workers and workers over the age of 50.

Special working time arrangements may be offered to Cast Members over 57 years of age.
Training and support in preparation for retirement are offered to Cast Members aged 50 and over.

The Importance of Well-Being

Disneyland Paris is committed to improving the well-being of its cast members.

Behind the scenes, many activities and workshops are offered throughout the year such as, for example, dance lessons, participative gardening, introduction to relaxation techniques or even running.

An experimental phase of teleworking is also being conducted to introduce more flexibility into working arrangements, while respecting individuals’ right to disconnect.

The company also works with startups to facilitate carpooling between Cast Members and help them manage their schedule.

The corporate social network Workplace, amongst other things, helps strengthen bonds between cast members and enables them to share content and information in a fast and cross-functional way.

A psychosocial risk prevention agreement has also been in effect since 2018, placing particular emphasis on assessing cast members’ physical and mental health.

Skills development

Disneyland® Paris offers career paths to all of its cast members as soon as they are recruited.

Training is an important part of the company, with 400 training programmes available annually to all cast members. Leadership is also at the heart of the organisation’s strategy with an internal training centre, Disney University, dedicated to leadership training. Nearly 300 team leaders have been promoted through the internal management school since its inception, and a total of 51 cast members joined the management team in 2018.

A website dedicated to internal moblity allows cast members to position themselves for another function or a different job. It lists the available job openings in order to give priority to employees before considering external recruitment.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

On 1 June 2019, Disneyland® Paris held its first event to honour the LGBTQ community. Guests and cast members alike celebrated diversity and inclusion in Walt Disney Studios® Park.

On 31 May 2019, the destination organised a series of three conferences for 17,000 cast members, giving LGBTQ associations and representatives a chance to share their visions, journeys and courses of action.

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