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Over the past three decades, Disneyland® Paris has created unforgettable memories for Guests from all around the world delivering outstanding creativity and Disney Guest service. We celebrate this milestone in the history of our Resort with tremendous pride as we seek to inspire generations to forever dream bigger. At the heart of the magic, our Cast Members play a starring role to deliver an unparalleled Guest experience each and every day. Their passion and unique expertise allow us to successfully bring our timeless storytelling to life and connect with Guests of all ages in the most wonderful way. We believe that the great diversity and talent of our Cast Members is our greatest strength, enabling us to always be more creative and ambitious, and we are deeply committed to fostering a culture of inclusion where everyone belongs.

As we continue to look to the future and develop new and innovative ways to tell our stories, the past 2 years, marked by the ongoing health situation, have compelled us to accelerate our transformation on every level.

From the implementation of new digital capabilities to the reinvention of our hotel offering and the upcoming launch of new immersive experiences, including the opening of Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios® Park, we have worked to turn challenges into opportunities with the sense of hope and optimism which sets us apart.

Among these momentous projects, Disneyland® Paris is also responsible for the harmonious development of the territory surrounding the Resort, acting as a driver of tourism for the region and a real economic and social powerhouse for the zone. In this dynamic, we are proud to have established longstanding relationships with local suppliers, associations and communities as we work together to propel the territory forward. Meanwhile, our partnership with public authorities has continued to grow thanks to an increasingly close collaboration with the elected officials of the various municipalities that are part of Val d’Europe. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is also a cornerstone of our efforts as we strive to deliver a positive environmental legacy for future generations with notably the phased development of one of the largest solar canopy plants in Europe currently underway.

As we celebrate 30 years of making dreams come true and enter a new era of endless possibilities, we are excited to continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation to further immerse our Guests in their favorite Disney stories and franchises. Providing inspiration through the power of storytelling and imagination has always been at the core of our brand’s DNA and, building on this legacy, we are so proud to take on our big and bright future, further bringing people together.

  • A new era of endless possibilities
  • Grand Final
  • Celebrate
  • Transforming the Guest experience
  • Driving the sustainable growth of the area
  • Inspiring generations to shape the future
  • 30 years of magic, innovation and Pop Culture

“We are excited to continue to push the boundaries of creativity.”

Magical New Experiences Ahead of the Grand Finale of its 30th Anniversary

With the first ever Marvel drone show daily performed in a Disney Park, the return of the iconic Disney Dreams®! nighttime spectacular, an exclusive new show which brings guests on a journey alongside their favorite Pixar characters, and many other surprises, the Grand Finale of this incredible anniversary is a can’t-miss celebration!

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"Avengers : Power the Night" New Marvel Nighttime drone show

In addition to the recent openings of Marvel Avengers Campus and the Disney Hotel New York® – The Art of Marvel, guests will be offered another breathtaking Marvel experience, as a brand-new  nighttime drone show will light up the sky nightly at Walt Disney Studios Park®, beginning January 28th through May 8th, 2023.

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This worldwide exclusivity within the Disney Parks all around the world, the very first nighttime drone show daily performed and dedicated to Marvel Super Heroes, will combine music, lights, pyrotechnic effects, video projections and up to 500 drones that will form an awe-inspiring series of icons representing the powers of iconic Super Heroes, including Captain America, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch and for the first time at Disneyland Paris, Shang-Chi

Countless Disneyland Paris Cast Members – including show directors, special effect designers, lighting and motion designers – have combined their expertise and creativity to develop this exclusive show, which will feature a soundtrack comprised of some of the most iconic Marvel scores that have been specially reorchestrated with a symphony orchestra composed of more than 70 musicians at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

To continually push beyond the boundaries of innovation, the laser video projectors that are used for this show boast energy-efficient technology while delivering high-quality images.

This show was yet another opportunity for Disneyland Paris to collaborate with the European leader in drone shows, Bordeaux-based company Dronisos, who were recently named as the official technology provider of the resort for the second year in a row. This collaboration has notably paved the way for the creation of the resort’s 30th Anniversary’s nighttime drone show “Disney D-Light,” which has been dazzling guests of all ages each night since March 6th, 2022 and was even named “Best Live Entertainment 2022” during the Park World Excellence Awards Ceremony that was held in London in September 2022. 

With Marvel Avengers Campus, the Disney Hotel New York® – The Art of Marvel, and the brand-new nighttime drone show, Disneyland Paris has become the ULTIMATE destination in Europe for Marvel fans who want to enjoy an immersive experience alongside their favorite Super Heroes.

« Disney Dreams®! » makes its comeback

For the Grand Finale of the resort’s 30th Anniversary celebration, the incredible “Disney Dreams ®!” nighttime spectacular, which has received one of the highest satisfaction rates since the opening of the resort, will make its big comeback – giving a new generation of guests the opportunity to discover this iconic show.

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Beginning April 12th, 2023, “Disney Dreams!” will once again dazzle guests each night at Disneyland Park by taking them on a magical and emotional journey following the “Disney D-Light” drone show – a powerful combination of experiences that will result in an unforgettable nighttime sequence.

Guided by Peter Pan’s shadow, guests will discover or rediscover some of the greatest Disney stories projected on Sleeping Beauty Castle during an extraordinary journey featuring iconic songs from Disney and Pixar fan favorites Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lion King, Tangled,  and many others.

“Disney Dreams!,” which originally debuted in 2012, offers an incredible burst of colors and light using  state-of-the-art technology, dazzling projections, spectacular lasers and fountains, and sensational pyrotechnic effects. The mapping technology used for the show also creates illusions of rotating towers and swinging motions on the walls of Sleeping Beauty Castle!

The 2023 version of “Disney Dreams!” will be even more exceptional, as Sleeping Beauty Castle’s rooftops will be decked out with innovative LED technology that light up in sync with the show’s nostalgic soundtrack. An additional upgrade to the show’s technical equipment includes the installation of energy-efficient laser video projectors, which will make it possible to reduce energy use by 50%, while delivering a breathtaking show.

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Reopening of "it’s a small world"

After being closed for refurbishment, the happiest cruise that ever sailed will finally reopen in the Spring of 2023 to enchant Disneyland Paris guests. Nestled in the heart of Fantasyland since the Park’s opening in 1992, this can’t-miss family attraction will invite guests of all ages to go on a wonderful journey around the world to one of the most iconic Disney Parks’ songs.

For almost 60 years, this beloved attraction has featured hundreds of dolls (Audio-Animatronics ®) wearing national costumes and singing an emotion-filled song called “it’s a small world” to celebrate global unity.  The refurbishment work contributed to reviving the highly colorful appearance of its outdoor façade and allowed for several technical upgrades.

A new show : « TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure »

In Summer 2023, a brand-new show called “TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure” will await Walt Disney Studios Park’s guests, who will be invited to take part in a musical adventure at Studio Theater alongside their favorite Pixar pals. During this show, which will combine state-of-the-art stage technology, lighting effects, choreography and iconic songs, guests will find out how music and friendship brings us together.

Through the creation of this original show, Disneyland Paris reiterates its desire to immerse guests into memorable Pixar stories and to give them the opportunity to explore incredible paths alongside a wide variety of Disney Characters.

A new era will start on March 6, 2022. This era will be marked by transformation, limitless creativity, and new technology, for an always more immersive and unforgettable Guest experience. To reach this historic milestone, Disneyland Paris – which will shine as never before – will celebrate its bright future, in which Guests will dream bigger and laugh louder.

30th Anniversary

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A new daytime show called“ Dream… and Shine Brighter! “

For the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris, a new show performed every day – several times a day – on Central Plaza at Disneyland Park, in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle which is more beautiful than ever following its 12-month refurbishment

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Unique and unforgettable entertainment is a core part of the Disneyland Paris DNA. The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands, and Disney Junior Dream Factory are just a few recent memorable examples of shows that Guests continue to enjoy.

Now, Guests can experience the all-new Dream…and Shine Brighter! show, performed several times a day at Disneyland Park on Central Plaza in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, an icon than is more beautiful than ever following a 12-month refurbishment (More information here).

Dream…and ShineBrighter! tells a story around three key themes – “Smile and Laugh Louder,” “Open Your Heart” and “Believe in Your Dreams” – with more than 30 dancers and Disney Characters, new colorful floats, two new songs and a fun mash-up of 20 Disney songs.The new floats appear in a contemporary style with abstract forms, iridescent and transparent materials which are illuminated by the sunlight and elevate the performance even further.

This daytime show is an opportunity for Guests to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and their friends decked out in their new iridescent costumes, as created just for the 30th Anniversary, joined by other favorites including the Genie from Aladdin, Rapunzel from Tangled, and Jessie and Woody from Toy Story.

Costume design at Disneyland Paris: 30 years of “Sewing” expertise

To give you a sneak peek of the new costumes designed for this celebration, Disneyland Paris organized its own fashion show as part of which Mickey, Minnie and their friends “hit the catwalk” in a one-of-a-kind setting

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Mickey and Minnie’s dressing room would be a goldmine for any fashion addict – more than 450 costumes, to which the new iridescent costumes with their hats designed especially for the Park’s 30th Anniversary are now added!

Since 1992, more than 30,000 costumes have been designed in the ateliers of Disneyland Paris – one of the largest collections of costumes in Europe.

Milliners, pattern makers, seamstresses… in total, more than 40 people work in the ateliers of Disneyland Paris.

To design the costumes of this 30th Anniversary, more than 2,000 lines of rhinestone were sewn, more than 700 meters of fabrics were printed, and more than 190 jewels were necessary.

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a new nighttime state-of-the-art sequence of magic!

At nightfall, a new spectacular emotional moment that will accompany Disney Illuminations.


Disneyland Park will be home to entirely new Gardens of Wonder comprised of 10 different theme-based gardens. Installed in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, the gardens will feature 30 entirely new art pieces, kinetic Disney and Pixar sculptures which will “come to life”. They will celebrate nature, embody the diversity of popular Disney and Pixar Characters, and offer an enchanted promenade for our Guests.

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Each of these pieces has been imagined thanks to the expertise and creativity of our Landscaping and Entertainment teams, and is produced by local craftsmen whose know-how has contributed to Disneyland Paris experience for many years. Inspired by various sources of influences : from windmills for children to the world of Salvador Dali, among other things – this 30 pieces of art will be installed in 10 different theme-based gardens and will represent a wide variety of Disney and Pixar Characters, from Princesses to Villains. For example, the Garden of Asia will include sculptures of Baymax (Big Hero 6), Mushu (Mulan)

The 3D modeling and handmade production of these 30 art pieces were carried out in collaboration with 3 French companies expert in decor production based in Ile-de-France. These 3 companies, including different professions such as engineers, technicians, painters have worked in collaboration with Yves Ollier, Set Designer Manager at Disneyland Paris, to create these Gardens of Wonder.  The video offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the new Gardens of Wonder at Disneyland Paris will look like. and Sisu (Raya and the Last Dragon).

Disneyland Park will also be redecorated using the iridescent theme, with sparkling blue and purple hues.

Lighting effects, neon lights and backlit kinetic mobiles will be used to decorate Disneyland Park’s main places, such as the Gazebo, Main Street Station, and Disney Village as well.

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the guest experience

For the past 30 years, we have repeatedly shown our ability to make magic by reimagining the Guest experience.

Today, we’re taking this spirit of renewal and innovation to a whole new level with the most significant transformation in our resort’s history.

Two billion euros are being invested in a multi-year expansion plan, including the transformation of Walt Disney Studios® Park, adding three new themed areas starting with Marvel Avengers Campus opened July 20th. Other new products and experiences are coming to Disneyland® Park, in Disney Village and to Disney Hotels, and we continue to modernize the Guest experience with digital tools and services across the Resort.

We look forward to immersing our Guests even more in stories from our many amazing franchises.


We are honoring the past and creating the momentum that will propel us into the future with our ambitious renovation and transformation programs.

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Launched in 2015, our ambitious Experience Enhancement Program – just one element of a plan to transform Disneyland® Paris – has enabled us to redesign or refresh iconic attractions such as Star Tours: The Adventures Continue and Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain to offer our Guests new and unpredictable experiences enhanced with technological advancements.

The health crisis allowed us to accelerate our work. With Disneyland Paris closed just under a year in total, our maintenance teams were able to refurbish attractions, shops and restaurants during the daytime without impacting the Guest experience. Sleeping Beauty Castle, the iconic symbol of our Resort, has undergone its biggest renovation since 1992. Disneyland Paris has never looked so beautiful.

We are always striving to provide our Guests with immersive experiences featuring their favorite stories. The major transformation that has been underway since 2018 at Walt Disney Studios® Park is a great illustration. In the past few years, we’ve continuously refreshed the park with reimagined attractions such as Animation Celebration and Cars ROAD TRIP.

Our Guests’ expectations are constantly changing, and we are adapting our business with them. We now have an online registration system to manage park capacity and help deliver our signature Guest experience in the best conditions. We have new digital services such as Online Check-In and Mobile Order plus a suite of digital tools such as Disney Premier Access and guaranteed access – all for greater ease and customization. These are just the beginning and will continue to evolve and expand to further enrich the guest experience.

Our 30th Anniversary is a decisive moment that raises the high standards we have set for our future and the tourism sector. Disney’s Hotel New York® – The Art of Marvel is just one example of a new generation of hotels where Guests are immersed in incredible environments. This four-star hotel, styled as an iconic art gallery, offers premium comfort and personalized services, while celebrating the culture and vibrant energy of New York City. With more than 350 pieces of artwork on display, it’s more than a hotel – it’s a masterpiece.

Having been awarded many times for the quality of our entertainment offerings, we have continued to develop shows which surpass guest expectations. The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands – which has returned this year – is a great demonstration of our ability to reinvent classic stories in surprising and stunning ways by offering shows of exceptional quality and creativity.

The 30th Anniversary celebration is also an opportunity for Guests to see Disneyland® Park and their favorite Disney Characters in a whole new light. The magic will shine even brighter to mark this historic milestone, as the décors on Main Street, U.S.A., will display the celebration’s vibrant colors and Sleeping Beauty Castle will be the backdrop for a new and exceptional limited-time show on the hub a new and exceptional limited-time show on Central Plaza. This celebration culminates with the opening of Avengers Campus this summer, the first of three new themed areas that will elevate the Guest experience even further.


We are deploying innovative technologies across our Resort to create experiences that are more magical and immersive than ever before.

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As we head into the future, we are focused on creating exceptional experiences for our Guests by designing new attractions, refurbishing existing ones and reimagining our hotels, shows, dining and merchandise available across the Resort.We can count on the amazing resources of The Walt Disney Company and especially on the unparalleled creativity of Walt Disney Imagineering teams. In fact, Imagineers are already hard at work using digital tools such as virtual reality and 4D to create the incredible experiences only Disney can offer. With significant support and input from Disneyland® Paris, these experts in their fields understand and anticipate the expectations of Guests from France, Europe and beyond, and so can create experiences that match their desires and tastes.A perfect example can be found in Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios® Park, where Guests will be potential recruits alongside Iron Man, Spider-Man and other Avengers at action-packed attractions, heroic meet-and-greets with Marvel Characters and engaging themed restaurants. As close collaboration across our different divisions is the pillar of our 360-degree approach, new products will also be available in our stores to enhance the overall Guest experience, such as connected accessories that can be activated in a future attraction to help Spider-Man control an army of Spider-Bots that have taken over Avengers Campus.We are also enhancing our shows. Studio D, a new state-of-the-art theater, will be used for shows to delight audiences of all ages. Disney Junior Dream Factory is currently having a successful run there with an amazing array of light, sound and special effects.


Theme parks




Disney Hotels


Convention Centers


Disney Village

“Welcoming Guests from all over Europe and beyond is a big job. The success of Disneyland Paris is based on two distinctive and foundational pillars: the unique experience we offer, and the hospitality and kindness of our Cast Members. We are all constantly working to push the boundaries and offer an unparalleled quality of service. That’s the Disney difference!”
Daniel Delcourt
Vice President of Operations

As a must-see tourist site and a major source of jobs and revenues, Disneyland® Paris has played an important role in the impressive development of the Val d’Europe territory.

The area is easily accessible and offers an appealing multicultural environment for the people and companies who have settled here.

This success story is due in great part to our collaborative work with national, regional and departmental councils and real estate land developers, as well as with our close partnerships with local municipalities. Indeed, these relationships are stronger than ever today.

the sustainable growth of the area


Disneyland® Paris is more than just a leading tourist destination. It is one of the major driving forces in a rapidly evolving French territory.

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Disneyland Paris is Europe’s top tourist destination, accounting for 6% of French tourism revenues with more than 375 million visits since 1992. The Resort plays a key role in the economies of Val d’Europe, France and Europe, investing €9.1 billion, paying in France €8.8 billion in taxes and contributing up to €84.5 billion in added value to the French economy since 1992. As we are constantly looking for know-how and expertise, Disneyland Paris is also a real economic powerhouse for many of our external suppliers, with whom we have very strong relationships. Disneyland Paris generated 63,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs(1).

The territory is now a major economic hub. Some 6,300 companies including Deloitte, Henkel and Orange have offices here, and it is home to the headquarters of Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie. The Val d’Europe Shopping Mall is the zone’s second economic powerhouse, and luxury outlet mall La Vallée Village is the third most visited site in Île-de-France. The area sees an estimated 40 million visitors each year(2).

Val d’Europe is very accessible, with two metro stations, the nearby A4 highway and the Marne-la-Vallée – Chessy high-speed train (TGV) station, which offers the highest number of interconnections in France reaching all French cities and many European cities and takes visitors to and from Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in just 10 minutes.

A sure sign of the area’s attractiveness is its exceptional growth. With 36,000 jobs and 36,000 residents – 70% families, 81.7% active workers(3), an average annual job creation rate of 3.9% – the population has multiplied by seven in 30 years. People are drawn by the area’s environment, youthful population, high standards of living and especially its dynamic economy.

(1) In 2019.
(2) Source: Val d’Europe Agglomération.
(3) Source: Insee, RP 2016, RP 2010, geography on 1 January 2019, data expressed on the 10 municipalities of Val d’Europe.


Perfectly located and thoughtfully managed, the Val d’Europe territory is looking at a bright future.

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Val d’Europe has already reached half of its development goals, which give the area the means to grow further. The next development phase should see the territory reach 60,000 residents of all ages and stages of life, and 60,000 jobs. Cooperation between all partners remains vital, as does close collaboration with the local communities.

The health crisis temporarily closed Disneyland® Paris, the shopping mall and most of the area’s major businesses. Today, all indicators of a diversified and dynamic economic recovery are positive, and the collaboration between Disneyland Paris and our public partners, especially our neighboring communities within the Val d’Europe Agglomeration is stronger than ever.

With 540,000 m2 of facilities available for service businesses, Val d’Europe is recognized as an international economic center. This land of opportunity is also undergoing an ecological transition focused on renewable energies, making the environmental policies of Val d’Europe consistent with those of Disneyland Paris. Geothermal and biomass heat networks with a greatly reduced environmental impact are being installed, and a solar canopy plant being built over the Guest parking lot is expected to generate 36 GWh per year of renewable energy – enough to power a city with 17,400 inhabitants for a full year.

Going forward, Val d’Europe will continue to deploy sustainable methods and practices. This can already be seen in newer real estate projects such as Quartier des Studios which will use renewable energies.

Deeply rooted in its territory, Val d’Europe will continue to harmoniously combine the needs of local and international tourism and business with a high-quality, diverse offer and a unique gateway to Europe.

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“Even though I work in Paris, I chose to live in Val d’Europe because of the incredible quality of life. The residential sectors are peaceful, and the business and tourist areas are lively. It’s a very liveable area that harmoniously offers all the advantages of a big city with all the little shops and services you need every day. With people from dozens of nationalities around you everywhere you go, and with Disneyland Paris right nearby, it’s almost like being on a perpetual vacation.”
Val d’Europe resident

our engagements with employees

Walt Disney himself once said: “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world… but it takes people to make the dream a reality.” These people are our 17,000 Cast Members, and they make magic happen every day.

Being a Cast Member is more than just a job; it means playing a key role in the exceptional experience delivered to Guests.

Disneyland® Paris has unparalleled work environments, diversity and employee support. As we pursue our overall transformation, we are deploying new and ambitious human resource policies that keep our Cast Members at the heart of our business.


Disneyland® Paris employees have unique and enriching careers. Diversity and inclusion are key to our company’s success.

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One of our fundamental principles is understanding and appreciating our Cast Members’ skills and building personalized development plans to enable them to grow and evolve within the company. Over 500 different jobs are practiced at Disneyland Paris, so there is truly a wide variety of possible career paths that can allow our talented employees to discover new activities and broaden their horizons. And indeed, our workforce’s average length of service is more than 11 years, 78% of Cast Members became managers through internal promotions, and our annual rate of internal mobility is more than 10%.

Our priority is to make Disneyland Paris a company that is welcoming to everyone. Just like the diversity of our Guests, the diversity of our Cast Members is an incredible source of opportunity, creativity and inspiration. Disneyland Paris employees represent 124 nationalities and speak 20 languages. Diversity and inclusion have been at the heart of our human resources policies since we opened our doors in 1992. And it’s not just an HR issue: respecting these values drives our performance.

Inclusion for us also means integrating and empowering employees with disabilities. In 1993, Disneyland Paris became the first company in France to create a specific HR team dedicated to the inclusion of disabled Cast Members, and this commitment has only gotten stronger since then. Furthermore, so that our Cast Members with disabilities have access to the largest number of roles within the company, we offer solutions for each person’s unique situation, such as adapted schedules, part-time work or reimbursement of special transportation expenses.

Ensuring an intergenerational balance is important to us, too. We know we can constantly evolve and yet still maintain the jobs of older workers. In 2022, more than 900 Cast Members will celebrate 30 years of seniority – or more! – in the company. Having multigenerational teams is a true asset and a great source of fruitful and enriching exchanges.

Disneyland® Paris is committed to gender equality and to the LGBTQ+ cause, both of which have become key elements of our HR policy. We have a range of internal networks and Cast Member groups, such as the D&I committee and our Women@Disney employee network. In 2020, we supported the Cast Members who launched a Disney PRIDE BERG. The members of this group are raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues with their coworkers through actions and events that promote an inclusive and welcoming culture. Sponsored by our Presidente Natacha Rafalski and by Gilles Dobelle, our Deputy Chief Counsel, Legal and European Affairs, this internal network notably works in close collaboration with Disneyland Paris during Pride Month. The return of the Disneyland Paris Pride special evening event in June 2022 will mark yet another milestone in our resort’s commitment to diversity.

These groups and communities represent the diversity of our employees – and we also want their actions to have an impact on our business decisions, so that issues and concerns can be addressed in focused and adapted ways. We know that informing and inspiring people also means integrating Cast Member diversity into our company’s choices.


Our HR policies show how much we value our employees and reveal our intentions to be an even more engaging and inspiring place to work.

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The day-to-day work experience of our Cast Members has radically changed in the past few years. Today, we offer Cast Members four key benefits: activities that can be enjoyed with friends and family; sporting and festive events to boost the sense of belonging; a range of services to make their personal lives easier, including an on-site concierge, certified childcare providers, tutors and more; and a variety of ways to recognize and celebrate their excellent work such as with Service Awards and Walt Disney Legacy Awards.

In 2020, we delivered 306,750 hours of training as part of our belief in giving Cast Members opportunities to develop their skills so they can evolve. We have a diversified multimodal training policy, including a development plan with leadership, vocational and cross-sectoral training modules. Going forward, we will be encouraging more transfers between positions, so that people can also develop their skills by experiencing different professions and activities.

Prompted by the health crisis, we accelerated our digital transformation to offer greater work flexibility. Support functions now have fully flexible remote work options. Operationally, we have centralized the management of work patterns, freeing up time so that leaders can more effectively assist their teams.

The health, safety and well-being of our Cast Members have always been key priorities, and the health crisis has only emphasized this.

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Cast Members


Job types



« Disneyland Paris is more committed than ever to diversity and inclusion. This commitment includes gender equality as well as diversity of identities, abilities, nationalities, career experience levels and ages. We are proud of this strong and ever-expanding program at every level of the company. »
Deputy Chief Counsel, Legal and European Affairs
"LGBTQ+ topics are so important to me. When Disneyland Paris launched the Disney PRIDE BERG, I saw it as a real opportunity to rally around a good cause. It’s a wonderful initiative. The reputation and influence of Disneyland Paris can make it possible to change people’s minds and contribute to evolving toward a fairer, more open and more inclusive world.”
Cast Member, Guest Flow Team Event and Manager Disney PRIDE BERG

Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at Disney. Stories inspire us to believe in the future, be true to our hearts and make the world a better place. And through this ability to inspire, here at Disneyland® Paris, we make dreams come true.

That unique role drives our commitments to society and to the environment, focused on three core areas of action. Through philanthropy, we bring comfort and hope to those who need it most. Through inclusive programs, we help those trying to find their way. Through sustainable practices, we enable future generations of storytellers to visualize tomorrow’s world. And these practices only continue to grow at Disneyland Paris.

generations to shape the future


Experiences make a difference. Our parks, products and characters let us create larger-than-life moments for children in need of happiness and dreams.

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Since 1991, more than 10,000 Disney VoluntEARS — selfless, generous Cast Members who volunteer for philanthropic activities in our Parks, in hospitals and with partner associations — have been providing happiness and inspiration to children with difficult lives.

Our primary goal is to bring joy to sick children with a visit to Disneyland® Paris. Since 1992, the Disney Wish Program has granted more than 20,000 wishes to kids from more than forty French and European charities, including Make-A-Wish, Association Petits Princes and Rêves. These wishes bring families together and, by lifting a child’s spirits, help them get better and often take a step forward in their treatment journey.

When children cannot travel, Disney VoluntEARS bring the magic to them by visiting hospitals in France and nearby countries to organize workshops and visits from Disney Characters. We also support disadvantaged families in cooperation with French and European charities including Secours Populaire français.

Our skills sponsorship activities will continue to build the unique abilities of Cast Members, such as redecorating the pediatric emergency department of a hospital or promoting culture and education by collaborating with cultural institutions.

Hope is even more crucial in times of crisis: during the Covid crisis, Disneyland Paris redistributed nearly 20 million euros worth of items to charities and healthcare facilities in France and Europe.

Our commitment to create hope and inspire optimism is stronger than ever!


The magic of Disneyland® Paris is for everyone. Like the Avengers, it’s our differences that make us collectively stronger.

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Every year, Disneyland Paris welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests with disabilities and special needs. Since 2004, both Parks have been recognized for meeting French accessibility standards for people with hearing, mental, motor and visual disabilities. We are renowned for our broad accessibility efforts, most recently with the introduction of a new accessibility approach which puts Guest autonomy at the forefront.

We show our commitment to diversity and inclusion with internal initiatives for Cast Members and with events for our Guests, such as those held on International Women’s Day and during Pride Month. Our exclusive Disneyland Paris Pride special event is just one example of how we celebrate inclusivity with ever-expanding audiences. These events are a unique opportunity to engage with our Cast, Guests and the local community on one of our key values as a multicultural company.

We also believe in helping young people who are disadvantaged, underrepresented or just looking for their place in the world. Since 2006, we’ve been supporting young people and helping them make career choices, in partnership and collaboration with the Seine-et-Marne department, the Île-de-France region, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces and various associations(1). In 2022, we will also launch a mentoring program to give promising young people a vision of tomorrow’s world through informative conferences, immersive activities, networking opportunities and professional coaching.

(1) Passerelles emploi, Service militaire volontaire, Arpejeh, Nos quartiers ont des talents.


Our sustainability efforts are guided by The Walt Disney Company’s 2030 environmental goals, adapted to provide specific solutions that meet the challenges of our business.

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Our commitment to the planet goes back to the beginning of The Walt Disney Company – and even to Walt Disney himself, who said: “Conservation isn’t just the business of a few people. It’s a matter that concerns all of us.”

At Disneyland® Paris, we believe in finding practical, realistic and effective solutions to the major challenges we face while working to limit our environmental impact. One challenge concerns water management. The recycled water from our on-site treatment plant, designed with Veolia, is used to clean the Park paths, water green spaces, and fill fountains and ornamental ponds. This has saved more than 2 million m3 of drinking water since 2013. Another challenge is heating. Today the geothermal well at Villages Nature® Paris covers 18% of our heating needs. We are also focused on energy. Once operational, our solar canopy plant – under construction in the main Guest parking lot – will produce enough renewable clean electricity to account for about 17% of the resort’s current consumption.

In addition, across the Val d’Europe Agglomeration, we have proactive policies for responsible sourcing, recycling, sustainable management of our operational and construction waste, biocontrol, biomethanization, reasonable irrigation of our green spaces and more.

Reducing and recovering waste are important to us, too. We have decreased our use of single-use plastic since 2019 by replacing plastic bags with reusable bags made of 80% recycled plastic and by replacing plastic straws and stirrers with paper ones. Each year, up to 2,000 tons of food waste are collected and treated. We also partner with the French authorities to find ways to limit waste at our buffets, among other projects.

We are also working to raise Guest awareness and encourage good practices. Since January 2018, six of our hotels have been part of a voluntary French environmental labelling initiative supported by the French government.

In short, we are committed to limiting our environmental impact at our Resort and more widely across the Val d’Europe territory.

Sustainable development will remain a top strategic priority through net-zero gas emissions by 2030 for direct and indirect operations, sustainable water resources management, biodiversity conservation and development across the Resort, movement toward a circular economy business model.

Concrete actions have already been implemented and dozens of projects are being explored to give this strategy a real boost and make Disneyland Paris a model for future sustainable resorts.


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"Disneyland Paris has been there for Secours populaire since the Park opened in 1992. We are honored to have been part of so many of their events and outreach campaigns. More than 60,000 disadvantaged children and families have been able to discover the magical atmosphere of the Parks, thanks to Disneyland Paris and the commitment of Disney VoluntEARS. We are particularly grateful for their contributions to our programs that offer a vacation to children who could not otherwise have one.”
General Manager Secours Populaire
“For almost 30 years now, Disneyland® Paris has helped Association Petits Princes make dreams come true for children and teenagers with serious medical conditions. It’s a partnership built on our shared values of kindness, selflessness and dedication. We all believe in the power of dreams, magic, enchantment and happiness.”
Co-Founder and Managing Director Association Petits Princes


April 12, 1992 marked the historical opening of Disneyland Paris, the kingdom of dreams and Magic that has been enchanting Guests of all ages for 30 years. Having hosted more than 375 millions visits*– and having innovated and offered new experiences many times – Disneyland Paris has created unforgettable memories that live inside each of us and became Europe’s top tourist destination. Innovating to bring ideas to life, exploring new paths and continuously reinventing oneself, while fulfilling Walt Disney’s vision of entertainment, which consists in creating memories with friends and family, is one of the secrets of the continued success of Disneyland Paris.
*Contribution study Setec for 1992-2020.

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