Reducing our environmental footprint is a priority at Disneyland Paris, both in guest-facing areas and behind-the-scenes. Today – and more than ever – reducing our energy consumption is essential at the resort.


incremental measures aiming to reduce our energy consumption

In line with French government recommendations, Disneyland Paris has implemented a series of incremental measures aiming to reduce our energy consumption:

All Disneyland Paris heating is adjusted to 19°C (*) in closed areas open to Guests and Cast Members (**).

All Disneyland Paris heating is adjusted to 17°C (*) in unoccupied areas open to Guests and Cast Members (**).

Theme Park lighting is switched off during closing hours (except for maintenance, cleaning and construction areas).

Exterior doors for restaurants, shops and attractions remain closed when heating or ventilation systems are used inside.

Swimming pools and ambient air temperatures lowered by 1 degree  

Encourage our 17,000 Cast Members and Guests staying in our hotels to take actions in favor of sustainability to create a happier, healthier planet for all.

(*) Average temperature – May differ for specific needs​
(**) all indoor attractions, theaters, restaurants, bars, shops, Hotels lobbies and corridors, backstage buildings.


A long-standing commitment

For nearly a century, Disney has found inspiration in the wonders of the world we share and has taken action to support a healthier planet for people and wildlife around the globe. ​At Disneyland Paris, we have always believed in finding practical, realistic, and effective solutions to the major challenges we face while working to limit our environmental footprint. Tackling energy consumption is not new at Disneyland Paris, as concrete actions have been taken at the resort for years.

100% of our nighttime shows use LED.
While adding a unique magical touch to our Castle, the new Christmas lighting on Sleeping Beauty Castle rooftops has been set to consume much less energy than previously - The equivalent per show of the consumption of 1 fridge for 3 hours.
In addition, the new video projectors used for the Disney Illuminations nighttime show use a third of the energy of previous ones and provide a new experience for guests.
We use LED in about 75% of our Hotel facilities and 70% of our attractions in areas open to Guests.
Disneyland Paris has replaced the majority of its lighting with LED as part of refurbishments in recent years, an action that will continue in the future through ongoing projects and for the Disneyland Hotel transformation.
We use eco-friendly elements for show effects and experiences in our Parks.
To create the “wow” fire special effects in our shows, we use a solution with a minimal amount of ethanol – harmless for the environment.
We have invested in renewable energy sources for years.
• In April 2022, Disneyland Paris started operating the first section of its solar canopy plant – one of the largest in Europe which will have 82,000 solar panels when it’s completed and produce the equivalent of 17% of the resort’s energy consumption and the annual consumption of a city with 17,400 inhabitants.
• Since 2018, the Resort has also been using Geothermal energy which covers 18% of our heating needs.
We reinforce thermal isolation, equipment performance and length of use in our rehabilitations and new backstage buildings.
We are committed to raising awareness about environmentally friendly actions among our 17,000 Cast Members through car pooling and awareness campaigns.
• Eco-friendly transportation alternatives for Cast Members: Since 2018 carpooling is proposed through the Klaxit application, a fast, reliable, environmentally friendly and cost efficient option. Drivers and passengers alike can easily carpool without changing their habits.
• Regular awareness campaigns, workshops and conferences are a core element of Cast Member engagement.


Learn More About Disneyland Paris Environmental Commitments

Together, we can create an even more innovative and sustainable tourist destination in Europe
by putting in place strategies to address major environmental challenges.

Three goals: limit our footprint on the environment, 
support our Cast Members and partners to take action on a daily basis and inspire our Guests and various stakeholders. 

Three pillars: Prevent environmental risks and impacts,
improve environmental performance and prepare for the future by integrating innovative solutions.


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Discover The Walt Disney Company Environmental Commitments

Our energy saving efforts here at Disneyland Paris are part of a company-wide commitment to the environment, known as Disney Planet Possible. Together we’re taking action to reduce our environmental footprint, care for wildlife and their habitats, and create stories that inspire optimism for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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