Water and energy savings

Disneyland Paris commits to energy and water savings

Reducing our environmental footprint is a priority at Disneyland Paris, both in guest-facing areas and behind-the-scenes. 

As part of our continued actions launched several years ago, the resort is pursuing its efforts to reduce water and energy consumption.


incremental measures aiming to reduce our consumption

Disneyland Paris is committed to energy efficiency and renewable energies. 

Some examples taken jointly at the resort:

Air conditioning is adjusted in rooms before guests arrive at Disney Hotels 

All Disneyland Paris air conditioning is adjusted in closed areas open to Guests and Cast Members (*).

Air conditioning is also decreased in unoccupied backstage areas during weekends and at night

Progressive replacement of showerheads and toilet flushes of the destination

Exterior doors for restaurants, shops and attractions remain closed when air conditioning or ventilation systems are used inside (**)

Theme Park lighting is switched off during closing hours (except for maintenance, cleaning and construction areas)(**)

The Horticulture teams practice reasoned watering, a practice that conserves water. They have also implemented processes that continually work to use water efficiently through flower and plant selection and technological enhancements

(*) all indoor attractions, theaters, restaurants, bars, shops, Hotels lobbies and corridors, backstage buildings.

(**) In line with regulations



 Turning the heating down or the air conditioning up by one degree can reduce energy consumption by 7%. 


Simple steps in favor of sustainability when staying in our hotels

Closed curtains for better room insulation in very hot weather conditions

Depending on the hotel, the room temperature has been adjusted to 19°C using the thermostat

Charge phones, tablets and computers only as long as necessary

Keep room lights and television turned off until needed and use natural light as much as possible

Favor short showers instead of baths and leave in the bathtub the towels when they need it to be changed

Turn off the water tap while toothbrushing



The hotel’s unused soaps are recycled to make new bars of soap that are distributed to disadvantaged families in France. 


A long-standing commitment to reduce our energy and water consumption

For nearly a century, Disney has found inspiration in the wonders of the world we share and has taken action to support a healthier planet for people and wildlife around the globe. At Disneyland Paris, we have always believed in finding practical, realistic, and effective solutions to the major challenges we face while working to limit our environmental footprint. Tackling energy and water consumption is not new at Disneyland Paris, as concrete actions have been taken at the resort for years.

100% of our nighttime shows use LED.
In addition, the new video projectors used for the Disney Dreams! nighttime show use a third of the energy of previous ones and provide a new experience for guests.
We use LED in about 75% of our Hotel facilities and 70% of our attractions in areas open to Guests.
Disneyland Paris has replaced the majority of its lighting with LED as part of refurbishments in recent years, an action that will continue in the future through ongoing projects and for the Disneyland Hotel transformation.
We have invested in renewable energy sources for years.
Disneyland Paris is building Europe's largest solar canopy on its parking lot. Once completed, at the end of 2023, this ambitious project will produce 36 GWh/year, equivalent to the consumption of a town of 17,400 inhabitants. Thanks to this achievement, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 890 tons of CO2 per year in the Val d’Europe territory. The resort has also been using geothermal energy to cover 18% of its heating needs each year since 2017.
Disneyland Paris was the first theme park in Europe to equip itself with its own wastewater treatment plant in 2013.
This water is then used to clean the roads, irrigate the flowerbeds, and supply the artificial water features.
Encourage our 18,000 Cast Members and Guests staying in our hotels to take actions in favor of sustainability to create a happier, healthier planet for all
Hydrao showerheads, an innovation designed to reduce water consumption,
have been deployed at Disney Sequoia Lodge to raise guests' awareness on how to reduce their footprint during their stay.


Learn More About Disneyland Paris Environmental Commitments

Together, we can create an even more innovative and sustainable tourist destination in Europe
by putting in place strategies to address major environmental challenges.

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