Together, let's reduce our energy consumption!

Reducing our environmental impact is a priority at Disneyland Paris, both in guest-facing areas and behind-the-scenes. Today and more than ever consuming less energy is crucial at the resort. 


Disneyland Paris Joins Forces with Cast to Reduce Energy Consumption 

For nearly a century, Disney has found inspiration in the wonders of the world we share and has taken action to support a healthier planet for people and wildlife around the globe. ​

At Disneyland Paris, we have always believed in finding practical, realistic, and effective solutions to the major challenges we face while working to limit our environmental impact.

The company, Cast Members and guests: we all have a role to play!  Every simple action can create a world in balance.  ​

Measures taken jointly at the resort include:

Air conditioning and heating in rooms adjusted before guests arrive at Disney Hotels 

Air conditioning and heating in our attractions, shops, large areas such as Disney Studio 1 and backstage buildings are adjusted

The doors of our restaurants, shops and toilets are closed when the air conditioning is operational

Lighting of park icons is turned off at night

Air conditioning and heating decreased in unoccupied backstage areas during weekends and at night

Our Cast Members are also active participants in creating a more sustainable future by reducing energy consumption, through individual and collective action across the resort and at home. By sharing easy-to-use tips for reducing environmental impact and also listening to their ideas, together we’re able to build a brighter future.



Turning the heating down or the air conditioning up by one degree can reduce energy consumption by 7%.


How Guests Can Further Energy Savings at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris encourages guests to take simple steps in favor of sustainability when staying in our hotels to create a happier, healthier planet for all, including:

Closed curtains for better room insulation in very hot or cold weather conditions

Depending on the hotel, the room temperature has been adjusted to the weather conditions and guests can change it for their comfort between 20 and 26°C using the thermostat.

Charge phones, tablets and computers only as long as necessary

Keep room lights and television turned off until needed and use natural light as much as possible

To go even further to help reducing our impact on the environment, guests are also encouraged to:

Leave in the bathtub the towels when they need it to be changed

Favor short showers instead of baths

Turn off the water tap while toothbrushing



The hotel’s unused soaps are recycled to make new bars of soap that are distributed to disadvantaged families in France.


Learn More About Disneyland Paris Environmental Commitments

Together, we can create an even more innovative and sustainable tourist destination in Europe
by putting in place strategies to address major environmental challenges.

Three goals: limit our impact on the environment, 
support our Cast Members and partners to take action on a daily basis and inspire our Guests and various stakeholders. 

Three pillars: Prevent environmental risks and impacts,
improve environmental performance and prepare for the future by integrating innovative solutions.


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Discover The Walt Disney Company Environmental Commitments

Our energy saving efforts here at Disneyland Paris are part of a company-wide commitment to the environment, known as Disney Planet Possible. Together we’re taking action to reduce our environmental footprint, care for wildlife and their habitats, and create stories that inspire optimism for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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