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The Real Estate Development by Euro Disney team is in charge of tourism and urban development for the Val d’Europe area in partnership with public stakeholders, thanks to a staff of around 50 developers, urban planners, architects, engineers and experts.

Thanks to its unique approach, Real Estate Development by Euro Disney assists future companies settling in Val d'Europe no matter their needs – whether for offices, headquarters or a building location. This approach is part of a proven methodology, tested and shared for more than 30 years with public and private stakeholders engaged in establishing businesses in Val d'Europe.

Val d’Europe,
Building a Sustainable Future

The Val d'Europe region is a unique configuration in Europe, combining a major international tourism and business center with an ideal quality of life.

The development of Val d'Europe is part of the Main Agreement signed between the French government, the Paris Region, the Seine-et-Marne Department, the RATP Paris Transport Authority and The Walt Disney Company, aimed at the joint harmonious and sustainable development of Europe's leading tourist destination – Disneyland Paris – and an authentic urban area – Val d'Europe – rebalancing the development of the Île-de-France region. This unique agreement, signed in 1987, encompasses more than 2,100 hectares of land, enabling the creation of a prosperous region while enhancing the site to make it an accessible, dynamic, pleasant and sustainable place to live, work and play.

The collaboration between the French government (EPA France), the local authorities (Val d'Europe Agglomération) and Real Estate Development by Euro Disney) has drawn more than 53,000 residents and 46,000 jobs, as well as more than 7,600 companies within the Disneyland Paris perimeter in just a few decades, creating a compelling offer at a European level.

The Val d’Europe region includes France’s top TGV hub, linking Val d’Europe to all French and European cities in less than 3 hours.


French cities accessible each day

80 to 100

trains/day, 365 days/year


French stations connected daily with Ouigo

France's leading TGV hub

Eurostar and TGV INOUI connect Val d'Europe to the major European capitals.

Economic diversity

Economic diversity

Val d'Europe is an excellent European showcase with a vibrant economic ecosystem encompassing sectors such as tourism, hospitality, service trade, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, education and more. While tourism, hospitality, trade and service sectors currently account for almost 60% of jobs, the goal is to encourage diversification and attract companies from additional sectors such as health (research, biotech, AI), digital (automation, data, security) and higher education (public/private universities).

High quality real estate

High quality real estate

Val d'Europe offers a wide range of real estate and land at low cost compared to other locations in the Paris region, combined with great infrastructure and amenities.

International scope

International scope

Many international companies are now established in Val d'Europe, including Multivac, Bosch Rexroth, Henkel, Deloitte, Tesla and Bardusch.

With more than 80 nationalities represented and 42% of the population under the age of 30, Val d’Europe is a young, cosmopolitan and dynamic region. The area has one of the lowest unemployment rates and one of the highest average household incomes in the Paris region.

Val d’Europe is known for the quality of its natural environment, with more than 145 kilometers of rivers and streams, 141 hectares of urban green spaces and numerous forests. The devealopment of active mobility is also a key priority, with 86 kilometers of cycle lanes planned by 2030.

Committed to preserving the planet

Committed to preserving the planet

Val d'Europe places quality of life at the heart of its strategy through a sustainable urbanization approach in line with the objectives of the Climate Air Energy Plan, which sets French national standards for climate, air and energy.

A territory of sustainable construction

A territory of sustainable construction

Strict energy efficiency standards, ambitious labels and certifications (Passive Houses, Effinergy, HQE, BREEAM).

A territory of renewable energy

A territory of renewable energy

Val d'Europe has a heating network that recovers energy from data centers to heat the buildings of its International Business Park, as well as six biogas facilities to supply the area with green energy and one of the largest solar canopy plants in Europe currently under construction over the Disneyland Paris guest parking lot to eventually reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 890 tons of carbon dioxide per year, the equivalent of around 17% of the resort’s current electricity consumption.

Val d’Europe also has the second largest hotel hub in France with 12,000 hotel rooms and apartments in tourist residences and a major shopping destination with the Val d’Europe Shopping Center and La Vallée Village.

Our current projects

Latest developments

Every year, Val d’Europe attracts more and more French and international Key Accounts, attracted by the living environment offered by the region, its optimal accessibility and its development potential.

These Key Accounts have developed eco-responsible programs in Val d’Europe that are in line with the values of the region.

Office and business programs underway

As a major economic hub, Val d’Europe is home to two business locations.

The Town Center offices, close to the RER station, are designed for companies that want to work in an urban, young and dynamic atmosphere, combining housing with economic activities.

These offices ensure optimal visibility and accessibility for those who chose them.

Most of the commercial real estate in the Town Center is new, enabling companies to benefit from modern, high-end offices.


2,364 m² of offices
Scheduled delivery: Q2 2023


2,144 m² of office space
Scheduled delivery: Q1 2023

Real estate programs and land located in a landscaped park with a unique offer of shops and services – no less than 130 establishments to meet all daily needs.

Located along the A4 highway, on 150 hectares of fully enclosed land – 60 hectares of which are dedicated to green spaces – this park is designed for companies requiring large work areas combined with state-of-the-art technology.


17,200 m² of offices, mixed-use facilities, showroom and food court
Scheduled delivery: Q2 2025

VILLAS d'entreprises 3 

B&C Développement
& La Foncière du Pivot.
9,000 m² of offices and business premises. Scheduled delivery: Q4 2026


11,000 m² of offices and business premises
Scheduled delivery: Q1 2025

More information

In 2021, the Val d'Europe Agglomération and Real Estate Development by Euro Disney launched the new regional brand "Val d'Europe, Fields of Opportunities" to showcase the attractiveness of the region and entice new French and international companies with real potential for development and the creation of skilled jobs.

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