EXPOSITION : The know-how of Disneyland Paris Modistes in the spotlight

The Atelier-Musée du Chapeau in Chazelles-sur-Lyon is offering an extraordinary exhibition from May 22 until October 2, 2022, with over 60 creations from prestigious names in the French Entertainment Industry – including Disneyland Paris! 

This exhibition is the perfect opportunity to display the magnificent masterpieces from our talented Modistes in the Costuming Workshop, designed for iconic shows and parades such as the all-new “Dream… And Shine Brighter!” 30thanniversary daytime show, Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade launched last Winter, the iconic “Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands”, Mickey’s Halloween Celebration and even the not-to-be-missed Disney Stars on Parade.

Costumes at Disneyland Paris in figures:

  • It is estimated that Mickey and Minnie have nearly 450 costumes at their disposal. Shows, parades, seasonal events, special evenings… Every occasion gives Mickey and Minnie the opportunity to wear a very special costume. Besides, they are not the only star to have a huge dressing room. Imagine the number of costumes abound behind the scenes at Disneyland Paris!
  • Around 60,000 pieces of stage costumes are used for Disneyland Paris shows.
  • A show like “The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands” required the creation of more than 400 costumes over a period of 2 years. More specifically, we’re talking about 30 different costume designs, 50 days of fittings and adjustments, 1,876 costume pieces, 2,541 meters of sublimated fabric and 112 pairs of custom-made shoes!
  • The number of Cast Members working in the Costuming Workshop varies according to the season. On average, however, we can expect around forty Cast Members to be involved! 
  • For the operational part, which is just as magical, around 8000 Cast Members are dressed every year by the Disneyland Paris Costuming teams and over 692 costume designs have been created since 1992.

The exposition is available from Tuesday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., with tickets going for €4 each.

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