For over 30 years, Disneyland Paris has been a source of inspiration for a better world. This unique mission is the common theme running through our social and environmental commitments, be it through philanthropy, inclusion and inspiration, or sustainable practices, in order to give new generations the means to project themselves into the world of tomorrow.

Part of the magic of Disneyland Paris is creating moments that matter to those who need it most.

For more than 30 years, we have been committed to helping sick or underprivileged children, with the constant support of our 1,000 Disney VoluntEARS – Cast Members who give their time and energy to charitable causes, for a total of more than 8,000 hours of volunteer work each year.

Through the Disney Wish Program, Disneyland Paris has granted more than 20,000 wishes to seriously ill children since 1992, in collaboration with some 60 French and European associations. And when the children are unable to travel, the magic comes to them, with workshops and meetings with the Disney Characters organized in 500 hospitals in France and Europe. This commitment dates back to 1991, before Disneyland Paris even opened. Today, more than 40,000 children have been visited through this project.

Throwback to May 18, the French “Fondation des Hopitaux” invited 500 hospitalized children and teenagers accompanied by their families for an unforgettable day at Disneyland Paris, as part of their 2022 Pièces Jaunes campaign.


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Disneyland Paris also helps underprivileged children and families, in cooperation with more than 150 French and European associations, by donating food, Disney products and furniture to bring a little magic and escape to an often difficult daily life.

Hope is all the more crucial in times of crisis, and Disneyland Paris was keen to make its contribution during the COVID-19 epidemic by redistributing nearly €20 million in in-kind donations to associations and hospitals in France and Europe since March 2020.

The magic of Disneyland Paris is for everyone. As with the Avengers, it is our differences that make us strong. Every year, our destination welcomes thousands of visitors with disabilities or special needs (125,000 in 2019). Since 2004, Disneyland Paris has been awarded the Tourism and Disability state mark for the level of accessibility of its two parks for the four types of disability: hearing, mental, motor and visual. And in December 2021, we advanced our commitment with the introduction of a new accessibility program based on visitor autonomy.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in both internal initiatives for Cast Members and events for our visitors. This is the case, for example, on International Women’s Rights Day or during Pride Month, with Disneyland Paris Pride. These events are the perfect opportunity to mobilize our Cast Members, our visitors and our stakeholders around the core values of our multicultural company.

Disneyland Paris is also committed to helping and inspiring new generations to achieve the future they envision. Since 2006, our destination has launched an ambitious program aimed at helping more than 600 young people find their way in the world of work, in conjunction with organizations such as Passerelle Emploi, the Service Militaire Volontaire, and associations such as Arpejeh (for young people with disabilities) and Nos Quartiers ont du Talent.

Finally, thinking of everyone means preserving the environment. A number of concrete actions have already been launched in this direction, starting with the construction of one of the largest photovoltaic power plants in Europe, which will cover the entire visitors’ parking lot by 2023. The first phase of this project is already underway, with over 46,000 solar panels now operational, not to mention the reduction and recovery of our waste (724,000 kWh produced from 2,000 tons of restaurant biowaste) through the construction of our wastewater treatment plant – a first in Europe for a theme park – which has enabled us to save up to 2 million m3 of drinking water since 2013.

But this is just the beginning. Multiple projects are currently being studied to give real momentum to this strategy and make Disneyland Paris a model of a responsible park.

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