Disneyland Paris Reinforces Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At Disneyland Paris, diversity and inclusion is a top priority. This week, the resort took yet another step toward equality by joining more than 140 organizations and companies in signing the #StOpE charter which sets specific priority actions to reduce sexism in the workplace, from educational tools to policy development to employee support systems and more. Disneyland Paris already has many of these actions in place as part of its ongoing commitments and will continue to expand its efforts.

Disneyland Paris has a comprehensive, multi-faced strategy for diversity and inclusion which has grown over the past 30 years, taking into consideration not only fundamental gender equality but also diversity of identities, abilities, nationalities, career experience levels and ages. We are proud of this strong and ever-expanding program, which is present at all levels of the company. Taking action to reduce sexism in the workplace is just one of many important facets of our commitment.

Diversity and inclusion are much more than key values at Disneyland Paris – they are our greatest strengths. These are a critical part of telling the best stories, being relevant in a rapidly changing world and ensuring that our experiences resonate with ever-expanding audiences. Magic is for everyone, and we are always evolving to push ourselves every day to make Disneyland Paris a more inclusive resort for everyone.

Read more about our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and Gender Equality.

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