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Marie-Geneviève, Magic Keeper at the center of our resort’s audiovisual heritage

Marie-Geneviève Masseron, Documentarian, is one of the guardians of Disneyland Paris memories. Right now, she is also a “Magic Keeper” who brings memories back to life while also recording the present for future memories. This is what she and her post-production colleagues at Disneyland Paris are challenged with.

Can you tell us a little bit about your mission?

I’m part of the photo library team – which is increasingly becoming a media library – guardian of Disneyland Paris’s heritage. We organize, archive and share all the company’s photos, videos, images and graphic resources – but we are not bookworms!

We work with many teams to enhance this heritage and share it as widely as possible. We are a link between the departments that produce these materials and the departments that use them to bring the magic to life.

How has the health crisis impacted your day-to-day business?

Despite the closure of our resort, we remain busy.

More than ever, the company needs to maintain the link between Cast Members, Guests and our resort. We have answered many requests for content to maintain that link and find those rare “golden nuggets” of content that will offer a new look at our architecture, nature, history, attractions, experiences and Characters. There are many topics to research because our teams are not lacking in imagination!

This temporary closure has also given our team and the production teams an opportunity to produce new content, suggest unusual angles and use techniques for shooting which are impossible when Guests are present. We want to use this chance to further record the treasures of Disneyland Paris.

Another major change has been the change to work from home. Our main tool is PixieCloud, an online (internal) platform that serves as a catalogue for all of our heritage assets. Thanks to this platform, we were ready for teleworking, but our partners needed help using it and navigating it. We spent a lot of time on this aspect of the catalogue, and in a way, the distance has helped to strengthen our relationships with our partners.

How are you and your team members doing in this unusual time?

You have to be flexible – I think this is the case for many people at the moment.

Around me, I have colleagues who work on a rotation system. You welcome them regularly and accompany them when they take over projects, then prepare for their period of absence and start over again.

Luckily, we have been working together for years which has made these transitions easier, while the distance has encouraged us to strengthen our bonds as a team. Sometimes we experience a difficult day, but knowing that others are “there” if we need them is a comfort and support that helps us.

MK Allison paysage

Magic Keeper: Meet Allison Boullé, Brand & Creative Development Project Manager

Allison began her career at Disneyland® Paris as an apprentice while completing her MBA in International Marketing & Communication Strategy. Six years later, she’s working on projects, each one more creative than the next… even during this closing period. Let’s sketch out her role!

Introduce us to your team and its missions.

In my department there are two groups: one dedicated to project management, which I am part of, and the other dedicated to creation. With the exception of advertising media*, we develop most of the Company’s “below the line” media. For example, we create key visuals and logos for the seasons, attractions, events or anniversaries, as well as photo and video shoots to highlight new products, or on-site communications. We collaborate with many different departments on a variety of projects! My team also guarantees that our brand image is respected by making sure that all communications developed internally or externally follow the Disneyland® Paris graphic and copyright guidelines as well as those of our franchises: MARVEL, Star WarsTM, Pixar, etc.

What projects are you currently working on during this temporary closure?

We are working on materials for Disney’s Hotel New York® – The Art of Marvel, Disney Junior Dreams Factory, Cars ROAD TRIP, Avengers Campus, and updated graphic chart guidelines for Disney® Hotels.

What’s a typical day for you?

Lots of calls and emails! In the morning, when my schedule permits it, I talk with each graphic designer that I work with so we are aligned on the day’s priorities. Then, I make a series of appointments on upcoming topics, preparing creative briefs and following up on current projects… all while teleworking.

Your advice to someone starting to telework?

Keep a steady pace! It can be tempting to work in your PJs from bed or to finish later in the evening. My advice is to set up a morning routine to start the day off right and not skip the lunch break. Ideally, turn off the computer and go out for a 15-minute walk. Speaking of computers…Put your camera on during your meetings! It’s good to see your colleagues. In my team, once a week we even organize a “virtual breakfast” to take our minds off things and stay connected.

Can you tell us about the best memory you have about a project?

The 25th Anniversary! We worked for months on this celebration, from the creation of the visual identity to the realization of the communication support on-site and throughout Europe. I had the chance to take part in the opening ceremony with speeches from leaders, shows, and even a concert by John Legend in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at nightfall before Disney Illuminations… I had a front row seat, just a few meters from the stage!

* Television, press, billboards, Internet, radio, cinema.


Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: A Core Value at Disneyland Paris

Diversity and inclusion are much more than key values at Disneyland Paris, as an international and multicultural company with 17,000 Cast Members who represent 124 nationalities, speak 20 languages and work in 500 professions*. Gender equality is a core pillar of the resort’s commitment, with women representing half of all Cast Members and 80% of those Cast in permanent roles. About 43% of managers and above are women – including our president, Natacha Rafalski. Women are working across all areas of our business and at every level.

For the second year in a row, Disneyland Paris scored 94/100 on the annual Gender Equality Index which was established as part of the “Avenir Professionel” law in France. This serves as a yearly measurement of company commitments to provide an environment rooted in gender equality.

Gender equality is furthered at Disneyland Paris through impactful policies and ongoing engagement opportunities which continue to expand. The resort has implemented several equality agreements to promote gender equality, from recruitment and hiring practices to support throughout the Cast experience. There are also numerous dedicated employee-driven groups to provide inspiration, support and engagement for Cast Members all year long, as well as exclusive conferences and events with inspiring guest speakers, workshops and discussions on gender equality and diversity.

Disneyland Paris remains focused on growing these efforts so that Cast Members have the resources and support they need to develop their careers and write their own stories. Our diversity of talent is the key to excellence and creativity, enriching the professional and personal experiences of Cast while helping us to create magical experiences for guests.

Check back on our website and social media channels this month as we share more about the resort’s commitments, including our annual International Women’s Day internal conference and profiles of female Cast Members at Disneyland Paris next week.

*Data as of 2019

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International Women’s Day: Discover the Women Behind the Magic at Disneyland Paris

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the achievements of women! While Disneyland Paris has an ongoing commitment to gender equality among its core pillars for diversity and inclusion, this important date around the world is yet another opportunity to engage with our Cast Members, our guests and the local community on one of our key values as an international and multicultural company.

In honor of the occasion, Disneyland Paris is spotlighting female Cast Members with incredible backgrounds who work in diverse roles across the resort to help bring the magic to life for our guests in unique ways. We will be sharing these profiles throughout the week right here on Disneyland Paris News and on our Twitter, showcasing different perspectives on what gender equality looks like at Disneyland Paris, while providing inspiration for future generations to come!

We are starting with Maëva Arlandis, a technical coordinator at Disneyland Paris’s Animation workshop who joined the company in October 2019 after earning degrees in robotic engineering and artificial intelligence. She is now responsible for looking after the Audio-Animatronics in our parks! Find out more about Maëva’s exciting job in the video below.


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Next up we’re going to meet Claire Salmon, a producer for the new Disney Junior Dream Factory show coming to Walt Disney Studios Park this year. Claire began her career at Disneyland Paris in 1995, working in the stores with a summer contract. After four years in different locations across the resort, she turned to the live show industry. For 13 years, she worked in the Business Solutions teams using her know-how for events. In 2015, she joined the Entertainment Production Show teams as a producer, where she worked on shows like The Forest of Enchantment and Frozen: A Musical Invitation.


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Today we’re getting to know Emmanuelle Bartczak, a security hostess at Disneyland Paris. Emmanuelle started working in the Emporium shops in 2006 and left to work for Disney Cruise Line before returning to the resort’s Central Reservations Office and later joining the Security Prevention Safety and Health department.


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Our next profile features Gabriella De Felice, who started her career at Disneyland Paris before the opening in 1992, at Disneyland Hotel’s Bell Desk as a Luggage Hostess. After following an internal management program, she worked at several hotels across the resort, later joining the Workforce Insights team and the Disneyland Paris Event Group. Gabriella is now a project coordinator for the Hotels & Resorts Product department, where she is working on the opening of Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.


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And last but not least, we’re meeting Yousra Achouri, a senior IT manager at Disneyland Paris. She joined the company in 2007 and worked her way through the department to reach her current position in 2015, where she leads a multicultural team to lead IT solutions for the Customer Management sector.


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Did you know that half of all Cast Members at Disneyland Paris are women, and 43% of managers and above are women too? Women are working across all areas of our business and at every level. Our Cast Members represent many diverse nationalities, speak many languages and work in a wide range of professions. And for the second year in a row, Disneyland Paris has disclosed a score of 94/100 on the annual Gender Equality Index, which aims to measure a company’s commitment to providing an environment based on gender equality to their employees.

Learn more about our approach to diversity and inclusion by visiting Our Commitments page or follow us on Twitter to see what actions we’re taking!


Disneyland Paris Craftworkers in the Spotlight

Prop decorators, cabinet makers, carpenters, upholsterers, letter painters and more! Altogether, there are more than 250 Cast Members who contribute to the preservation of Disneyland Paris’s heritage by using their know-how across the resort.

Behind all Disneyland Paris decorations are craftsmen and women, often unknown but essential to guarantee the incredible level of detail that the resort is known for. Central Workshop Cast Members work in our parks, hotels and at Disney Village to take guests on a journey through immersive environments. Let’s take a look at these crafts – and the guardians of the magic at Disneyland Paris.

Among the 250 talented Cast Members working at the Central Workshops, 10 or so are responsible for maintaining and refurbishing the many sets and accessories at Disneyland Paris. They regularly walk through the parks to take stock of anything that may need attention. Any accessories identified are then restored in the workshop using traditional techniques and returned to their original location. To do this, Central Workshop Cast Members work in close collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering teams, which provide very precise specifications to follow. They then define the most suitable process for restoring the accessories. Some objects were found in antique shops nearly thirty years ago, so Cast Members sometimes need to carry out meticulous research in order to restore them as accurately as possible. It’s not always a question of giving the objects a ‘fresh look’ though. Prop makers sometimes work with objects that have been bought new, and the challenge lies in giving them an aged look. Each year, no less than 500 accessories are refurbished.

Letter painters are responsible for restoring shop signs, restaurant signs, and even the lettering on the Disneyland Railroad steam train cars. Using traditional techniques, they work with oil paint, gold leaf or silver leaf, depending on the surface. In order to withstand the elements and last for a long time, they sometimes use copper leaf that is painted gold, which is the case with horses on the Carrousel de Lancelot, for example.

A team of a dozen boilermakers also work in the parks, hotels, at Disney Village and even backstage. They are in charge of rebuilding the rail sections of the attractions and can also work on the vehicles that travel in the parks. Recently, they rebuilt several sections of the iconic Big Thunder Mountain attraction. The temporary closure of the resort allowed the team to carry out this large-scale work during the day, without having to close the attraction or wait overnight.

These Cast Members typically have initial training as propmakers which enables them to master various production techniques like modelling or the creation of moulding, as well as provides them with knowledge of different materials like resins, paints and plaster. As passing on knowledge is important at Disneyland Paris, Cast Members are also trained internally in other crafts to broaden their capabilities and encourage versatility. These include carpentry, cabinet making, upholstery, glassmaking, ropemaking and even seamanship – the creation of rope knots, which can be seen on the twenty kilometers of bamboo fences in Adventureland. They are also trained in welding and ironwork.

“All of the objects and accessories that we work on have a life of their own, some for almost thirty years in our parks,” said Eric, a prop master and glassmaker responsible for the restoration of glass objects like lamps and lanterns. “Every piece tells a story. It is important that we respect this history by working in a traditional way, using a reference that is as close as possible to the original object. And of course, we take into account the evolution of the safety standards for the techniques we use.”


French Craftworkers Bring New Life to Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle is undergoing its first major refurbishment since 1992, making this iconic symbol of Disneyland Paris more sparkling than ever for guests to enjoy.

Disneyland Paris has a long-standing history of collaborating with French and European craftsmen to create all those beautifully detailed locations at our Parks. And To carry out this large-scale project with respect for the craftsmanship and level of detail that our resort is known for, Walt Disney Imagineering and Construction teams are calling on French specialists in the field of historical monument renovations. Nine companies – all French – have been mobilized to carry out the work, including carpentry, roofing, painting and metalworking. Disneyland Paris has a long-standing history of collaborating with French and European craftsmen to create all those beautifully detailed locations at our Parks

One such French company is Le Bras Frères, renowned for its incredible work on the greatest French monuments and now providing its unique know-how for the refurbishment on the framework and roof of our Castle. Have a look on the incredible work they are doing now!

[youtube v=”ZvayZr0VnEw”]

Interview with France Rougeot, Housekeeping Manager at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

  • Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your role at Disneyland Paris?

Right now, I am preparing for the opening of Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. I was recruited in Fall 2019 to be Housekeeping Manager. Along with my team, we are in charge of the well-being of our Guests. We prepare their rooms before their arrival and assist them with their wishes right up until their departure. I am like the homemaker with the responsibility of ensuring that our Guests are comfortable and that the team is too. Everything must constantly be cleaned and maintained. I work with my team, hand in hand, as well as with all the hotel teams (Maintenance, Front Office, Concierge, Floral Decorators, etc.) and service providers (linen, amenities, etc.)

  • Tell us about your career at Disneyland Paris.

I had previously been at the Ritz Hotel in Paris for four and a half years, and I wanted to discover another type of hotel. So, at the end of 1995, I joined the Disneyland Hotel as Assistant Housekeeper and then was appointed Housekeeping Manager of Disney’s Hotel New York in October 1998. I stayed for five years before returning to the Disneyland Hotel, and then in 2019, I transferred again to prepare for the opening of Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

  • Where does your affinity for Disney come from, and more specifically to Disneyland Paris?

I discovered this extraordinary Disney universe! I believe that Walt Disney was a visionary. I discovered multicultural teams and their real open-mindedness.

  • How did you join the adventure of Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel?

Starting in February 2019, I participated in the rewriting of an operational guide for my profession while preparing the opening of the hotel. It therefore seemed natural for me to want to apply for the Housekeeping Manager role and live this new heroic adventure!

  • In your opinion, what makes the hotel opening so original and unique?

For the first time since opening in 1992, a Disney hotel has undergone a transformation on a massive scale. We now have a hotel that is unique around the world, immersing guests in the atmosphere of a modern art gallery with more than 350 works of art on display. You can even see Spider-Man! The energy of New York City, the iconic city of the Marvel Universe, is also very much present.

  • What were your first steps in the hotel?

My first visit to the construction site was in Spring 2019. It had a profound impact on me. Only the walls of Disney’s Hotel New York were left. Disneyland Paris was ready to build a completely new hotel.

  • Can you introduce us to your team? How many people are on it?

If you include our service providers, we are about 120 people in all.

  • As a leader, how do you guide your team on this new adventure?

The Cast Members and the Team Leaders wanted to join the hotel, they are very happy and motivated to be here.

For the moment, we are putting everything in place – preparing and distributing Cast costumes, setting up our cleaning service providers, following up on the cleaning of the entire hotel – inside and out – after construction work is completed, getting the linens ready, verifying that everything is ready in the rooms, even down to the soap and stationary. We all have responsibilities, and we move forward together every day.

  • Do you have any anecdotes to share with us about your work in the hotel?

We have gathered more than 30,000 items for the rooms – mattresses, bed frames, trash cans, coffee machines, hangers, kettles – and 10,000 costumes are in place at the hotel’s Costume Distribution area with fittings in progress.

  • What do you want to provide the guests who will be staying at the hotel?

Comfort, well-being, happiness and personalized service in an urban and vibrant atmosphere!

Disneyland Paris Reopening


It’s time to live your dreams again as Disneyland® Paris reopens this Thursday, 17 June 2021 with Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios® Park, Disney’s Newport Bay Club Hotel and Disney Village®. Plus, in a matter of days, the much anticipated Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel will open its doors along with the premiere of the new Disney Junior Dream Factory show!

Marne-la-Vallée, June 17, 2021 – Our Guests can once again enjoy the outstanding experiences we are known for, from iconic attractions (including new experiences like Cars ROAD TRIP) and new heart-warming Disney, Pixar, Star WarsTM and MARVEL Character moments to unique interactions with our Cast Members and even a few surprises along the way.

Natacha Rafalski, President of Disneyland Paris, celebrated the reopening of the destination during a ceremony at Walt Disney Studios Park. “We are absolutely thrilled to bring the Disney magic back to our Guests, in the most wonderful way and with enhanced health and safety measures… As the top tourist destination in Europe, I am so proud to see Disneyland Paris play a key role in the reignition of the tourism industry. It is a chapter filled with hope and optimism that we are starting all together as we believe that the need to dream and share moments of happiness with family and friends have never been so important. And as part of our longstanding commitment to supporting our communities, we are delighted to be celebrating this milestone with 300 beneficiaries from local associations.”

Over 60 Disney Characters at Selfie Spots and surprise appearances

The first Guests arriving today are once again able to enjoy Disneyland Paris, which is more beautiful than ever* and thanks to many Selfie Spots, guests can enjoy a special moment with their favourite Characters from the Disney, Pixar, Star WarsTM and MARVEL universes. Some of the new character experiences include Star WarsTM Legends such as Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, or Stormtroopers now at Videopolis Theatre for a galactic experience.

Characters straight out of Alice in Wonderland are surprising guests in the Cheshire Cat Train on Main Street, U.S.A. And a float welcoming famous Disney Princesses also makes surprise appearances at Disneyland Park. 

At Walt Disney Studios Park, Cruella makes surprise appearances, as do Emile and Remy from Ratatouille. Additionally, the beloved characters from Frozen are back at Animation Celebration and the MARVEL Super Heroes are ready to take selfies with Guests on stage at Studio Theatre.

Iconic attractions and a new experiences: Cars ROAD TRIP

Once again, Guests can enjoy iconic attractions in both Disney Parks, be it the thrill of Star Wars: Hyperspace Mountain and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror or an adventure on a family attraction such as Peter Pan’s Flight or Ratatouille: The Adventure.

With the continued transformation of Walt Disney Studios Park, new experiences, like the Cars ROAD TRIP attraction, are coming online making it the place where Pixar adventures come to life. Launched today, this new experience takes you right into the world of Pixar’s Cars films along the idyllic Route 66, the most legendary highway of the American Southwest. As they travel aboard a streetcar, Guests meet Lighting McQueen, Martin and many others, while passing by some nature- and Cars-made wonders.


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Near the exit of the attraction, Guests will be able to enjoy a delicious break at “The Laugh ‘n’ Go” food truck presented by Bel. This fun-filled ‘pit-stop’ will feature snacks created by the Disneyland Paris chefs with The Laughing Cow cheese.


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Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel: opening on 21 June 2021

 Just a short walk – or free shuttle – away from the Parks, Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel will pay tribute to the home of so many Marvel Super Heroes and the artists who created them. Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel will offer premium comfort and personalized services, while celebrating New York City’s culture and vibrant energy, styled as a New York art gallery.

With more than 350 pieces of artwork on display spanning both comics and movies created by more than 110 artists from Europe and beyond – including about 50 exclusive pieces – it will be one of the largest publicly viewable collections of Marvel artwork in the world.

The Guest experience will be taken to the next level with a holistic, 360-degree approach to storytelling and exclusive experiences including Selfie Spot with Spider-Man at the Super Hero Station, a creative space for little ones called Marvel Design Studio, or the Hero Training Zone, an outdoor field with dedicated areas for a variety of sports activities to be enjoyed by guests of all ages.

More information and reservations at

Disney Junior Dream Factory: Opening 1 July 2021

Disney Junior Dream Factory, a new live entertainment show, is the first show that Disneyland Paris will offer after its reopening. Ideal for families with young children, the show will take place in the brand new “Studio D” at Walt Disney Studios Park and will officially open on 1 July. This immersive 20-minute show will feature some of Disney Junior’s most popular Characters such as Mickey, Minnie and Timon and rising stars Vampirina and Fancy Nancy Clancy. They invite both young and older Guests to make dreams come true together by learning and singing fun and catchy songs.

Disneyland Paris Enhanced Health and Safety Measures

As the health and well-being of our Guests and Cast Members has always been and will continue to be our top priority, Disneyland Paris’ reopening takes a deliberate approach with enhanced health and safety measures that were successfully implemented last year. Our measures continue to reflect current government guidelines, demonstrating our ability to improve the Guest experience while prioritizing a safety. As authorities recommend the wearing of an appropriate face covering in public spaces, Disneyland Paris asks all guests ages six and older to do so.

Partnering with PURELL® brand, throughout the destination, Disneyland Paris has installed nearly 2,000 dispensers of hand sanitising gel made in France.

In order to support physical distancing, limited attendance and required advanced ticketing and reservations are in place, per government guidance. As a result, some experiences, shows or events may not be available or may be modified, depending on evolving guidance from authorities.

Visit for more information about booking conditions and available experiences.


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Practical Information

Disneyland Paris welcomes Guests back to the magic with a limited number of tickets available each day using an online reservation system. To ensure admission, Guests must register through the system and obtain a reservation for park entry along with their park ticket, prior to their arrival. Guests who already have a dated ticket do not need to register and reserve a date. Likewise, Guests with packages that include park admittance will receive admission for the duration of their stay and do not need to use the system. Dated tickets also offer flexibility as they can be cancelled up to three days prior to visit date. 

Visit for the most current information about ticket sales.

*Disneyland Paris is 400 hectares of perfectly maintained vegetation and 7,400 m² of flowerbeds thanks to our “Magic Keepers”.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle is currently undergoing major renovations. It will still be possible to walk through it to access its shops or to reach Fantasyland from Main Street, U.S.A.

**Selfie Spots provide new opportunities to meet the iconic characters of Disneyland Paris. They are specially configured to adhere to the physical distancing measures while offering a magical experience in an immersive, customised setting.

Some experiences, shows or events will not be available or may be modified depending on the evolution of the health and safety measures and recommendations from public authorities. Guests can visit for the most recent updates All the events, shows, attractions and animations mentioned might also be modified, delayed, cancelled or closed without advance notice and they are subject of climatic conditions.