Meet Romain, Official Photographer at Disneyland Paris

You often see them with their equipment in the alleys of Disneyland Paris or at the Character meeting points. Their task is to capture some of your most magical moments. This World Photography Day, we went to meet Romain, Photographer at Disneyland Paris, to learn more about his job!

Can you introduce yourself to us?

Hi! I’m Romain, a photographer with over 10 years’ experience in the Disney Photo Pass department of the Entertainment division. I’ve been passionate about photography since I was very young, and I went to a photography school before joining Disneyland Paris.

What is special about your job?

Our profession requires a great deal of adaptation to the environment, and we also work with a lot of different divisions. Our photos are unique in that they have to be good right from the start. We do very little retouching, which is pretty rare these days.

What do you like about photography?

At Disneyland Paris I like to capture magical moments, a snapshot, an expression. When travelling, I like to bring out the best in a place. Where someone else might see a simple street or landscape, I like to see a creative and artistic opportunity.

Can you describe your typical day as a photographer at Disneyland Paris?

My typical day starts with a briefing, then we pick up our assigned equipment for the day and check that it is in good working order before warming up a bit physically for the day. Once we arrive at our photo point, a few tests are necessary to ensure the right settings, especially outdoors as the weather can be very changeable and that impacts the light. The set begins with the arrival of the Character and its accompanying cast member, and that’s where real teamwork is important. I take a mix of ‘reportage’ moments (kisses, hugs, looks) and posed photos. At the end of the set, I have to unload my photos (unless we are using Wi-Fi) and do one final check that the photos are high quality before sending them into the system for the guest to pick up.

What do you think makes a great photo?

A great photo (apart from the technical aspects which are the most important) is a photo that conveys emotion! The reactions of our guests when they meet their favourite characters is a real source of inspiration, and I think that’s the best moment to capture. Reportage allows you to find the best angle, to capture a natural reaction. This is often a nice surprise for our visitors who are not expecting these photos. 

Do you have some favourite shots to share with us for World Photography Day?

It’s never easy to pick one, but here are a few I’ve taken at Disneyland Paris and during personal travels. I like their mood…

Thank you!

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