Focus on assistance dogs at Disneyland Paris

This August 26, 2020, we celebrate the International Day of Man’s Best Friend. We are of course talking about dogs! Our companions for more than 27,000 years, dogs are soft, doe-eyed and easy to fall for. Outside of the family setting, we can meet our furry friends (and we’re not talking about Pluto or Goofy) … at Disneyland Paris!

Mission: Support

Guide dogs or assistance dogs are always welcome at our destination. These essential partners help to bring more autonomy, safety and comfort to their owner’s movements, without forgetting their daily social role.

At Disneyland Paris, we regularly host the Association des Chiens Guides d’Aveugles d’Île-de-France and the ANM ‘Chiens Guides (national association of guide dog masters), which, thanks to its valuable advice, allows our company to study the best accessibility solutions.

Service dogs are welcome in our theme parks, hotels and even at certain attractions! We provide free animal care at Disneyland Paris and their stay at our hotels includes a welcome kit including two bowls and a cleaning mat.

A service dog also accompanies one of our Cast Members. His name is Lazer, and he joined our company at the same time as Laetitia in 2016. This inseparable duo has worked at Guest Relations ever since.

Although their faces makes us melt, refrain from touching them, calling them or feeding them. Only their owner can give you permission to pet assistance dogs!

Pluto poses with a new guide dog friend during the 40th anniversary of the Association Chiens dAveugles d´Ile de France (2016)

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