Cast Behind the Magic : Meet Thibaut Vandomme, a Wild Fauna Coordinator and Beekeeper

Protecting the environment and reducing our environmental footprint are among our top priorities throughout the year. Earth Month – which is celebrated each year in April – is the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on the various areas in which we take action and on the way all of our Cast Members participate in these endeavors. Meet Thibaut Vandomme, a Wild Fauna coordinator and beekeeper on Horticulture teams.

Ever since he was a child, Thibaut dreamed of turning his passion for nature into a career. He never thought he would ever contribute to protecting fauna and flora at Disneyland Paris. However, he got to join the company in 2014, as he was required to do an apprenticeship as part of his BTS [Advanced Vocational Diploma] program in stewardship and protection of nature.

His daily missions consist of protecting and controlling certain species that can be found across Disneyland Paris site, such as chickadees, kingfishers and tawny owls who nest in the three hundred dedicated birdhouses and treat their taste buds to processionary caterpillars and other types of bugs. Additionally, not only did Thibaut and his team build a shelter where bats can stay during mosquito season, but these eco-friendly Cast Members also work toward protecting foxes who help our teams keep the surrounding areas clean at night by hunting small rodents, thereby preventing the use of toxic products.

Thibaut has also learned the craft of beekeeping at Disneyland Paris. Every day, he is in charge of looking after the two bee yards that are located near the guest parking lot and Disney Davy Crockett Ranch. These bee yards are home to beehives which offer bees an enjoyable shelter to peacefully reproduce during swarming season (the period when the queen bee and a group of bees leave their nest to form new colonies.) The wildlife specialist and his fellow colleagues apply sustainable principles to beekeeping activities. For instance, they only harvest honey surplus to leave enough food for bees to eat all winter. “Guests who see us taking care of beehives are always surprised to find out that Disneyland Paris has its own hives. They never miss out on an opportunity to congratulate us on our work,” said Thibaut.

Not only is environmental protection a part of his job, but it is also one of his top priorities in everyday life. As such, he even builds his own beehives. Thanks to his profession, he is aware of the impact that our actions and lifestyles can have on the various ecosystems. Hence, he is also delighted to inform and raise awareness among Cast Members, especially on the occasion of Earth Month, during which workshops dedicated to biodiversity are organized for employees and their families.

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