Cédric, a sous-chef at Annette’s Diner, has been recognized with the Best Burger in Ile-de-France award!

Not only was April 12th the Anniversary date of the grand opening of Disneyland Paris, but it was also the day when the eighth edition of France’s burger cup took place. Cédric Albaret, a sous-chef at Annette’s Diner restaurant at Disney Village will never forget that day, as he was recognized with the Best Burger in Ile-de-France award!  

Our Cast Members have got talent! 

The decision was communicated on Wednesday night at the end of the final round – Cédric Albaret, a sous-chef at Annette’s Diner, was recognized with the Best Burger in Ile-de-France award! It was the first time the Cast Member participated in this contest. Cédric joined the company as a commis chef in 2010. After contributing to delivering an outstanding culinary experience to our guests in various restaurants across our resort – including the Blue Lagoon and the Walt’s, An American Restaurant – and participating in the opening of Bistrot Chez Rémy, Cédric joined Annette’s Diner a year ago and took part in France’s Best Burger contest with the support of his Chef Siva Sivathas who had himself won the award for the Ile-de-France region in 2018. 

The culmination of several months of hard work 

As part of the contest, Cédric was required to create a burger based on the theme of rock’n’roll. The Cast Member drew his inspiration from the “Tequila” song to create and name his delicious dish. Inspired by both Mexican and American cuisines, the “Tequila” burger consists of brioche buns, a tasty sauce made with bell peppers preserved in oil and jalapenos peppers, an avocado, tomato, cilantro, and lime tartare – as a nod to guacamole – along with a tartare-style steak steeped in tequila and topped with red onions, melted and flambéed cheese, crispy bacon, onions, and a bit of arugula salad that adds freshness to the burger! 

Once application documents were submitted, a first group of candidates were selected based on the quality of their application. At that stage, twenty-five contestants were chosen, i.e. five cooks per geographical region. To prepare for the final round test, Cédric had to try and cook his burger in twenty-five minutes. Although this was his first participation in France’s Best Burger contest, the Cast Member had already taken part in an internal contest at Disneyland Paris – the Shaker Challenge. 

Throughout the contest, Cédric was able to count on the support of the teams that work alongside him every day. Congratulations to him! 

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