Cast Behind the Magic: meet Marylène POURCELOT, Chraracter Artist at Disneyland Paris

Marylène POURCELOT has been an Chraracter Artist at Disneyland Paris since 2017. Her role is to develop the designs of the various ranges of products exclusive to Disneyland Paris. For her, it all started with a childhood dream: working at Disneyland Paris is an accomplishment for her.

Legacy, Creativity and Passion are the words Marylène uses to define her job. Legacy, because she works on stories from Walt Disney’s legacy. Creativity is the most important point for her, as she likes to be agile and work with different materials such as textiles, 3D figurines and many others. The final word she uses to describe her work is Passion. This word is particularly important because the stories she works on are very personal to her, with the different stories.

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Discover the work of Marylène and the Product Merchandise teams at Flora’s Unique Boutique and World of Disney, where products from the new range are on sale.

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