Cast Behind the Magic: Meet Disneyland Paris Pastry sous chef Mohamed BOUMAZA  

Mohamed BOUMAZA is a pastry sous chef at Disneyland Paris. He and his teams make many of the desserts offered in our parks, including the dessert of the month at Plaza Gardens Restaurant.

After studying in a specialized school for the deaf and hearing impaired, Mohamed chose Disneyland Paris to follow his passion: pastry making. Following his first temporary contract, he definitively joined the Délices de Minnie teams at the Disneyland Paris central pastry shop in 2014, where he became a kitchen assistant, then progressed to demi-chef, chef de partie and finally sous-chef, the job he does today. 

Together, his team produces many delicacies for the different restaurants at our resort, such as PYM Kitchen, Agrabah Café Restaurant, Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant and many others. 

The chance to express his creativity and exchange with his colleagues is what motivates him the most – finding new desserts, innovating and, as a Team Leader, encouraging the Cast Members in his team to come up with new recipes, too – is a source of satisfaction that bears fruit… or better yet, cakes! Like the idea of “dessert of the month” at Plaza Gardens Restaurant, where, each month a member of his team proposes a dessert that he or she has developed for the occasion.   

Find out more about Mohamed’s work! 


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