Cast Behind the Magic: Meet Disneyland Paris Pastry sous chef Mohamed BOUMAZA  

Mohamed BOUMAZA is a pastry sous chef at Disneyland Paris. He and his teams make many of the desserts offered in our parks, including the dessert of the month at Plaza Gardens Restaurant. After studying in a specialized school for the deaf and hearing impaired, Mohamed chose Disneyland Paris to follow his passion: pastry making. […]

An Elevated Experience is Coming to Boardwalk Candy Palace at Disneyland Paris

Here’s some sweet news for candy lovers! Boardwalk Candy Palace – the go-to spot in Disneyland Park for all guests looking to satisfy their sweet tooth – is about to embark on a refurbishment journey. There’s no doubt that all foodies will ‘sugar’ rush to the beloved shop on Main Street, U.S.A. when it reopens in 2025 to […]

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