MARVEL Avengers Campus,

As part of the Resort’s most ambitious transformation and expansion of Walt Disney Studios Park since its opening, the first-ever Marvel-themed universe in Europe has opened on July 20th. Marvel Avengers Campus is offering surprise live-action stunts, heroic encounters with Marvel Super Heroes, two action-packed attractions and extra special themed restaurants and boutique.

Marvel Avengers Campus has opened on July 20th at Disneyland Paris, with the promise to empower guests to take an active role alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and live out their own heroic story. Marvel Avengers Campus is an entirely reimagined universe dedicated to discovering, recruiting and training the next generation of Heroes, right here, right now in Disneyland Paris. Everyone is invited to join the action – teaming up with the Avengers and their allies throughout the land; slinging webs like Spider-Man; flying into space with Iron Man and Captain Marvel; and suiting up and re-fueling in true Super Hero fashion.

Opening as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration of Disneyland Paris, Marvel Avengers Campus is the next key milestone in Walt Disney Studios Park multi-year transformation plan and represents the Resort’s next level of exceptional guest experiences. With Marvel Avengers Campus and Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, Disneyland Paris is poised to be the ULTIMATE destination for Marvel fans to live an immersive experience among their favourite Super Heroes.


Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris has been created by Tony Stark himself to discover, recruit and train the next generation of Super Heroes. For the first time, recruits are empowered to take an active role alongside the Avengers.

To fulfill this promise, Walt Disney Imagineering teams in Paris and around the world have worked alongside teams that brought the Avengers films, television series and comics to life. Together, they have designed and created a brand-new place in the Marvel multiverse that champions the inner Super Hero that lives in all of us. In fact, regardless of whether they are long-standing Marvel fans or come new to the Super Hero world once they enter Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris, they all become recruits, ready to take the next step in their heroic journey!

Imagine helping Spider-Man on a mission where you can shoot webs from your wrists, saving the universe at high speed along with Iron Man and Captain Marvel, training with Okoye and the Dora Milaje, seeing Black Widow fight evil forces, dancing with the Guardians of the Galaxy… and so much more.

Recruits can gear up like some of their favourite Super Heroes with an shopping experience as only Disney can do and of course, refuel like the Avengers would with various delicious eats and treats at restaurants PYM Kitchen, Stark Factory and more!


Recruits have the opportunity to meet Spider-Man, Iron Man or Captain Marvel in a new dedicated building specially designed for Avengers Campus in Disneyland Paris, the Hero Training Center. For the first time in a Disney Park, a dynamic “freeze frame” video sequence, created by Disney PhotoPass™ with 27 cameras all around the action, can capture these meetings with Captain Marvel or Iron Man and turn them into unforgettable moments. These special encounters are available for booking through the Disneyland Paris mobile app.

New recruits of all ages can encounter heroes outdoors throughout their visit in more interactive and exciting ways than ever before. They may see Thor looking for recruits who are worthy to raise the Mjölnir, his powerful hammer. Recruits can also train with Black Panther’s loyal protectors, the Dora Milaje, and learn how to become Warrior Allies of Wakanda.

Saving the world can also be fun as recruits try their best dance moves during an interactive dance-off with Star-Lord and Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy. Moreover, Black Widow and Black Panther team up on the roofs of Spider-Man W.E.B adventure to protect Avengers Campus from the dangerous Taskmaster and his agents while Spider-Man are never too far away to help them! The Gateway Portal also gives recruits the chance to capture the moment when they meet one of the many Super Heroes of Avengers Campus.
“F.R.I.D.A.Y.” the famous Artificial Intelligence designed by Tony Stark himself is watching out and interacting with the Earth’s Mightiest Super Heroes. Uploaded to the building façade of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: FLIGHT FORCE building – the Avengers Headquarters – she also welcomes recruits to the Campus, monitors it for threats, and signals the arrivals and departures of Avengers. F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s presence at Disneyland Paris is a first for Disney Parks.

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Avengers Campus is a complex with laboratories, workshops, and a new Headquarters where the Avengers and their allies work together on new ways to help humanity. It used to be a Paris-based S.H.I.E.L.D. secret location created by Tony Stark’s father, Howard. Tony embraced the idea of carrying on the legacy of his father’s work by reinventing the facility. He turned it into a place where everyone can lend a hand to Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow, and many more in their mission to save the day.


On this high-speed rollercoaster, recruits team up with none other than Captain Marvel herself and the one and only Iron Man.

Iron Man in this attraction is a new generation Audio-Animatronic© figure, and the first ever Avenger Audio-Animatronics© figure in a Disney Park. With no time to waste, recruits have the opportunity to team up with the two Avengers on a high-speed mission. They embark and fly up through space in a vehicle that Stark has equipped with a homing device, to lure the threat away from planet Earth.

Height requirement to ride AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: FLIGHT FORCE is 120 cm, equivalent to 47 inches.



- Brie Larson is reprising her role as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: FLIGHT FORCE, the exclusive attraction to Disneyland Paris. The Academy Award winning actress made a point of addressing the good news herself in a video message recorded for fans.

- AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: FLIGHT FORCEis a thrill ride unique to Disneyland Paris that features a high-speed launch of 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds, three inversions, two rollover loops and one corkscrew.

- Iron Man in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: FLIGHT FORCE at Disneyland Paris is a new generation Audio-Animatronic© figure exclusive to Disneyland Paris and the first Avenger Audio-Animatronic© in a Disney Park.

SPIDER-MAN W.E.B. ADVENTURE is a new generation of attraction at Disneyland Paris where recruits of all ages are given web-slinging superpowers accomplished through innovative technology created specifically for this attraction. The mission: team up with Spidey and help capture the out-of-control Spider-Bots – Peter Parker’s robot sidekicks – before they wreak havoc on the Campus.


Through specially designed, innovative technology that recognizes body movements and gestures, recruits reach out their hands and sling webs from their wrists, just like Spider-Man. As the WEB Slinger vehicles progress and the mission continues, Spider-Bots become harder and harder to beat as they continue to multiply. After helping Spider-Man trap the rogue Spider-Bots, recruits can see how many Spider-Bots they caught as a team in their vehicles.

There is no height requirement for this attraction, allowing young aspiring heroes to join the action.


SPIDER-MAN W.E.B. ADVENTURETom Holland also reprises his role as Peter Parker in this new, action-packed adventure. The actor addressed a special message to fans in Europe while filming special scenes for the Disneyland Paris attraction.- To enable the most accurate and flexible guest interaction, Imagineers leveraged infrared cameras on the WEB Slinger vehicles to assess and analyze the actions of guests 60 times per second, tracking eye position, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. The attraction identifies when guests move their arms and maps out the geometry of their web sling, rendering a 3D web in the interactive gameplay.- Recruits wear 3D glasses and enjoy a blend of physical, fully dimensional sets and virtual environments that take them on this interactive escapade, which includes animation, moving props and special effects.- For recruits looking for a customized and enhanced experience, check out the WEB Tech accessories available at Mission Equipment shop, located inside the building of the attraction. With the purchase of WEB Power Band or WEB Shooter accessories, recruits will have access to advanced functions like a multi-firing web option while battling those Spider-Bots on the loose inside SPIDER-MAN W.E.B. ADVENTURE.- Recruits will also be given the chance to purchase their very own, customizable Spider-Bot at Mission Equipment in Avengers Campus.


Just as Ant-Man and The Wasp use “Pym Particles” to grow and shrink to just about anything, Pym Technologies applies this science to the creation of shareable bites, inventive entrees and sweet treats as a buffet. Recruits can savour items at unusual scales, including both gigantic shareable pretzel sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, cakes, and their tiniest versions for those who wish to try everything.


Doctor Henry Jonathan “Hank” Pym is an entomologist and physicist, who developed the Ant-Man Suit, after discovering the size-shifting Pym Particles. For a time, he worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. as a consultant and became the original Ant-Man, fighting beside The Wasp, his own wife Janet van Dyne. Now their mantles are taken by Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne – Hank and Janet’s daughter – the new Ant-Man and The Wasp. 

Pym Particles are subatomic particles that are capable of shunting or adding mass and reducing or increasing scale of any form of matter, compressing physical forces around such objects or organisms that they are applied to, as well as increasing density and strength of the subject.

The signature dessert is paying tribute to Thor as it is inspired by the God of Thunder’s very own favourite treats as seen in Marvel Studios’ “Thor.”

Formerly an assembly line for Howard Stark, it features relics of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s earlier activities and hosts many “Easter Eggs” hidden as fan tributes including artifacts built by Tony Stark and the impressive HulkBuster – the armor he created with the help of Bruce Banner for the Hulk, which is only on display at Disneyland Paris.


Stark Industries was founded by Isaac Stark Sr in the 19th century and later taken over by Howard Stark and then by his famous son Tony.

Stark Industries is primarily a defense company that develops and manufactures advanced weapons and military technologies. The company manufactures the armor worn by Iron Man and his pal War Machine. It builds the helicarriers used by S.H.I.E.L.D. and it produces the Quinjets used by the Avengers.

The WEB – Worldwide Eating Brigade – food truck is run by the WEB workshop’s inventors and serves a variety of Asian noodles and coconut balls. The FAN-tastic Food Truck, Tony Stark’s favourite, is parked nearby, serving New York style hot dogs, including vegan sausages, various types of sauces and toppings; and a cheesecake on a stick for dessert.

Avengers Campus is also home of the Super Diner, a small traditional American restaurant serving Reuben Sandwiches, a signature North American recipe made with corned beef, cheese, Sauerkraut, and a savoury dressing, grilled between slices of rye bread.


WEB Tech accessories make recruits experience even more special

SPIDER-MAN W.E.B. ADVENTURE is the first Disneyland Paris attraction allowing recruits to customize their experience onboard, using WEB Tech accessories. For additional powers and customized experience, check out the WEB Tech accessories available at Mission Equipment shop, located inside the building of the attraction. With the purchase of WEB Power Band, recruits have access to advanced functions like a multi-firing web option while battling those Spider-Bots on the loose inside SPIDER-MAN W.E.B. ADVENTURE.

WEB Tech can change recruits’ powers on the attraction to those inspired by fan-favourite Super Heroes – like Spider-Man with electro-dynamic webs, Iron Man with repulsor blasts and Doctor Strange with mystic amplifier.

Customizable Spider-Bots and more Avengers Campus exclusives

Every Super Hero needs a friendly sidekick to help protect their neighborhood. Spider-Bots place recruits in the driver’s seat, allowing them to command their own Spider-Bot and battle opponents, with programmed combat and defensive abilities. Looking to take your Spider-Bot to the next level? Inspired by some favorite Super Heroes, tactical upgrades change the overall appearance of a Spider-Bot and enhance its battle capabilities. These tactical upgrades are inspired by Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther… But keep an eye out for more to come!

Those looking to show off their WEB pride can embrace their inner science whiz with a variety of apparel and other specialty products available only at Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios Park.


Opened June 2021, the guest experience is taken to the next level with a holistic, 360-degree approach to storytelling, including the Super Hero Station which offers Heroic Encounters with Captain America and Black Widow and the Hero Training Zone, an outdoor field with dedicated areas for a variety of sports activities that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. With 350 pieces of artwork created by more than 110 artists from Europe and beyond – including 50 pieces only visible at Disneyland Paris – it is one of the largest publicly viewable collections of Marvel art in the world.


Walt Disney Imagineering Paris and Disneyland Paris Entertainment once again teamed up with more than 100 French and European artisans and vendors to bring these stories to life. More than 2700 construction workers contributed to the project amongst 8000 other professionals from a broad range of industries, making a meaningful contribution to the local territory.

Marvel Avengers Campus also had a significant employment impact, with more than 450 Campus Personnel recruited for the land – two-thirds in long-term positions and 70% from diverse roles across the resort – experiencing special training to inspire and educate them on the Marvel universe, including immersive training exercises. Guests of all ages are truly part of the action through interactive, next-level storytelling as these Cast Members introduce them to new stories and train them for missions taking place across the Campus.

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Tech & innovation at the service of storytelling

Disney Imagineers and Disneyland Paris teams have pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation in order to bring this empowering, one-of-a kind experience to life –including a series of ‘firsts’ for Disneyland Paris:- Gestural recognition at Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure: for the first time at Disneyland Paris, recruits are able to shoot virtual webs from their wrists by making gestures with their hands and using natural motions that not require wearable technology, other than 3D glasses. The web-slinging is done in real time. To enable the most accurate and flexible guest interaction, the attraction uses artificial intelligence, machine-learning and computer vision technologies in its gesture tracking.- WEB Tech accessories: for the first time at Disneyland Paris, recruits are able to customize their experience aboard Spider-Man W.E.B Adventure with a WEB Tech accessory, the WEB Power Band.- Iron Man in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: FLIGHT FORCE at Disneyland Paris is a new generation Audio-Animatronic© figure exclusive to Disneyland Paris and the first Avenger Audio-Animatronic© in a Disney Park.- Freeze frame dynamic photo at Training Center: those meeting with the Avengers have the opportunity –for the first time in a Disney Park –  to capture this unforgettable moment with a 360 “freeze frame” dynamic photo created with 27 cameras all around the action. These unique Heroic Encounters are available for booking through the Disneyland Paris mobile app.- “F.R.I.D.A.Y.” Tony Stark’s Artificial Intelligence performs a central role in operating the Campus. The first virtual character taking centre stage at Disneyland Paris, she has been “uploaded” onto the façade of Avengers Assemble: Flight Force thanks to an innovative, integrated lighting and sound system relying on parametric 3D modeling –a first for Disney Parks and Experiences, and a rare example of this system at that scale across the entertainment industry worldwide.
Tech & innovation at the service of storytelling
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