Avengers Campus: discover how local company Créalum’in brought Pym Kitchen’s dome to life

Last year on July 20th, Avengers Campus opened at Disneyland Paris – a first step in the transformation of Walt Disney Studios Park. As part of this new immersive experience, Guests turned into Campus recruits can refuel like super heroes with exclusive dining experiences, including at Pym Kitchen, a lab where Ant-Man and The Wasp and their teams of scientists test their latest technologies to grow or shrink food portions, in accordance with their mission to “shrink problem and grow solutions” to combat world hunger issues and avoid food waste.

The masterpiece of this building is its impressive dome, whose design was inspired by the Pym Tech safety vault interiors (Ant-Man, 2015). It took no less than two years to the Studies and Construction teams at Walt Disney Imagineering Paris to produce a design that perfectly allows integration of this incredible iron structure to fit into the restaurant building. The honeycomb cell pattern of the dome is also used in other show elements associated with Pym Technologies, such as the hexagon-shaped sconces that ornate the walls of Pym Kitchen.

More than a simple lighting fixture, Pym Kitchen’s Dome is a show set element produced thanks to the expertise of Walt Disney Imagineering Paris combined with the unique craftsmanship of local company Créalum’in, specialized in tailor-made lighting items. In this video, Marie-Céline Chapet, themed light designer for Walt Disney Imagineering Paris, and Sébastien Bévierre, CEO of Créalum’in, explain the challenge their teams faced bringing this extraordinary piece to life – not the least because of its exceptional measurements: 1.5 ton-heavy, 8 meter-large and 2.5 meter high!  A first – and a success – for the collaboration between Disneyland Paris and this local enterprise located one stone’s throw away from the Resort, in Bailly-Romainvilliers.


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About companies who have contributed to bring Avengers Campus to life:

Walt Disney Imagineering Paris and Disneyland Paris Entertainment teams have teamed up with more than 100 French and European craftspersons and suppliers. More than 2 700 construction workers have been involved in the project, amongst the 8 000 professionals of various trades and sectors, thereby significantly contributing to the local economy.

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