Thirty Years of Collaboration at Disneyland Paris with 350+ Companies

As Europe’s leading tourist destination, Disneyland Paris has played a key role in the development and vitality of the surrounding region for more than 30 years. Since its opening in France, the resort has put in place an ambitious purchasing strategy to work with trusted suppliers and their unique expertise. Today, the company has engaged in long-term collaborations with more than 2,800 French suppliers, including more than 1,800 based in the Ile-de-France region. More than 350 of those suppliers have contributed their expertise and know-how to the resort for a full 30 years and another 750 for at least 20 years.

Responsible purchasing focused on excellence and expertise for more than 30 years

Since its opening in 1992, Disneyland Paris – a true powerhouse for the economy and community – has implemented a responsible purchasing strategy that puts excellence at the core to meet and exceed the expectations of guests, Cast Members and stakeholders. This approach is focused on both high-quality expertise and support for the local economy, complemented by a strong sustainable purchasing policy in its value chain.

“As Disneyland Paris undergoes the most ambitious transformation in its history, the quality of the experience offered to our guests also depends on a responsible purchasing approach based on a long-standing relationship with many of our suppliers. More than 350 companies have been working with us for more than 30 years, and we are proud to have established standout relationships with suppliers throughout France, who contribute their expertise to the resort,” says Natacha Rafalski, Présidente of Disneyland Paris.

A number of these companies are located within a few kilometres of the parks, such as Arribas in Condée-Sainte-Libiaire, a specialised master glassmaking workshop that has been producing collector’s items for sale at Disneyland Paris since 1991. Set design companies AFTER and Plastic Studios have also been working with the resort for many years to create many set and decor elements, such as the Gardens of Wonder for the 30th Anniversary celebration.Disneyland Paris worked with more than 3,600 suppliers in 2022, with 77% (2,847) located in France and 66% (1,886) in the Ile-de-France region. These include local craftspeople with knowledge of historic French “savoir faire,” start-ups and specialists in cutting-edge technologies who focus on the environment or integration of disabled workers, and leading specialists in fields such as housekeeping, real estate and security. Identified for their skills, expertise, attention to detail and a shared passion for excellence, these suppliers work hand in hand with Disneyland Paris to make the dream a reality.

Food and Beverage: Nearly a third of suppliers have been with Disneyland Paris for more than 20 years

With more than 50 themed restaurants, dining is a core part of the Disneyland Paris experience. For the past 30 years, the resort has collaborated with a number of French companies that prioritize short supply chains to offer a culinary experience that exceeds guest expectations, combining quality products, diverse flavours and homestyle dishes, as well as menus adapted to children. A number of speciality dishes are made on site and all of the resort’s restaurants offer vegetarian or vegan dishes, or both. Our food purchases are one third fresh produce, one third dried goods and one third frozen food, and our restaurants receive fresh fruit, vegetables and meat six days a week.

With nearly a third of suppliers at Disneyland Paris for more than 20 years, the Food and Beverage Products team has a very interesting history. For example, the resort has collaborated with Seine-et-Marne-based company Bharlev to supply the resort’s tables with fresh and cut fruits since 1992. Bharlev was founded in 1986 and has thrived for decades thanks to its expertise and long-term collaboration with companies like Disneyland Paris. With more than one hundred employees today, many of whom have been working for Bharlev since its opening, the company shares many values with Disneyland Paris, including its commitment to expertise and demand for high-quality products.

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