The flowerbeds at Disneyland Paris are decked out in summer colours

As the summer season approaches, the Horticulture teams at Disneyland Paris have transformed the flowerbeds in the parks and hotels. These flowerbeds plays a key role in the experience and immersion of guests.

A meticulous work over several nights

For four weeks, 25 gardeners from the Horticulture teams worked around the clock to bring about this transformation. Every day, guests were able to discover the appearance of new colourful flowerbeds. 

The varieties and colours were selected by the Horticulture teams depending of the history of the different lands and hotels. The flowerbeds around Central Plaza stages, at the foot of Sleeping Beauty Castle, are a perfect example of synergy as it was designed to match with A Million Splashes of Colour show.

A wide variety of flowers

The Horticulture teams have chosen sunpatiens in particular, as these flowers are fairly resistant to climatic conditions and can be combined with other varieties to enhance spaces. 54 other varieties bloom at the resort, some in up to 20 different colours: from classic petunias, begonias and geraniums to lesser-known varieties such as gomphrena, knipfofia and armerias, not forgetting horticultural versions of plants better known for their aromatic and vegetable properties, such as sage, verbena, sweet potatoes and sunflowers. 

“The choice of each flower, its colour, volume and lifespan is based on the story we want to tell with it,” explains Manon Hazebroucq, flower project manager at Disneyland Paris. 

Local flowers and reasoned watering

The Horticulture team works with a number of local growers and tree nurseries, one of whom is located around thirty minutes from the resort. It enables to have a close relationship and to make flexible deliveries, while limiting the carbon footprint caused by deliveries. These producers have the “Plante Bleue” label (French horticulturalists and nurserymen committed to a socially responsible and environmentally-friendly approach).

In addition, optimising water consumption and preserving this resource are among the priorities of Disneyland Paris’ efforts to offer an environmentally friendly experience. In order to avoid wasting and over-watering, the Horticulture teams use reasoned watering, thanks in particular to the wastewater treatment plant of the resort.  

Did you know? You can find squashes and aromatic plants in the courtyard of the Auberge de Cendrillon, just behind Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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