Seasoned Artists: The Nature & Environment team

It could easily be thought that winter is a fairly quiet time for our Nature & Environment team but, quite the contrary, instead of resting on their laurels… they are busy planting them! 

 Did you know that the best time of the year to plant shrubs is when it’s cold outside? November is the ideal time for planting as it allows the roots to become established before the ground freezes. Such are the secrets of our gardeners who set out to prune shrubs one last time toward the end of the fall.    

As temperatures drop, our Cast Members renew the flower beds of our green spaces, replace the sick or aging plants and find new species to decorate our resort.  

Rhododendron, laurel, viola: you may not be familiar with those words –they refer to floral species carefully handpicked by our teams for their beauty, flowering, color and size. Just like painters with their brushes, gardeners set up flower beds and shrubs based on the project they’ve been assigned, the location and season, for a complete change of scenery.  

 For instance, the team worked throughout the night to transform our parks in honor of the Frozen Celebration: blue and orange are a must this season! 

“Even the floral decorations in windows require a great deal of thinking. The shrubs we use are just the right size so that they still allow a perfect view on the parks and shows from within.” Johann Pois, Nature & Environment Manager 

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