New National Geographic ‘Symphony For Our World’ experience (special edition) starts tomorrow at the Studio Theater

Starting tomorrow, take a breathtaking journey through the beauty and wonder of our world with the National Geographic show ‘Symphony For Our World’, presented in a special edition for Disneyland Paris and for the very first time in a Disney Park

Symphony for Our World combines National Geographic’s iconic wildlife cinematography with an original score by Emmy-and BAFTA-nominated Bleeding Fingers Music, to create a planetary tour like no other. Meet the life that walks the soils we call EARTH. Swim through our planets rivers and oceans and explore the WATER. Rise into the skies and join in a celebration of AIR. Experience the desolation and rebirth of FIRE. And feel the frigid chill of ICE. Together, these elements make up the pale blue dot we call home. Awe-inspiring music and visuals tell a story of the complex yet fragile nature of the fascinating and wondrous ecosystems that allow us to survive and thrive together. Symphony for Our World creates a chorus of celebration in honor of Earth, reminding us why it’s vitally important to conserve, protect, and preserve all of our planet’s resources. It is a powerful, and timely, tribute to the beauty and wonders of our world.

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