Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast’s “Crackles neons”:A unique technology brought to Ile-de-France just for the ride

The Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast attraction reopened its doors on June 17 after more than a year of rehabilitation, which focused in particular on the lighting and painting of the attraction’s sets and characters, as well as its exterior lighting. A very large-scale project…

At the end of the refurbishment, Walt Disney Imagineering wanted to fill guests with wonder thanks to an incredible outdoor lighting show. To do this, they turned to longtime supplier BTB GES which took on the project.

« This is not a normal electrical project” explains Luis Lourenco, Director of the BTB GES agency based in Lognes, Seine et Marne. “It involves replacing all the existing neon lights by LEDs and installing “crackles” on the five columns of the attraction’s façade.

Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Imagineering Paris – Design & Show Quality worked closely with BTB GES to integrate these neon lights – called “Crackles Tubes” – to the refurbishment project. This technique is unique to the world, created and patented by Wayne Strattman, an American specialist in lighted glass plasma technology. The teams went to the United States to present the project and establish a relationship of trust with Mr. Strattman, so that he would pass on his expertise and let the team relocate the tube manufacturing in France to a glass blower in the Paris region. It was essential to be extremely precise, especially in the dimensions and thickness of the tubes and the pressure of the gas to guarantee the best possible effect. 

Clive Moreton, Manager Systems Show and Ride at Walt Disney Imagineering Paris – Design & Show Quality explains that it is a unique technique in France and even in the world, which requires a specific technicity that is not within everyone’s grasp.

But what’s a « Crackle Tube”?

The “Crackle Tube” effect produces a bright, fast-moving lightning inside a glass tube that is packed with small pieces of fill material, either cut glass tubing or glass beads.

The gas discharge dances through the spaces between this fill material, concentrating the light into thin, bright streamers that take the form of lightning. The path of lightning changes direction at random and is touch interactive. (source:   

Find out more in the video and see you soon at Disneyland Paris now to (re)discover this must-see attraction! 

Find out more in the video, and see you soon at Disneyland Paris to (re)discover this must-see attraction!


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