Our resort is a place where all the magic of Disney – its wonderful tales and incredible stories- is brought to life. To tell this story like no other and launch the new brand’s signature “Where Magic Gets Real”, Disneyland Paris produced a campaign, which premiered throughout Europe on December 25th.



This campaign follows the epic and touching adventure of a wild duckling who finds a Disney magazine by chance and is seized by a passion for Donald Duck. Days and seasons go by, our little duck lives Donald Duck, breathes Donald Duck, sleeps Donald Duck making his magazine his most valuable belonging. But winter arrives forcing the whole family of the little duck to migrate and the magazine is unfortunately too heavy to be part of the journey…

 This epic story is a mix of love, humor and bravery and speaks to all those – children and adults alike – who have grown up with a Disney idol, dreaming to meet them one day.

 The ending of the campaign reserves a little surprise when our dear Donald Duck appears in down and bones: Disneyland Paris intends to remind everyone of its unique and essential role to be the gate between the imagination of the Disney movies and the real world.

 At Disneyland Paris, magic is for real.



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