Disneyland Paris guests can now discover new sweet and savory treats featuring Kiri cheese at Cable Car Bake Shop

Guests at Europe’s leading tourist destination can now enjoy a new range of pastries, baked with delicious Kiri® cheese. This offer is available in the traditional American bakery on Main Street, U.S.A.®, Cable Car Bake Shop, specially redesigned in the brand’s colors.

This initiative is part of the exclusive 10-year partnership signed in June 2021 between Bel and Disneyland® Paris, including the integration of the group’s products in Disneyland Paris restaurant offering and the theming of certain areas in the colors of The Laughing Cow®, Babybel® and Kiri® brands.

Starting May 25, Cable Car Bake Shop will offer Disneyland® Paris guests a new and unique culinary experience based on the Kiri brand. Already a source of inspiration for pastry masters around the world, Kiri will be offered for the first time Europe as part of exclusive sweet and savory recipes, allowing guests to discover new flavors.  Young and old alike can satisfy their sweet tooth thanks to Kiri®, by tasting the Cable Car Carrot Cake, the Lombards St. Cupcake, the Golden Gate Cheesecake, and the Presidio Muffin or the Tartelette Éclair[1], in an authentic and immersive setting themed in the brand’s colors.

[1] And many other choices to discover!

In addition to complementing the Disneyland Paris dining offer, the integration of this renowned brand allows guests from all over the world to discover, rediscover and be surprised by cheese made in France in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, from 100% French milk and cream, through new and delicious culinary experiences, during their visit to Disneyland Park. The theming takes guests to the heart of old San Francisco, while telling them a new story created by the Bel Group and Walt Disney Imagineering Paris.

This integration marks a new step in the exclusive partnership signed between Bel and Disneyland Paris. Both companies are committed to offering unique and unforgettable experiences based on their shared values: laughter, kindness and generosity, whether with family or friends. Through this partnership, guests are already enjoying the Laugh ‘n’ Go! food truck, featuring snacks created by Disneyland Paris chefs with The Laughing Cow cheese, and a unique experience with the incomparable Babybel in the Marvel universe at the Super Hero Station at Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel and Studio Theater in Walt Disney Studios Park.

“We are partnering with Disneyland Paris to offer guests a unique and immersive culinary experience that demonstrates that Kiri can be used everywhere beyond cheese and inspires chefs in all types of recipes – even sweet ones!” says Céline Camilleri, Kiri General Manager. “This opening also marks an important milestone in Bel’s 10-year collaboration with Disneyland Paris, which will allow guests to discover new flavors and experience magical and unforgettable moments.”

“We are delighted to continue to grow our alliance with our official partner Bel,” says Laure Albouy, Vice President Business Strategy & Integration at Disneyland Paris. “The integration of Kiri into Cable Car Bake Shop was the result of a true collaboration between our respective teams with the aim of bringing novelty to our guests’ experience and surprising them with these new pastries.”

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