Disneyland Paris celebrates its heritage and craftsmanship

Every year, on European Heritage Days – or Journées du Patrimoine – musems and monuments open their doors so that visitors can discover great treasures in France and in Europe. This weekend in Paris and Île-de-France, many museums, monuments, castles and other cultural places open their doors for free so that you can enjoy entertainment, guided tours and exhibitions. For the third year in a row, Disneyland Paris will participate in the event, celebrating its craftsmanship and artistic heritage virtually during a weekend-long celebration.

Disneyland Paris boasts 28 years of expertise in the field of entertainment. The creativity and meticulous work of “lmagineers” – who design Disney resorts – never cease to take our guests on a journey into completely immersive experiences.

With parades, musical shows and entertainment of all kinds, Disneyland Paris also serves as a rich and diverse stage that is reimagined over the seasons, mobilizing hundreds of artists with diverse specialties. From the rooftops of the Fuente del Oro restaurant during the Zorro show in the summer of 1993, to the stages of Central Plaza, the destination is a true open-air theater! Since the opening of Disneyland Park in 1992, more than 80 parades and cavalcades have taken place.

This year, everyone can discover online:

  • A video guided tour dedicated to the cultural heritage and artistic inspirations of our theme parks, highlighting the architecture, history and local craftsmanship of Europe’s leading tourist destination through three focuses: Sleeping Beauty Castle and Discoveryland at Disneyland Park, and Place de Rémy at Walt Disney Studios Park.
  • A video report on the costumes of Audio-Animatronics in our theme parks.
  • A virtual exhibit offering a retrospective of fabulous stage costumes, parade floats and unpublished photographs, led by a director at the resort who will answer audience questions asked through stories on Disneyland Paris’ Instagram.

Disneyland Paris’ Heritage: Behind-the-Scenes of the Attractions

Did you know that sailors from Pirates of the Caribbean, spirits from Phantom Manor and all the stars at Disneyland Paris attractions are meticulously taken care of every day backstage? Our Audio-Animatronics and still figures require careful treatment, maintaining the magic every day for more than 28 years.

Every morning, a team of dressmakers go for a round of inspection to make sure everything is in perfect shape and take care of every costume adjustment or update that is required. They work hand-in-hand with teams from Figure Finishing and Walt Disney Imagineering to preserve the heritage of Europe’s number one tourist destination.

Which phantom requires costume adjustments? What are the new techniques to use? Are the Seven Dwarfs’ beards always impeccable? Which pirate needs a new black light painting? Find out all answers and more with this new exclusive video.

There are more than 500,000 different pieces just for operational costumes across the Resort !
More than 31,000 items have been created for entertainement since 1992 
On the occasion of the Festival of Pirates and Princesses, 45,000 meters of fishing line were needed to create the costumes of the Princesses’ camp.
The show Mickey and the Magician received an award for best theatrical production (IAAPA) in 2016 and Trophy “Coup de coeur” for its adaptation in French sign language (Association Tourisme & Handicaps) in 2018.

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