Discovering Biodiversity at Disneyland Park…

…Alongside National Geographic Explorer Magda Bou Dagher Kharrat 

In an effort to raise awareness about environmental protection and nature, young people from the Montry-based EPIDE(Establishment for Professional Integration) were invited to discover the incredible variety of plants at Disneyland Park alongside National Geographic explorer Magda Bou Dagher Kharrat.

With more than 450 hectares of green spaces, 33,000 trees, 7,000 flowerbeds and around fifty varieties of plants and wild flowers, Disneyland Paris is more than a theme park. The resort is also an awe-inspiring kingdom of nature! Since each of its lands is home to many ecosystems, Disneyland Park is the perfect place to raise awareness about the wonders of nature among guests. As National Geographic explorer Magda Bou Dagher Kharrat said, “The Park does not only consist of attractions. Every tree or plant has its own story, and the various ecosystems that can be found across the resort have something to tell.” 

This plant geneticist notably works towards the conservation of some iris species that grow naturally in Lebanon. She also studies the complexity of interactions between plants. Assisted by Pierrick Paillard, the Senior Manager of the horticulture department, Magda notably introduced young people to the numerous plants that contribute to creating the atmosphere of each land, from cedar and pine trees to honey locusts at Frontierland, to palm trees and bamboos at Adventureland. “I was not expecting to see so much variety at Disneyland Paris; I found it fascinating to share this information with the group of young people.” They got to find out more about plant reproduction and defense mechanisms and were taught how to determine the age of a tree by observing its stump. They also paid special attention to lichens and mosses, which reveal a great deal of information.

A little throwback to those educational moments through pictures


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