Cast Behind the Magic – Interview with Grégory BLOT, VIP Tour Coordinator at Disneyland Paris

Making dreams come true is a real job! This phrase starts making so much sense when our Cast Members share their work experiences at Disneyland Paris, which is home to more than 500 different professions. As a VIP Tour Coordinator and Disney Traditions Facilitator, Grégory Blot contributes to bringing the magic to life.

Hello there, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Grégory. I joined Disneyland Paris ten years ago, and I have been working as a VIP Tour Coordinator for five years. My current job consists of coordinating, providing training and assisting VIP Tour Guides at Disneyland Paris. Tour Guides are in charge of accompanying both celebrities and guests who want to explore Disney Parks in a different way. I am also fortunate to serve as a Facilitator during Disney Traditions, which are dedicated to onboarding new Cast Members.

Can you tell us more about your journey at Disneyland Paris?

I joined the company ten years ago, under a 16-hour student contract. I was first hired as a Merchandise Host at the Les Légendes d’Hollywood shop in Walt Disney Studios Park. Afterward, I worked in Critter Corral – at the Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post shop which was located just outside of the theater where the Frozen Sing-along show was performed (presently known as Frontierland Theater). At the same time, I took a training course to become a VIP Tour Guide. Four years later, I became a VIP Tour Coordinator.

VIP Tour Guides accompany families who request a guided tour. Our role is to create tailored itineraries for our guests, based on their interests and their favorite experiences and characters. We introduce them to the Disney experience. 

Why and how did you join VIP Tour Services teams?

I decided to join VIP Tour Services teams because I wanted to spend precious moments alongside our guests. When you serve as a VIP Tour Guide, you accompany guests who have booked a VIP tour for at least six hours, and you share your knowledge about Disney Parks and the world of Disney with them. Thus, they get to enjoy a different type of experience. At the end of the day, we build special bonds with them, as we share special moments together and we help them discover our parks.

We also learn to adapt to a multicultural environment and communicate with guests from all over the world. These are two elements that I find very interesting in this job. Our role consists of planning amazing days filled with magical moments that will forever be engraved in our guests’ minds and in our own.

Today, my role is different, as I am in charge of planning these tours. I ensure that VIP Tour Guides have all the information necessary beforehand so that the quality of the experiences delivered to our guests can be as outstanding as possible. Paying attention to detail, delivering high-quality services, and creating tailored experiences are at the heart of what we do. 

If you had to describe your everyday life at Disneyland Paris in three words, what would they be?

My everyday life is characterized by shared moments, encounters, and surprises. 

First, we share many moments with families and our colleagues. We need to work as a team so that the experiences delivered to our guests can be as enjoyable and magical as possible.

Meeting people is part of our job – we make sure that Disneyland Paris visitors are treated as guests. We get to meet amazing guests and Cast Members.  Finally, my everyday life at Disneyland Paris is filled with surprises since every day is different. Each day takes a new turn depending on the guests we accompany and the events that occur across our parks. Each family, group of guests and celebrity has different expectations. As such, every itinerary is different.

Would you have any fun fact to share with us?

I remember how stressed out I was when I gave my first tour. I brought the family I accompanied to a very special place to watch the parade. Afterward, we continued to visit Disneyland Park and they had lunch in one of the park’s restaurants. At the beginning of the day, their child was quite shy, but after lunch, he rushed towards me while shouting my name and he jumped into my arms. At the end of the day, we went to see the Disney Dreams! nighttime spectacular, and the child – who had overcome his shyness – insisted on holding my hand. They promised that they would come and see me in the shop where I worked the following day, and they kept their promise! This family came back four years later, but unfortunately, I was not available to accompany them. I introduced them to their new guide, and I remember that the child said, “it would be great if Gregory could join us.” It was nice to see that he still remembered me, and that he had enjoyed the day we had spent together as much as I did!

You also serve as a Disney Traditions Facilitator. What motivates you to play a role in these training sessions that are delivered at Disneyland Paris?

Since Disney Traditions aim to onboard new Cast Members, my goal is to ensure that they understand our values and that they have all the keys necessary to achieve success during their professional journey at Disneyland Paris. The Disney Traditions program is the same in all Disney resorts across the world. It provides an overall introduction to The Walt Disney Company.

Serving as a Disney Traditions Facilitator is an opportunity to pass on one’s knowledge and help Cast Members through the onboarding process. There are many career paths to be explored at Disneyland Paris – sharing my experience during training sessions for VIP Tour Guides or Disney Traditions makes it possible to broaden my new colleagues’ horizons! This is another way to share information, discover new backgrounds and new perspectives, and foster mutual development all the while moving forward.

I will forever remember a moment that happened during a Disney Traditions session that I was hosting.

After I explained to the newly hired Cast Members that our mission was to bring happiness and to create unforgettable memories for our guests, a new Cast Member came to see me during our break and asked me whether I had worked in the shop located inside Studio 1 at Walt Disney Studios Park. When I confirmed that it was one of my previous work locations, she reminded me of a conversation that we had had and that encouraged her to apply for a position at Disneyland Paris to take part in this wonderful adventure. She joined the company shortly afterward. The circle was now complete! It’s incredible to see how our actions can have a real impact!

What makes you proud?

I am proud of my professional journey and of the various encounters I have had throughout my career at Disneyland Paris. I am also proud to be a part of such a great company which manages to maintain a spirit of camaraderie among its 17,000 Cast Members, and to be able to cross the paths of so many wonderful people who create magical moments both for our guests and for us. 

I have also been able to expand my knowledge. At Disneyland Paris, we learn to deliver outstanding services and develop interpersonal skills. Each of the experiences we have is unique and we share special moments that become unforgettable memories. Our everyday lives are extraordinary – making dreams come true is a real job!

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