A new book celebrating 100 years of Disney at Disneyland Paris !

While Disneyland® Paris is the place where Disney stories come to life, the leading tourist destination in Europe is also full of wonderful references to the studio founded exactly 100 years ago, and that would ultimately become The Walt Disney Company.

To mark its jubilee anniversary, a new 230-page book, “Celebrating 100 Years of Disney at Disneyland Paris” will soon invite readers to explore the history of this unique company through 100 emblematic dates celebrated in unique ways at Disneyland® Paris, be it through attractions, shows, events, and sometimes just a subtle tip of the hat.

It’s a fascinating trip down memory lane featuring numerous anecdotes and archive photos, from the authors of the recent book « The Art of Disneyland Paris ».

« Celebrating 100 Years of Disney at Disneyland Paris », to be released soon (the exact date will be communicated as soon as it’s available).
Sold exclusively at Disneyland Paris. Limited quantity.

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