A Closer Look at the Collaboration Between Disneyland Paris’ Creative Costuming teams and Bas et Hauts

More than 40 best-in-class suppliers from France and around the world contributed their expertise and creativity to help bring Together: a Pixar Musical Adventure to life, together with the Disneyland Paris team. From costumes to stage décor and more, these companies brought their savoir-faire to this immersive new show which features Pixar characters.  

In addition to the talents of the resort’s sewing workshop, the Creative Costuming teams called on the expertise of Bas et Hauts, a costume workshop located in the heart of Paris, on rue Saint-Honoré, to produce more than 120 dazzling costumes for the show performers. This unique collaboration goes back to almost thirty years ago. Its success is rooted in the traditional skills brought by Bas et Hauts and the rich collaboration between the different teams, building a trusted relationship over the years with about 52,000 pieces of costumes produced for many shows and parades since 1996.    

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