Disneyland Paris Donates More Than 100,000 Medical Supplies and 77 Tons of Goods to Local Community

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Since taking the unprecedented step to close Disneyland Paris, we have continued to focus on ways we can make a difference during this time.

In response to requests from hospitals in need of additional protective garments and medical-related supplies, Disneyland Paris has donated more than 100,000 medical supplies, including masks, hygiene caps and protective shoes to the Seine-et-Marne prefecture for distribution to hospitals in need.

These efforts follow the recent donation of an additional 62 tons of food and drinks to several hospitals, the local French Red Cross and a local solidarity grocery store for disadvantaged families. Including the previous donation of 15 tons of food to associations such as Secours Populaire Français and Restaurants du Cœur, Disneyland Paris has now donated a total of 77 tons of goods since the resort’s closure.

Disneyland Paris continues to find additional ways to give back to local communities, sharing in the longstanding history of Disney Parks giving back which dates to Walt Disney himself in the 1930s when he took Disney characters and animators on outreach visits. Sharing the magic of Disney continues today through contributions, collaborating with nonprofit organizations, in-kind gifts and employee volunteerism.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”14026″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Disneyland Paris Cast Members Show Support for Healthcare Professionals

As we look to World Health Day, several on-site Disneyland Paris teams recently showed their support for the brave work of healthcare professionals and first responders during the COVID-19 crisis.

In front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Horticulture team dedicated a colorful “merci” and the Fire and Rescue team joined in applause on behalf of all Disneyland Paris cast members to thank the many doctors, nurses and front line responders who are continuing to help so many.

To see how Disney parks around the world are showing their support, visit the Disney Parks Blog.

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Disneyland Paris is dedicating this week to nature and the environment

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, Disneyland Paris is dedicating this week to nature and the environment, all with a touch of magic that everyone can discover from home.

Guests can learn more about the resort’s commitments as a sustainable and responsible member of the community, find out about how the Magic Keepers on our horticulture team are maintaining the magic at Disneyland Paris, enjoy some fun themed activities and participate in special broadcasts of nature-inspired Disney shows by tuning into the Disneyland Paris Facebook page to enjoy all the magic.

disneyland paris flowers

The Magic Keepers of Environment

Today, let’s take a moment to recognize the Magic Keepers who continue to maintain the magic at Disneyland Paris during this exceptional period. This includes a small group of Cast Members from the Nature and Environment team who are taking care of our resort’s green spaces by tending to the thousands of flowers, shrubs and trees that bring our resort to life with beauty and biodiversity.

Throughout the year, the Horticulture team and its 130 gardeners and arboriculturalists carry out innovative and sustainable initiatives to encourage biodiversity throughout Disneyland Paris, with more than 400 hectares of green spaces maintained to preserve local heritage and ensure the magic of nature continues at the resort.


Disneyland Paris Reaffirms its Commitments to a Sustainable Future on Earth Day


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At Disneyland Paris, we have a longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship. Throughout the year, the company leads an action plan based on six different focus areas: reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GES), moving towards sustainable waste management, conserving water resources, protecting and enriching biodiversity, developing a responsible supply chain and supporting global actions to preserve the environment for the future.


  • Developing a responsible supply chain with, in particular, the replacement of plastic straws and stirrers with 100% biodegradable paper straws, the introduction of reusable shopping bags sold at low prices and made up of 80% recycled plastic, and the installation of eco-pumps in hotel rooms, thus reducing the number of plastic bottles in rooms by 80%.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GES) with, in particular, the use of geothermal energy to cover heating needs (heating and hot sanitary water) for the Disney Parks and Disneyland Hotel, the use of LED projectors for shows and parades, the use of hybrid vehicles for 100% of the cars on the Autopia attraction, a fleet of 27 internal buses meeting the Euro 6 standard, currently the most demanding in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. Our combined efforts meant that, for the year 2019, greenhouse gas emissions are down 23% compared to 2012 (reference year).
  • Sustainable waste management to limit the impact of Disneyland Paris on the environment through recycling, composting and the use of biomethanisation. In addition, 20 categories of waste are collected and sorted using specific bins, skips and compactors installed backstage.
  • Conserving water resources, which is why Disneyland Paris is the only theme park in Europe to have set up its own wastewater treatment and recycling plant. The plant produces 2,100m3 of water per day, which is used in particular to fill in the Disney Parks and Disney Village waterways, the irrigation system (including Golf Disneyland), and for the Central Energy Plant’s cooling towers. The installation of this plant has made it possible to save 2,002,514m3 of water over six years.
  • Encouraging biodiversity through the 250 hectares of green spaces but also with the vegetable garden “Le Potager de Rémy” with about 15 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs which are then used by some of our restaurants, the use of 2 apiaries which produce more than 3.000 pots of honey per year while reinforcing natural pollination and reducing the use of phytosanitary products, the practice of eco-grazing with sheeps “d’Ouessant” (a rustic and protected breed) or the introduction of hens of the French breed Noire du Berry to protect the apiaries.
  • Support actions in favor of the environment by committing and supporting Disneyland Paris to various environmental initiatives aimed at raising awareness and encouraging children to protect nature. In addition, the Disney VoluntEARS program enables children to regularly take part in practical workshops with the horticultural team.
wakatoon Compo-HD

Wakatoon, an innovative way to inspire families on environmentality

Disneyland Paris’ environment team partnered with the start-up Wakatoon last spring to launch an interactive coloring game for guests that combines play and creativity with an environmentally-friendly message about selective sorting, a way to think about the materials we discard every day.

And now, we’re excited to bring all of you a digital version of the game and app on our Disneyland Paris at Home website! To join in the fun, children can color in drawings of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, which can then be uploaded to the Wakatoon app as images that will come alive and reveal educational messages on how selective sorting works. Download the drawing here: https://www.wakatoon.com/en/animated-coloring-printable-pages-free-mickey-minnie-disneyland-paris/

This unique idea to combine the real world and the digital world by turning a coloring into a live cartoon was created by engineer Pierrick Chabi, whose start-up received the 2018 Tower of Terror Elevator Pitch award as part of Disneyland Paris’ ongoing efforts to recognize innovative start-ups.


Magic Keepers: Disneyland Paris Fire and Rescue Team!

April 28 is recognized as National Superhero Day. And it’s a wonderful occasion for Disneyland Paris to celebrate its very own Super Heroes. No, we’re not talking about Thor, Captain America or Iron Man… these are the Cast Members who continue to maintain the magic at our resort during this exceptional period. We proudly call them our “Magic Keepers.”

They may not have super powers or wear capes, but they take care of our entire destination, from attractions to green spaces to animals and more. Today is the perfect moment to say THANK YOU for everything they do to make sure the resort is in tip-top shape ahead of its re-opening.

Today, meet the Cast Members from our Fire and Rescue team. They are making sure that Disneyland Paris is in good hands day and night, and during the temporary closure they continue to watch and protect our resort and their fellow Cast Members still working on-site as they continue to maintain the magic.