Natacha Rafalski entourée de Cast Members lors de The Walt Disney Legacy Award 2019

For the fifth edition of The Walt Disney Legacy Award, Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products awards the cast members who go above and beyond to create the magic of Disney with the most important distinction in their careers.

Each cast member, crew member or Imagineer is unique and strives to provide guests with the best possible experience. However, some of them put forth their very best for our guests, their fellow cast and the company as a whole. For these exceptional individuals, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products has reserved its highest honor: The Walt Disney Legacy Award.

Inspired by the tremendous legacy Walt Disney left at the company, this global recognition program is dedicated to cast, crew and Imagineers worldwide who go above and beyond every day. Any employee with more than two continuous years of service is eligible and can be nominated by his or her peers. “No one is better placed than cast members to evaluate their colleagues’ talents! We owe them for identifying and giving these exceptional persons an opportunity to receive The Walt Disney Legacy Award,” Daniel Dreux, Vice President Human Resources at Disneyland Paris, declared.

It is Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products’ highest honor and recognizes individuals within the organization who excel in the criteria of Dream, Create and Inspire.

  • Make dreams come true by enhancing the Disney experience by going above and beyond every day.
  • Create new and efficient ways to improve the work environment to maintain the quality of the Disney brand.
  • Inspire others by being inclusive, supportive and positive.

This year, among more than a thousand nominations in our resort, 39 Disneyland Paris cast members were awarded by a jury with the most prestigious award of their careers. They were given the iconic blue name-tag, a symbol of their excellency, and attended an evening gala in their honor on September 12th, 2019.

The Walt Disney Legacy Award is one of many distinctions that rewards cast members for their performance, engagement, fidelity or excellence. For instance, the Disney Heroes Award is a global program awarded to cast members whom, thanks to their security training or first aid skills, have contributed to saving a life or preventing serious injuries. The award is signed personally by Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

Take a look at The Walt Disney Legacy Award winners’ reactions to the announcement.

Learn more about four recipients of The Walt Disney Legacy Award 2019

Alexandre Bac

Alexandre Bac, Fire & Rescue 


How do you create magic, inspire and make dreams come true for those around you?

I’d like to start by saying something about my temperament and character. I strive to always be in a good mood and with a smile on my face. I think of myself as a pleasant person and I endeavor to support my colleagues. Also, I have been working with my department for several years and have created technical and operational documentation that anyone can use as a resource. I always try to find new ideas and inspiration, to help and facilitate my colleagues’ work.

What does it mean for you to be recognized with this award?

This is the highest honor for a Cast Member. For me, it’s a privilege and an immense pride to be an award winner, especially being the first from Fire & Rescue to receive it.

What was your experience of the ceremony?

I was honored to attend The Walt Disney Legacy Award ceremony. It was a magical evening, full of surprises from start to finish, not to mention the special attention I received for my birthday. I could see how important this award is. It is with a lot of pride that I was able, together with my wife, to represent my division and share a privileged moment with Éric Marion (Vice President, Security/Fire/Health Operations) and David Nait (Manager). It was an exceptional and unique moment that will remain a highlight in my career. I would also like to thank all those who were involved, in some way or another, in the organization of this evening.

Claire Jenkins, Project Manager & Disneyland Paris official female Voice for announcements


How do you create magic, inspire and make dreams come true for those around you?

It’s not something that I was aware of. I was indeed quite moved to know that some people could think of me that way. In any case, I’ve always had a clear vision of my progress at Disneyland Paris. I’ve never lost track of where I come from (I started off with a 16-hour contract in attractions, then a fixed-term contract that changed into a permanent contract). I’ve always been driven by the Disney values and it’s something that has always resonated with me. For many years, I had the chance to rub shoulders with Roy Disney, who was a model and a true source of inspiration. As soon as I was told that I was receiving this award, I obviously thought of him and my first days with the company.

Claire Jenkins

What does it mean for you to be recognized with this award?

I’m very proud, but it’s also a real responsibility. I received it with great humility because my journey has been shaped by all the people I have met so far and the things I have learnt from them. I always endeavor to listen to my colleagues, regardless of the relationship or the person to whom I’m talking. We are all Cast Members. With this award, we cannot disappoint our colleagues; we have to be worthy of this recognition every day. It was something unconscious before, but now we must carry it knowingly and make sure that we always represent these values.

What was your experience of the ceremony?

Once again, I was quite moved and a bit shaken: I am used to being involved in the organization of this type of events, but, for once, they made it a point of honor for me not to work on it. I was lost at first, but, in the end, it was very nice. Through my job, I was aware of the many elements that make up such a magical evening, but I let myself be carried along and amazed by this magnificent evening we were given. Everything was perfect, from the moment we arrived at the hotel until our departure, and all colleagues involved were so charming and caring. It was really touching. All the people I have met since that night tell me that they are happy for me. It’s one of those magical moments that only Disney knows how to create.

Olivier Breton

Olivier Breton, Park Operations Assistant


How do you create magic, inspire and make dreams come true for those around you?

Before I joined Disneyland, I worked on the integration of disabled children into the mainstream environment. I kept the habit of turning every constraint into an opportunity. So, from the moment that I became a Cast Member, it was instinctive for me to care about the well-being of my colleagues so that they can offer the best quality of service to our guests. I still remember my child-like reaction when I came to visit Disneyland for the first time. And it is important for me to convey these feelings and emotions to our guests every day.

What does it mean for you to be recognized with this award?

Walt Disney was a visionary who never took his position for granted and always sought to innovate and create happiness for all generations. To be nominated by my colleagues and have my work recognized is a great pride but also a responsibility as I must continue to share this heritage with the other Cast Members around me.

What was your experience of the ceremony?

The evening was exceptional. We were able to experience an event that brings together what our company does best in terms of hospitality, catering, entertainment and magic. I had the pleasure of being able to share this moment with my mother, who passed on her values of courage and work to me.

Jens Byl, Digital Project Assistant


How do you create magic, inspire and make dreams come true for those around you?

When I was a Character Attendant, I always made sure that, after meeting a Character, our guests would continue their journey in the park with a bigger smile than before. I always try to exceed expectations. This is what creates magic for me! In doing so, I hope the Cast Members around me can be inspired. I try to show them how happy we can make our guests, sometimes by doing the simplest things. Our mission is to ensure that guests and Cast Members alike continue to dream. No dream is too big and Walt Disney was the one who proved that big dreams lead to incredible things.

Jens Byl

What does it mean for you to be recognized with this award?

The simple fact of being mentioned in the same sentence as Walt Disney is an honor. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be perceived as a person who continues to live by Walt Disney’s criteria: Dream, Create and Inspire. I can never be grateful enough to all those who believe in me.

What was your experience of the ceremony?

The ceremony was of course very emotional, and it made me so proud to work at Disneyland Paris. I decided to invite my mother to the event because it’s thanks to her that I fell in love with Disney, especially Disneyland Paris. I enjoyed seeing my mother rediscovering the Park from a completely different angle and hearing everyone say that she should be proud of me – certainly one of the best moments of my Disney career.


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  5. What’s the point of attracting adults and “reconnecting them with childhooh emotions and memories” if once they’re there you’ll treat them like they’re not welcome?
    Maybe the problem is not our perception is wrong. Maybe the problem is you really don’t want us to go.

  6. There’s a Santa Fe style hotel? Oh my! Will have to go back and stay there! Only hotel I had time to see on my first visit was the Disneyland Hotel on my way into the park to see Captain Eo after it re-opened in June 2010. I was on a one-day visit via the Eurostar from London (on holiday there from Australia) so very limited time – too limited. But I loved it.

  7. I’ve been 4 times to Disneyland Paris in the last 3 years and each time the service has been absolutely dredful and not even apologetic – would love to see how this changes.

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  13. So, so sad to see this icon show close! I first saw it in California in 1987 and was blown away by what was then incredible 3D technology, as well as Michael’s performance. When I visited Disneyland Paris for the first (and thus far, only) time on 24 June 2010 I was on a EuroStar day trip to the park from London which I was visiting for Michael Jackson 1st anniversary events with his UK fans. When I heard that Disneyland Paris and other Disney Parks were re-opening the film as a tribute to Michael, I HAD to make the journey across the channel to see it again. Needless to say, I made the most of the opportunity for repeat screenings on that day. And though I’ve since seen it repeatedly in Anaheim and Tokyo (shortly before it closed there last year) I’ll never, ever forget seeing it on the big screen for the first time since the 80s at Disneyland Paris. I’m not sure I want to go back now. 🙁

  14. It’s a shame this classic has to go, really!
    I’m glad I got the chance to experience it once again with the tribute performance.

    It was not quite the same since many of the original effects and the look and feel of the cinema were missing, still the old 3D glasses/technique and and analogue! print/and projector was used, which was and is kind of lazy from Disney. Also, the print was very worn out the last time I’ve seen it and should have been replaced long ago.

    But, still better than no Captain EO.

    Since Captain EO will never return to the Disney parks, please release a worthy blu-ray of this classic masterpiece (in 3D and 2D). I’m sure plenty of Disney-, Michael Jackson-, Anjelica Huston, Franics Ford Coppola- and George Lucas-Fans would buy it in an instant!

    I sure would!

  15. Why oh why is this closing?

    Have seen it several times at Disneyland Paris in the last couple of years and and each showing was packed out! Judging by everyone’s reaction on the way out, the audience clearly loved both the film and its effects.

    Bad decision, Disney 🙁

  16. The reason it has closed is that jardly anyone watches. Figures have dwindled and have been for years. It has been declining in the mast few years. Everyone moans and groans but it costs Disney to keep it running and if the audiences ain’t coming, who can afford to keep it.

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  19. We used these just after Christmas. Such a vast improvement since our last visit in summer 2014. Well done! I still had to wait from about 9am to get a good spot in the queue, but then we only waited about 10 minutes in the actual pavilion, as opposed to 70 minutes last time!

  20. We had a wonderfull new years evening at euro disney 2015 – 2016!!!!
    It was fantastic!!
    Thank you!

  21. Will the foliage be refurbished? Many leaves and small branches are missing and spoil the attraction so hopefully these will be refurbished.

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  23. would changing the perception around DP to attract adults or a particular age groups not be at the expense of other age groups eg kids, teenagers.

  24. What a shame that they cast aside the park’s heritage, people’s memories and their love of DLP by destroying the named stones and replacing them with bland slabs.
    There were a few broken and loose ones, but surely they could have been kept and relayed to a better standard than they had previously.
    It has really dampened our DLP experience. What next? Removal of the castle?

  25. it’sasmallworld is more beautifulthan before.

    I will ride to it’s a smallworld during go to disneyland paris.

  26. i come to disney land for 20 years every year 2or3 times
    i am a real disney fan i collect it also but my complain is this year
    when y order to stay in the hotel why did they not mention
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  29. Can anyone help with getting in touch with photopass for Disneyland Paris. Tried sending email through contact us but email keeps coming back undeliverable. All photos are not coming up and need them to find my photos.

  30. Not Impressed! Big Thunder mountain is one of my favorite Disney Rides! Shut! Simlarly, the Star Wars events are apparently unavailable.No mention of these attractions being shut when my booking was made in June. My grandson, for whom we arranged this trip, has extatically reached the height limit, and a star wars addict/devotee will now be denied these pleasures. Will there be a refund/discount offered?

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