Inspiring Healthier Generations

Disneyland Paris builds on the legacy of Walt Disney and continues to innovate every day

We are aware of our influence on the public, and we are dedicated to promoting positive behaviours in terms of lifestyle and sustainable practices. We are committed to inspire healthier generations, using our characters and stories to make healthier living fun and simple, and encouraging families to eat well and be active.

See the actions we’re taking throughout our destination below.

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A Healthier, Balanced Diet

Disneyland Paris is committed to improving the variety of dining options while ensuring that visitors of all ages have a healthy and balanced diet.

The company adheres fully to the Walt Disney Company programme The Healthy Living Commitment, which aims to shift eating habits towards a balanced diet. The Disney Check label allows our visitors to identify appropriate nutritional choices easily for children aged 3–11 years. We offer menus with at least three servings of fruits and vegetables or a low proportion of saturated fat.

The destination’s dining facilities continue to evolve. Vegan options are always available in restaurants with table service, and the beef used in the destination’s fast food facilities is of French origin.

Sports and Fun

Throughout the year, a range of programs and events allow visitors to participate in sporting events such as the Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend, an annual running event at Disney Parks.

More than 26,000 people from 70 nationalities, including 3,500 children, took part in its third year in 2018. Several races on the programme each year, are open to all ages and levels and accessible to those with disabilities.

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