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Disneyland Paris Premieres Halloween Season with a Weekend of Thrills, Chills and Celebrity Sightings

Disney’s Halloween Festival will return to Disneyland® Paris from October 1 to November 7, 2021. The programme includes the reappearance of the Disney Villains, enthralling decorations and photos with favorite Characters, now without a mask required for outdoor photo locations! Get ready for scary moments in the season’s must-see attractions and plenty of new items to discover in the stores and restaurants. It’s a Halloween celebration for all your senses! Guests will have 38 days to enjoy Halloween and shout “We Love Halloween” with Disney Villains! To top it all off, the famous Disney Halloween Party will be back on October 31 (get your tickets here).

Maleficent’s Grand Return as a Dragon

Another highlight of this new season will be Maleficent, who will make a sensation as she appears in the form of a dragon. The emblematic float, showing her in her most feared form, will make its grand return to Disneyland Park – its surprise appearances will be fiery! Maleficent fans will also be delighted to see her in her original form for a memorable photo opportunity.

Disney Villains in Devilish Form to Welcome Guests

Disney Villains Maleficent, Captain Hook, the Evil Queen and more are back in action and ready to take photos with Guests in captivating and scary atmospheres in both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

Many Disney Characters like Mickey, Minnie, Stitch and Goofy will also appear, dressed in their most mischievous Halloween outfits at numerous photo locations throughout the Parks. Guests can find information about their appearances on the official Disneyland Paris App. Plus, for outdoor photo locations, Guests will have even bigger smiles as they can remove their masks when at the photo location on the green circle.

All Guests ages six and older will be required to wear an appropriate face mask at all times in the Parks. It is possible to temporarily remove masks during meals and to take a picture with Characters as designated Selfie Spot locations. Read more about enhanced health and safety measures at www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/health-safety-measures/.

Decorations, Attractions and More For a Perfect Halloween

This Halloween, Guests will find 330 pumpkins, 175 meters of strings of lights, 56 lanterns, 40 friendly ghosts and numerous skeletons – the largest of which is three meters high – decorating the Park throughout the season. Magic Shots* will also be decked out in Halloween colors with many surprises.

Disney’s Halloween Festival is the perfect opportunity to discover, or rediscover, Disneyland Paris’ most exciting attractions. Guests can venture into the spirit-filled mysterious journey of Phantom Manor, with 60 Audio-Animatronics®, 50 special effects and no less than 400 pieces of decor. There’s also the head-spinning falls of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Did you know that its elevators do not actually dropped into emptiness but are, in fact, pulled down? This original system causes the elevator to descend faster than it would by gravity alone and allows Guests to feel like they are flying when they put their arms in the air.

The shopping experience will also take on a wicked twist. Many new items will be available in the Resort’s shops – at Thunder Mesa, Tower Hotel Gifts and World of Disney – allowing everyone to proudly wear this season’s colours. “Fabulously Villainous,” a brand-new textile and lifestyle collection designed by the Disneyland Paris teams,  proudly features Disney Villains on sweaters, scarfs, umbrellas, badges and even a light-up cup.

Food and beverage offerings will also be deliciously wicked with, such as the Disney Villains Plate available in select table service restaurants. Choose a savory meat dish stuffed with pumpkin and “trompettes de la Mort” (“deadly” wild mushrooms) topped with a “sauce diable” (devil’s sauce) or Snow White’s Evil Queen menu which includes a dessert inspired by the famous poisonous apple. Snacks will also have a few tricks up their sleeves, such as spooky shortbreads with Cruella and Mickey, known as the “Sabl’Effrayant Mickey.“

Also new this year, Disney Hotels will be decked out in Fall colors to welcome Guests in a special Halloween-inspired atmosphere. Decorations, photo opportunities with Disney Characters and restaurants will extend the magic of the most wickedly fun season of the year!

* Magic Shots are photo opportunities offered by Disney PhotoPass Photographers who invite Guests to follow their directions and pose for a photo where there’s a surprise interaction. Through the magic of Disney, the final photo will feature a Disney Character or a surprising piece of décor alongside the Guest.

Disney’s Halloween Party will spellbind Disneyland Park on October 31, 2021 from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

During this can’t-miss evening, Disneyland Park will be open exceptionally until 2am with captivating evening ambiance and décor, plus major attractions such as Phantom Manor, Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight and Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney Characters and Villains will be on hand for wickedly festive entertainment and much more! Guests can dress up and reveal their wicked side along with Disney Villains. Tickets for Disney’s Halloween Party  also allow early access to Disneyland Park to enjoy the attractions as of 5pm. Reserve here

Some experiences, shows or events will not be available or may be modified depending on the evolution of the health and safety measures and recommendations from public authorities. Guests can visit disneylandparis.com for the most recent updates All the events, shows, attractions and animations mentioned might also be modified, delayed, cancelled or closed without advance notice and they are subject of climatic conditions.

About Disneyland Paris

Euro Disney Associés S.A.S, operating company of Disneyland Paris, which includes Disneyland® Park, Walt Disney Studios® Park, seven Disney Hotels, two convention centers, the entertainment center Disney Village® and a 27-hole golf course, is the leading European touristic destination. More than 500 professions and roles are represented (from marketing to finance, but also with unique roles such as engineer or gilder craftsman) through 124 nationalities and 20 spoken languages. Disneyland Paris is the number one single-site employer in France and the largest private employer in the department of Seine-et-Marne.

Le Roi Lion et les Rythmes de la Terre - 1

Disneyland® Paris Announces Return of Iconic Show The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands on October 23

Disneyland Paris will soon bring back a highly praised stage show, inspired by the classic film The Lion King. The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands will make its roaring return to Disneyland Park on October 23, 2021.

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands at Disneyland Park

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands is a 30-minute show created especially for Disneyland Paris. With impressive choreography and original costumes, the adventures of Simba, Nala, Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa are brought to life by singers, dancers, acrobats and percussionists. Daily performances will take place at Disneyland Park’s Frontierland Theater. Re-orchestrated by Disneyland Paris, guests can (re)experience The Lion King with every favorite moment and all of the legendary music.

New guaranteed access* service

Disneyland Paris is offering guests the opportunity to maximize their experience and plan their day with a host of new digital services available on its official app. With the return of The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands, a new paying* service offering guaranteed access** is now available to guests. This service allows guests to choose and reserve the performance time they wish. With complete peace of mind, guests will have guaranteed access to the iconic show upon its return to Disneyland Paris***. This service can be booked on Disneyland Paris mobile app, DisneylandParis.com or by calling the Booking Office. It can also be purchased on-site at a dedicated location to the left of City Hall (Disneyland Park).

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands remains free of charge to guests for their visit (subject to capacity). This new service will be on sale from October 13, with a limited quantity of guaranteed access available for each performance. Annual Pass holders and a guest of their choice can benefit from a special 15% discount available at City Hall (Disneyland Park) or by calling the Booking Office. Discount subject to limited quotas.

*Paying service, on sale from October 13, single price of 15€ per person. Launch price subject to change. Only the price mentioned at the time of payment confirmation shall prevail.

**Guaranteed access, except in case of show cancellation.

***A Disneyland Park ticket is required to access the show.

Show Figures and Fun Facts

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands takes place in a theatre equipped with a 360-degree audio system, equivalent to three times the audio system of an Imax theatre which puts guests right in the center of the action. Frontierland Theater is the fourth theatre in the world to be equipped with this type of audio system.

The show will take place on the largest stage ever built at Disneyland Paris (40-meter-wide opening), with a stage set composed of giant percussions placed at various levels.

The famous music from The Lion King that has captivated so many generations returns in this fan-favorite show created for Disneyland Paris. Sharing the stories of Simba, Nala, Rafiki, Mufasa, Scar, Timon and Pumbaa, the show is composed of nine titles performed live:

The Circle of Life

I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

Be Prepared

Hakuna Matata


Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Endless Night

He Lives in You

Busa / King of Pride Rock

The soundtrack was captured at Angel Recording Studios in London with a symphony orchestra, big band, large rhythm section and a dozen African instruments such as djembes, tamas, kalimbas, kora, congas and bongos.

No less than 30 singers, dancers, acrobats and percussionists bring to life this spectacular world with original choreographies and 400 costumes created especially for the needs of the show.

Some experiences, shows or events will not be available or may be modified depending on the evolution of the health and safety measures and recommendations from public authorities. Guests can visit disneylandparis.com for the most recent updates All the events, shows, attractions and animations mentioned might also be modified, delayed, cancelled or closed without advance notice and they are subject of climatic conditions.


Meet Disney’s Halloween Party Creative Leader and Event Designer

How is the most haunting night of the year brought to life? As Disney’s Halloween Party makes its great comeback on 31 October next, that is the question we asked Julien Baptist Guillot, Events and Commercial Products Creative Leader at Disneyland Paris, and Thierry Magne, Events Designer, to better understand how they prepare for this unmissable event.

When Thierry and Julien Baptist were asked how long it takes to produce Disney’s Halloween Party, one thing that of course came up were the unprecedented events that have taken place over the last few months. “This year has been a challenge in every way, both operationally and technically, as well as artistically,” explains Thierry. “Initial discussions with the Marketing teams usually take place ten months before the event, but this year, given the circumstances, we had to make changes and be flexible to bring this iconic party to life.”

“First, I meet with the Marketing teams to discuss with them which approach we would like to take for the event, based on what our guests – who love this iconic party – want and their feedback,” explains Julien Baptist. Having previously worked as an event designer, he was responsible for developing the programme for Disney’s Halloween Party for quite a few years running alongside Emanuel Lenormand, the Show Director, before joining the Disneyland Paris Sales teams a few months ago. “My role is to decide what great story will be told at this special event and, this year, we have decided to put the Disney Villains in the spotlight. No, we shouldn’t follow their example during the rest of the year, but if there is one time when you can unleash your inner villain, it’s Halloween night!”

Once the story for the evening has been decided on, it is Thierry, the Events Designer, who then suggests a concept that is in line with the story invented by Julien Baptist. “I then share my vision with the Show teams. In total, an event like this is the work of some 400 people, 300 of which for the artistic side of things alone. There are also around fifty people who work on the technical aspects, around ten or so who are dedicated to producing the event and, of course, all the Cast Members present on the ground on the day -without whom it could not take place- and who handle the many operational challenges of an event of this size.” Having joined the company in 1992 to help with the opening ceremony of Disneyland Paris, Thierry has devoted his career to events at the resort and worked briefly as part of the Show teams, where he was mainly involved in the musical production, Beauty and the Beast, at Videopolis Theater in 1994-1995. As a designer, some of the major events he has to his name are Electroland and the opening of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

With fog, eerie music and Halloween decorations, guests will be able to wander around in a frightfully-fun atmosphere the entire evening. “Guests also come to get a bit of a scare,” says Julien Baptist. “This year, the experience has been made even better in terms of the atmosphere, particularly in Adventureland. But I’ll not reveal anything else. I’ll let you come to experience it – if you dare!” There are also a number of Selfie Spots with Disney Villains in store for guests and the Show teams have come up with two new exclusive shows for the occasion, Skeletoon Party with Goofy and his son Max, directed by Arnaud Feredj and Reveal your Inner Villain!, which directors, Louisa Kriouche and Aurélien Berda, are working on. “Guests must have the opportunity to express themselves, to be more than just members of the audience, to be almost performers in the event, for example by coming in costume,” explains Julien Baptist. There will also be lots of interaction with the return of The Captain Hook Pirate Academy, directed by Christine Mellet, and which is only put on during Disney’s Halloween Party.

In order to offer different types of experiences throughout the evening and aimed at all categories of guests, with their friends or family, Thierry has created a stage at the bottom of Sleeping Beauty Castle, for the brand new exclusive show with the Disney Villains, Reveal your Inner Villain!, before being transformed to host the Grand Finale: the Electro night. The stage has been fitted with equipment that is still rarely seen in this part of the park and will offer many special effects as well as fireworks. 

“Disney’s Halloween Party’s strength lies in how the Show and Events teams work together,” explains Julien Baptist. “Thierry has managed to bring together many directors and Patrick Aigouy, the producer of the event, and his teams are doing a great job. There is a genuine desire to draw on everyone’s energy, creativity and talents. It is a real pleasure to see the commitment of all these teams and that everyone is coming together to make this night a success.”


Disneyland Paris Launches Enchanted Christmas Season with a New Dazzling Parade in the Company of Many European Celebrities

What better place than Disneyland® Paris to celebrate the holiday season together? Now, more than ever, we all need to dream and bring some magic into our lives, which is why Disneyland Paris has prepared an incredible Christmas program for its guests to enjoy. It includes a brand-new dazzling Parade, which runs both during the day and at night*, along with the return of Chef’s Enchanting Festive Cuisine events to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and the must-see nighttime spectacular Disney Illuminations on December 21.

To launch the season, many European celebrities came to experience the magic of Christmas with their families at Disneyland Paris.

* Except on certain days when the new Christmas parade will only be presented during the daytime.

A Sparkling Christmas Season Takes Over Disneyland Paris, from November 13, 2021 to January 9, 2022

Why wait until the end of December when you can celebrate Christmas in November? Be it with your family, friends or loved ones, what’s important is sharing this special time together.

Disneyland Paris is now decked out in the magic of Christmas for every guest to celebrate with holiday cheer! In Disneyland Park, Guests are welcomed by a majestic tree glittering with a thousand lights on Main Street, U.S.A., leading them to Sleeping Beauty Castle. The snowflake on the cake? It snows more than 12 times a day on Main Street, U.S.A.!

For this special and long-awaited Christmas, Guests can find many iconic Disney Characters dressed in their finest holiday attire – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Stitch, not to mention Santa Claus** himself, adding to the magic of the season in both Disney Parks.

** Santa Claus will be present at Disneyland Paris through December 25.

“Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade!”, a Burst of Magic to Celebrate Winter

Disneyland Paris teams have secretly been developing “Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade!” over the past several years and are now happy to present this brand-new parade that will put a sparkle in everyone’s eyes for Christmas! The parade is composed of five gigantic floats, featuring not only Mickey and his friends, but also Disney Princesses and Santa Claus, accompanied by Tinkerbell. Each of these floats represents an idyllic Christmas scene with traditional decorations and parade performers are dressed in luminous costumes specially designed for the occasion.

“This new Parade is a surprise because there is a daytime version and it becomes a new show come nightfall with hundreds of thousands of lights that illuminate these floats and tell a new story,” said Emanuel Lenormand, Show Director at Disneyland Paris. With daily performances, a truly dazzling show awaits Guests throughout this season at Disneyland Park!

Decorations Inspired by the Heart of Christmas Magic 

Disneyland Paris welcomes its Guests in an enchanting décor makes the ideal backdrop for capturing magical moments with the click of a camera, especially with several Disney Characters decked in their Christmas attire at photo locations in both Parks.

Christmas decorations at Disneyland Paris …

7km of garlands in the two Parks and on the Christmas trees

11,604 Christmas ornaments

78 real Christmas trees

A majestic tree 24 meters high and 24 tons, with more than 1,000 decorative objects

More than 37,000 flowers planted over four days by the Horticulture teams

200 new costumes were produced for Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade!

Savour the magic of Christmas through our immersive Disneyland Paris restaurant offerings. Guests are not only able to feast on a wide variety of seasonal dishes such as stuffed turkey or Christmas Yule Log as well as vegan selections including pumpkin and chestnut soup or pan-fried spelt with asparagus and morel mushrooms***. Additionally, Guests can enjoy a selection of delicacies that are both tasty and utterly “Instagrammable,” such as Minnie’s Christmas tartlet, gingerbread trees, and “Olaf’choc’o’neige”, a hot beverage with banana puree and whipped cream. Guests can also enjoy cocktails with or without alcohol in the colors of the holidays at resort bars.

*** Availability depending on restaurants.

Disney Hotels are also decked out in their winter coats to welcome Guests into a uniquely enchanting Disney Christmas atmosphere featuring festive decorations, photo opportunities with Disney Characters and restaurant and shopping offerings. Guests can also book a selection of rooms specially decorated and with surprise gift packages for both adults and kids for Christmas at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel and Disney’s Newport Bay Club.

Chef’s Enchanting Festive Cuisine*** on December 24 and December 31

To celebrate Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, Disneyland Paris presents Chef’s Enchanting Festive Cuisine**** on December 24 and December 31, plus brunches on December 25 and January 1. This unique experience will invite Guests to enjoy exceptional menus in the restaurants of Disney Parks and Disney Hotels. To celebrate the transition to the New Year, Guests who have booked a Chef’s Enchanting Festive Cuisine at Disneyland Park will also have access to the New Year’s Eve party to enjoy a selection of attractions and encounter Disney Characters.

**** Detailed program and ticket sales on www.disneylandparis.com

A Real-Life Christmas Catalogue

What better place than Disneyland Paris to purchase your Christmas gifts, decorations and festive outfits? Head to the many stores in the Park offering a wide selection of Christmas products including tree decorations, plush toys, electric trains, fashionable items and more. Here is our selection of top products and iconic Christmas offerings available in Emporium, La Boutique du Château, Walt Disney Studios Store, World of Disney and Flora’s Unique Boutique throughout the holiday season!

Replica of the lead float from the new “Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade!” as a collector’s item (159€)

New Holiday Spirit Jersey, a perfect fit for the upcoming the holiday season to celebrate with the magic of Disneyland Paris (60€)

Forest-inspired Christmas ornaments designed by the Disneyland Paris teams (from 8€)

The must-have accessory from Disneyland Paris: Minnie’s ears headband, available in a gold edition for the holidays (22,99€)

Traditional Advent Calendar filled with chocolates, which opens like a book and takes on a traditional winter scene with Mickey, Minnie and Friends (20€)

Did you know?

Most of the Christmas ornaments and decorations sold in stores are imagined by a team of designers at Disneyland Paris. This in-house expertise is sought out by Guests not only during the holiday season, but also throughout the year – most notably at La Boutique du Château – with more than 200 Christmas ítems available.

Christmas Gift Idea: Give Your Loved Ones the Disneyland Paris Experience

An original and magical gift idea, offer your loved ones a dream experience at our Resort. Park tickets, Annual Passes and even stays in a Disney Hotel – everything you need to create a memorable adventure! All options available for purchase on  disneylandparis.com.

Christmas season enriched with iconic shows making a comeback at Disneyland Paris

During the Christmas season, Disneyland Paris guests can enjoy an even richer experience thanks to the return of fan favorite show The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands last October. The icing on the cake: nighttime spectacular, Disney Illuminations, will be making its comeback on December 21.

Nighttime spectacular Disney Illuminations returns on December 21

The magic of Disneyland Paris will shine brightly with the return of Disney Illuminations. This show features state-of-the-art technology and incorporates sounds, lights, projections, fountains and breathtaking pyrotechnic effects. Every night, against the backdrop of the Castle, Mickey takes guests on a captivating journey, following in the footsteps of heroes from animated masterpieces. He transports the audience to a dimension where the stories of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ The Little Mermaid and Frozen as well as Disney and Pixar’s, Finding Nemo come to life. Guests will also witness an incredible naval battle featuring the Black Pearl, the legendary ship of Captain Jack Sparrow followed by a sequence of “live action images” featuring the Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighters and Stormtroopers that will delight Star Wars fans.

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands has returned

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands has made its roaring return to Disneyland Park on October 23, 2021. This 30-minute show was created especially for Disneyland Paris. With impressive choreography and original costumes, the adventures of Simba, Nala, Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa are brought to life by singers, dancers, acrobats and percussionists. Daily performances will take place at Disneyland Park’s Frontierland Theater. Re-orchestrated by Disneyland Paris, guests can (re)experience The Lion King with every favorite moment and all of the legendary music.

Some experiences, shows or events will not be available or may be modified depending on the evolution of the health and safety measures and recommendations from public authorities. Guests can visit disneylandparis.com for the most recent updates All the events, shows, attractions and animations mentioned might also be modified, delayed, cancelled or closed without advance notice and they are subject of climatic conditions.