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A professional inspiration for young generation with members of Walt Disney Imagineering Paris

Furthering the resort’s ongoing commitment to inspire young people with disabilities and support their professional development, Disneyland Paris partnered with the Arpejeh association to host a visit to discover Disneyland Paris’ heritage. The participants had a chance to meet two members of the Walt Disney Imagineering Paris team – artistic director Tracy Eck and show design and production director Bjorn Heerwagen – to learn from their unique professions and skills.

Walt Disney Imagineering is the creative force that imagines, designs and brings to life all of Disney’s theme parks, resorts, attractions and cruise ships around the world. Working across a range of disciplines from creative and design to science and engineering, Imagineers combine an innovative blend of storytelling, art, science and technology to create immersive experiences, memorable destinations and innovative entertainment for families around the world.

The group of 20 young people from the National Institute of Young Deaf Persons and an EREA high school (adapted teaching) then had the chance to discover the creative process of Disneyland Park’s iconic Fantasyland, as well as its inspiration from European architectural heritage.

Private tour Fantasyland

Heritage Days: discover Europe as you’ve never seen it before, without leaving Disneyland Paris!

During European Heritage Days on September 18 -19, Disneyland Paris is celebrating the exceptional richness of its heritage by offering you the chance to discover the place where the most iconic stories and legends of European culture come to life: Fantasyland.

From the stories of Charles Perrault to the Brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll and Collodi, Fantasyland pays tribute to great classics revisited on film by Walt Disney Studios. With its ideal location in the heart of Europe, the resort was perfectly placed to inspire Disney Imagineers and honor the stories that Walt Disney so enjoyed while growing up.

Designed as a medieval kingdom, Fantasyland offers guests an immersion in the heart of many European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and even the Netherlands. When building the park, one of the main challenges for Imagineers was to find the right balance between faithfully adapting the architectural styles of these different countries and immersing guests in an enchanting and imaginary world. To do this, they were inspired by some of the techniques of Walt Disney Studios animators: soft lines with curves that create a sense of movement or imaginary proportions based on the principle of “squash and stretch.” Guests are invited to keep their eyes wide open to catch the many architectural details typical of European destinations represented in Fantasyland.

Discover it as you’ve never seen it before with a video tour highlighting the history, cultural and architectural heritage, and craftsmanship of Europe’s leading tourist destination.


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Disneyland Paris Accessibility Program Evolves, Putting Guest Own Autonomy Evaluation at the Forefront for Greater Access

On December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Disneyland Paris will introduce a new accessibility program which will empower guests with disabilities and special needs to experience the parks according to their own autonomy evaluation.

At Disneyland Paris, magic is for everyone. With the knowledge and experience gained in almost 30 years of welcoming guests with disabilities and special needs, the resort will further evolve its approach to accessibility for continued improvement. Disneyland Paris will no longer determine access to attractions based on disability categories and guests will evaluate their own autonomy to decide which attractions they could experience.

“Our new accessibility program is a major step forward in our commitment to accessibility at Disneyland Paris, enabling every guest to experience the magic of Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, said Daniel Delcourt, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Disneyland Paris. “Our guests and Cast Members have always been at the heart of our approach to accessibility. Disneyland Paris is committed to listening and learning from our guests, Cast Members and accessibility experts to develop new standards of inclusion in the French theme park industry.”

Disabled guest autonomy at the heart of the accessibility program

Disneyland Paris believes that guests themselves are in the best position to determine what they are capable of. The experience of each guest with disabilities or special needs at Disneyland Paris should therefore be guided by their own assessment of their level of autonomy and potential need for an accompanying careperson.

Disneyland Paris’ new accessibility program will: 

  • Focus on guest autonomy
  • Increase the number of accessible attractions by revising priority and easy access conditions and evacuation procedures
  • Remove the requirement for disabled guests to be accompanied on attractions
  • Provide a 25% discount for disabled guests presenting official disability documentation and for one potential accompanying careperson

“With the launch of a new accessibility program, Disneyland Paris is setting a new standard for best-in-class practices in how we think about accessibility by offering more individualized attention for the unique circumstances of each guest” said Michaël Jeremiasz, a high-profile Paralympic athlete and a key resort partner for many years who continues to contribute his knowledge to help improve the experience for guests with disabilities.

Accessibility as a key focus for Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is focused on fostering a welcoming environment for all guests and Cast Members as part of its ongoing efforts for diversity and inclusion. The resort welcomed more than 125,000 guests with disabilities and special needs in 2019. 

Since 2004, Disneyland Paris has been recognized by the state brand Tourisme & Handicap for reaching French accessibility standards in both parks for four types of disability: hearing, mental, motor and visual.

“The challenge of accessibility is to allow full citizenship for people with disabilities. Access to tourism activities is obviously part of this, and Disneyland Paris is exemplary in this respect,” said Carole Guéchi, Ministerial Delegate for Accessibility. “The management and Cast Members for these theme parks are not content to simply meet standards but instead push inclusion as far as possible. With this new accessibility program based on guest autonomy, Disneyland Paris reaffirms its long-standing commitment as a responsible operator in the tourism industry.”

Disneyland Paris has invested in recent years to make the entire resort even more accessible for disabled guests, while engaging in an ongoing dialogue with key accessibility stakeholders to push the boundaries even further for the inclusion of disabled guests.

“Disneyland Paris has always made the accessibility of its parks a top priority for its guests,” said Sophie Huberson, Executive Director at SNELAC. “This new accessibility program, rooted in guest autonomy, is a very positive turning point for our industry that will most certainly inspire other theme park operators in France.”

The resort is also focused on providing equal opportunities for employees, continuing to recruit Cast Members with disabilities for all types of roles according to their skills and unique needs. Cast Members with disabilities now represent 5.9% of the total Cast Members at Disneyland Paris.



Cette semaine, Disneyland Paris a participé à la Semaine Européenne pour l’Emploi des Personnes Handicapées. Retour en images sur les actions d’inspiration et de découverte du travail en entreprise menées auprès de publics en situation de handicap externes adolescents et adultes avec l’association Arpejeh et pour le Duo Day.