Disneyland® Paris will kick off its 30th Anniversary Celebration in just 6 months, on March 6, 2022

On April 12, 1992, Disneyland® Paris officially welcomed guests for the first time after years of imagination, planning and development to bring Walt Disney’s magical dream to life in Europe. Three decades later, the resort has continued to expand with new stories, characters and adventures, including beloved franchises such as Pixar, Star WarsTM and MARVEL, becoming the number one tourist destination in Europe.

With a major milestone approaching in just 6 months, guests can anticipate more Magic on the horizon as Disneyland Paris kicks off the 30th Anniversary on March 6, 2022. This once-in-a-lifetime celebration of the resort’s enchanting past and exciting future will invite guests to enter a shining new era where they will dream bigger, laugh louder and smile wider.

Creating a festive atmosphere, Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary will feature a host of special experiences across Disneyland® Park, Walt Disney Studios® Park and the entire resort.

Disneyland Paris cast members will be at the heart of the celebration, delivering the resort’s signature service and exceeding guests’ expectations each day by going above and beyond to make every visit special.

Christmas gift idea: treat your family and friends with Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary celebration

A unique and magical gift idea: give your loved ones the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come celebrate Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary. With park tickets, merchandise or magical stays at Disney Hotels, there are so many ways to be immersed in the enchanting stories we know and love.

Learn more at disneylandparis.com.

More details about Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary will be announced soon.

HNY Album Cover

Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel Remixed Album Release.

Meet Naveed Dezfoli, Associate Music Producer

At Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, art is everywhere, including the background music. For the most unique hotel in the world, a totally new playlist has been conjured up- from the themes of the Marvel movies revisited- Chillhop style, at the crossroads of hip hop and jazz.

Until now, you could only listen to it on site… now it’s also available in digital form, accessible on the major music platforms. A perfect opportunity to discover Marvel music like you’ve never heard it before!

From concept to production, Naveed has accompanied every step of this unique artistic project. He tells us more about this one-of-a-kind adventure.

Can you tell us a little more about your work on this project?

I was in charge of producing music for the hotel, intervening at each step of the creative process. This includes determining the creative needs for the project and guiding our team of producers and composers from start to finish.

What is the musical concept for Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel?

The hotel’s music is a tribute to the culture and style of New York. The stage is thus a contemporary art gallery but dedicated to Marvel. For this, we produced over 75 minutes of original music for the hotel’s lobby and corridors. In essence, the Marvel themes are revisited in an urban, up-to-date style. This is the first time we’ve taken the iconic music from our Marvel movies and presented it in a whole new light.

It’s a true re-creation!

This is the first hotel dedicated to Marvel, so it was important for us to produce music that was true to the Marvel films and characters. That being said, we couldn’t use the original soundtracks because they were designed specifically for the films. We knew we had to adapt them to our experience. The Chillhop style is closely connected to New York’s culture. It’s a fresh approach to hip hop and jazz, with catchy patterns and even a little humor at times. That’s why it felt perfect for our musical arrangements.

How did you find the right tone for Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, which is both a hotel and an art gallery?

From the beginning of the process, we were fortunate enough to be able to see early concepts for the hotel and a few of the beautiful pieces that were going to be on display…valuable clues as to what needed to be done for the hotel’s musical atmosphere.

From Birocratic to Cloudchord through Pandrezz, Plusma, Stan Forebee and Tennyson, very different musical universes come together in this album. How did you envision this diversity?

The hotel features the work of over a hundred artists and I found that particularly fascinating. A very strong source of inspiration came from the Comic books, with their bold colors and graphic style. I knew that music, as an art form and medium, could play a similar role and push the hotel’s already rich story even further. Like the Marvel characters, represented in very different visual styles, the musical theming needed to be treated in a similarly varied manner.

How did you select the artists who would be part of the project?

We partnered with renowned Chillhop artists and producers who could bring their own singular sound and unique style and identity to the project, all the while adhering to the musical themes we all know and love. Music is a universal language, and as an art form, it has the power to bring people from all over the world together. For example, Cloudchord is based in Austin, Texas, and Stan Forebee in Melbourne, Australia. Despite the distance, they collaborated on a particularly appealing reinterpretation of Michael Giacchino’s theme for Spider-Man: Far from Home. Birocractic, a New York-based music producer, brought a stylish hip-hop twist to Brian Tyler’s Iron Man theme. So yes, absolutely, the fact that our artists live in different countries and come from different cultures has clearly contributed to the richness and diversity of our story.

How did you work with them?

Our team of composers and artists were very enthusiastic about this project, especially since they were already familiar with the Marvel repertoire. From the start, their approach was experimental. Since these themes were to be performed in a totally new way, we were exploring totally unknown territory yet, at the same time, we wanted the music to sound like “Marvel”. Take Tennyson’s arrangement of the Avengers theme: it plays on the power of that well-known motif while staying true to the very experimental sound that is the Canadian duo’s signature.

How did you choose the themes to adapt?

As with all of our projects, we started by doing extensive research, exploring the great Marvel themes like Alan Silvestri’s Avengers or Ludwig Göransson’s Wakanda. We wanted to involve our artists as early as possible so that they could participate in the choice of themes that they would be asked to rearrange. It was their vision that interested us.  Thus, it was important that they be really passionate about the material they were going to work on. We used a lot of famous themes, like that of Christophe Beck’s for Ant Man or Tyler Bates’ for Guardians of the Galaxy. We even played on the different Spider-Man themes, the classic version from the TV series and the contemporary version by Michael Giacchino for Far from Home.

What emotions did you want to convey through the music?

Much like an attraction, we wanted to immerse our Guests in the world of Marvel…doing so with the themes from the films was a creative imperative. That being said, we didn’t want the themes to be too visible. A hotel experience is still different from an attraction, and the music should be more in the background. We wanted it to add to the experience, not to be the focus of attention. That’s what Plusma’s version of the Avengers is all about. It’s done in a very subtle way, in contrast to the film’s heroic slant. It’s a totally new way of understanding Marvel music!

Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel Remixed, is available for your listening as of today on the streaming platforms Spotify / Apple Music / Deezer / Youtube. Scan the QR code below.


Meet our new Disneyland Paris Ambassadors, who will have the honor of representing the Resort for the 30th Anniversary celebrations!

After several weeks full of excitement and emotion, the suspense is over for the three finalists of the Disneyland Paris Ambassador Selection. Carmen Lleo Badal (Contact Center) and Quentin Rodrigues (Show & Ride Engineering) will have the honor of representing Disneyland Paris in 2022-2023! This period promises to be full of exceptional moments, including the celebration of the resort’s 30th Anniversary!

The history of the Ambassador Program began in 1965, when Walt Disney was extremely busy celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Disneyland Resort. He chose to have Cast Member Julie Reihm represent the Company to showcase Cast Members’ numerous talents and to participate in internal and external media and charity events. At Disneyland Paris, when it opened in 1992, Sabine Marcon was named the first Ambassador of the Resort. Since then, Ambassadors have continued to play a prominent role in each of the Disney destinations, carrying on the tradition and Walt Disney’s desire to share the magic around the globe.

During the selection process, candidates completed several interviews with a panel of Cast Members from different divisions, as well as workshops on various topics, such as public speaking and creating content for social media. With their dynamism, radiant personalities and communicative positiveness, Carmen and Quentin won over the members of the juries and will be the next Ambassadors of Disneyland Paris.

Originally from Castellón de Plana in Spain, Carmen says: “For me, Disneyland Paris is above all my family story. My parents are also big fans of the resort, and we used to come here very regularly. Working at Disneyland Paris was more than a dream, it was the logical next step in my career, and today, even my little brother works as a Cast Member during the high seasons!”

Carmen joined the company in 2011, first during the high seasons in Food & Beverage, notably at Plaza Gardens Restaurant, and as an Attraction Hostess at flagship attractions such as The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Peter Pan’s Flight, giving her an excellent knowledge of Park Operations. With a Bachelor degree in Education, she nevertheless wished to take a more artistic path, putting her creativity at the service of event management and evolving in this field in the United States. Since 2018, Carmen has been working for the digital teams in the Contact Center, where she exchanges daily with future Guests to inform them and help them prepare for their stay, sharing the magic and desire to come to Disneyland Paris.

Quentin, originally from Yvelines, holds a dual degree in Engineering, part of which he completed at the University of California, Berkeley. Having a six-month experience as an Attraction Host at Walt Disney World Resort in 2015, he joined the Show & Ride Engineering teams at Disneyland Paris as a Mechanical Engineer in 2018. His mission is to improve all of the Resort’s attractions and show equipment to provide an optimal experience for our Guests.

“Disneyland Paris is the company that made me want to become an Engineer. I knew that I wanted my work to contribute the emotions felt by our Guests. I’ve always been very curious, and when I was younger, I wanted to understand how the attractions at Disneyland Paris worked.”

Becoming Disneyland Paris Ambassadors is a dream come true for both. Showcasing the wealth of talent and diversity of Cast Members is very important to them, and diversity and inclusion, key values at Disneyland Paris, are extremely important. Carmen and Quentin will continue their actions with the Disney VoluntEARS, of which they are already active members.

The members of the Executive Committee would like to thank Giona Prevete for his commitment as 2019-2021 Ambassador. A training and transition period will allow Giona to accompany Carmen and Quentin for the upcoming months. The next Ambassadors will officially take office on January 1, 2022.

The Committee also sends its most sincere congratulations to the finalist of this 2022-2023 Ambassador Selection, Céline Gamelin (Revenue Management), wishing her a successful career at Disneyland Paris.

Stay tuned on @dlpambassador and on the Facebook page and follow Carmen and Quentin’s first steps in this extraordinary adventure!  

Carmen et Quentin

Let’s look back on this historic day for our 2022-2023 Disneyland Paris Ambassadors

Last Wednesday and after several weeks of tests and interviews, the suspense was finally over for Carmen Lleo Badal and Quentin Rodrigues when they were announced as our 2022-2023 Disneyland Paris Ambassadors. Let’s look back on this historic day which saw many Cast Members reunite for a truly memorable moment.


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Visite Arpejeh

A professional inspiration for young generation with members of Walt Disney Imagineering Paris

Furthering the resort’s ongoing commitment to inspire young people with disabilities and support their professional development, Disneyland Paris partnered with the Arpejeh association to host a visit to discover Disneyland Paris’ heritage. The participants had a chance to meet two members of the Walt Disney Imagineering Paris team – artistic director Tracy Eck and show design and production director Bjorn Heerwagen – to learn from their unique professions and skills.

Walt Disney Imagineering is the creative force that imagines, designs and brings to life all of Disney’s theme parks, resorts, attractions and cruise ships around the world. Working across a range of disciplines from creative and design to science and engineering, Imagineers combine an innovative blend of storytelling, art, science and technology to create immersive experiences, memorable destinations and innovative entertainment for families around the world.

The group of 20 young people from the National Institute of Young Deaf Persons and an EREA high school (adapted teaching) then had the chance to discover the creative process of Disneyland Park’s iconic Fantasyland, as well as its inspiration from European architectural heritage.

Private tour Fantasyland

Heritage Days: discover Europe as you’ve never seen it before, without leaving Disneyland Paris!

During European Heritage Days on September 18 -19, Disneyland Paris is celebrating the exceptional richness of its heritage by offering you the chance to discover the place where the most iconic stories and legends of European culture come to life: Fantasyland.

From the stories of Charles Perrault to the Brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll and Collodi, Fantasyland pays tribute to great classics revisited on film by Walt Disney Studios. With its ideal location in the heart of Europe, the resort was perfectly placed to inspire Disney Imagineers and honor the stories that Walt Disney so enjoyed while growing up.

Designed as a medieval kingdom, Fantasyland offers guests an immersion in the heart of many European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and even the Netherlands. When building the park, one of the main challenges for Imagineers was to find the right balance between faithfully adapting the architectural styles of these different countries and immersing guests in an enchanting and imaginary world. To do this, they were inspired by some of the techniques of Walt Disney Studios animators: soft lines with curves that create a sense of movement or imaginary proportions based on the principle of “squash and stretch.” Guests are invited to keep their eyes wide open to catch the many architectural details typical of European destinations represented in Fantasyland.

Discover it as you’ve never seen it before with a video tour highlighting the history, cultural and architectural heritage, and craftsmanship of Europe’s leading tourist destination.


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In Honor of Back-to-School, Take a Look Back at this Marvel Artist Masterclass for Gobelins Students

As part of its commitment to inspiring young people in the pursuit of their future projects, Disneyland Paris organized a unique Masterclass with Marvel artist Olivier Coipel forstudents studying at the Gobelins, l’Ecole de l’Image (school of images, digital design, animation, print…).

For several years now, Olivier Coipel has been one of the main Marvel Comics artists. Passionate about comics since childhood and a former student of the Gobelins school, he explained how he “forced his luck” at a Comic-Con in San Diego to join the very closed universe of comic book artists and thus fulfil his dream.

Olivier Coipel shared his main achievements with the students, and explained how he redesigned and reinvented of one of the most iconic superheroes of the Marvel universe, Thor. Olivier is one of 110 artists who have created works of art on display in Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. This was an opportunity for him to explain his artistic process in creating the Thor piece displayed on the second floor of the hotel. 

From his first creations for Marvel Comics to his experience as a Gobelins alumnus, Olivier Coipel took the opportunity to give the students several handy tips and answer their questions, particularly on what his years of study at Gobelins brought him. He notably told them to be aware of the importance of not locking themselves into a universe, and to take advantage of their years studying at Gobelins where they can inspire and develop each other.


Find the Lost Artifact on the Orange App

Orange, Official Partner of Disneyland® Paris, plunges us into the world of the new Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel in search of the Forgotten Artifact.

Our Official Partner Orange is using their technical know-how to make the news of our Resort shine. Through an augmented reality app, Orange invites everyone to discover Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel by playing Hunt for the Lost Artifact and diving into the universe of the hotel!

This immersive game is a unique opportunity for our future guests to discover the hotel in a unique and exclusive way that will make them want to visit us in real life!

Download this special App now and enjoy an exclusive mobile experience full of twists and turns and action with Marvel Super Heroes. At the end of your adventure, you’ll also be able to participate in a contest to try to win extraordinary gifts!

This experience, managed by the Partnerships and Synergies team along with the support of the Corporate Alliances and Partnerships team, is the result of a process that lasted over 10 months.

From the first creative ideas, to collaborating with Marvel and Walt Disney Imagineering – not to mention the technological development – many teams contributed to the success of this App.

App Store or Google Play


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Dream Makers – Agrabah Café Restaurant: Meet Matteo and Rafael

The new series Dream Makers – The Cast Behind the Magic invites you to meet the talents that make the magic of Disneyland Paris. In the first episode, we head for an authentic Arabian bazaar, the Agrabah Café Restaurant. There, Matteo (team leader) and Rafael (chef) take our guests on a gustatory and sensory journey in the footsteps of Aladdin.


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Disneyland Paris - Halloween - Frontierland 1

Disneyland Paris Premieres Halloween Season with a Weekend of Thrills, Chills and Celebrity Sightings

Disney’s Halloween Festival will return to Disneyland® Paris from October 1 to November 7, 2021. The programme includes the reappearance of the Disney Villains, enthralling decorations and photos with favorite Characters, now without a mask required for outdoor photo locations! Get ready for scary moments in the season’s must-see attractions and plenty of new items to discover in the stores and restaurants. It’s a Halloween celebration for all your senses! Guests will have 38 days to enjoy Halloween and shout “We Love Halloween” with Disney Villains! To top it all off, the famous Disney Halloween Party will be back on October 31 (get your tickets here).

Maleficent’s Grand Return as a Dragon

Another highlight of this new season will be Maleficent, who will make a sensation as she appears in the form of a dragon. The emblematic float, showing her in her most feared form, will make its grand return to Disneyland Park – its surprise appearances will be fiery! Maleficent fans will also be delighted to see her in her original form for a memorable photo opportunity.

Disney Villains in Devilish Form to Welcome Guests

Disney Villains Maleficent, Captain Hook, the Evil Queen and more are back in action and ready to take photos with Guests in captivating and scary atmospheres in both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

Many Disney Characters like Mickey, Minnie, Stitch and Goofy will also appear, dressed in their most mischievous Halloween outfits at numerous photo locations throughout the Parks. Guests can find information about their appearances on the official Disneyland Paris App. Plus, for outdoor photo locations, Guests will have even bigger smiles as they can remove their masks when at the photo location on the green circle.

All Guests ages six and older will be required to wear an appropriate face mask at all times in the Parks. It is possible to temporarily remove masks during meals and to take a picture with Characters as designated Selfie Spot locations. Read more about enhanced health and safety measures at www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/health-safety-measures/.

Decorations, Attractions and More For a Perfect Halloween

This Halloween, Guests will find 330 pumpkins, 175 meters of strings of lights, 56 lanterns, 40 friendly ghosts and numerous skeletons – the largest of which is three meters high – decorating the Park throughout the season. Magic Shots* will also be decked out in Halloween colors with many surprises.

Disney’s Halloween Festival is the perfect opportunity to discover, or rediscover, Disneyland Paris’ most exciting attractions. Guests can venture into the spirit-filled mysterious journey of Phantom Manor, with 60 Audio-Animatronics®, 50 special effects and no less than 400 pieces of decor. There’s also the head-spinning falls of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Did you know that its elevators do not actually dropped into emptiness but are, in fact, pulled down? This original system causes the elevator to descend faster than it would by gravity alone and allows Guests to feel like they are flying when they put their arms in the air.

The shopping experience will also take on a wicked twist. Many new items will be available in the Resort’s shops – at Thunder Mesa, Tower Hotel Gifts and World of Disney – allowing everyone to proudly wear this season’s colours. “Fabulously Villainous,” a brand-new textile and lifestyle collection designed by the Disneyland Paris teams,  proudly features Disney Villains on sweaters, scarfs, umbrellas, badges and even a light-up cup.

Food and beverage offerings will also be deliciously wicked with, such as the Disney Villains Plate available in select table service restaurants. Choose a savory meat dish stuffed with pumpkin and “trompettes de la Mort” (“deadly” wild mushrooms) topped with a “sauce diable” (devil’s sauce) or Snow White’s Evil Queen menu which includes a dessert inspired by the famous poisonous apple. Snacks will also have a few tricks up their sleeves, such as spooky shortbreads with Cruella and Mickey, known as the “Sabl’Effrayant Mickey.“

Also new this year, Disney Hotels will be decked out in Fall colors to welcome Guests in a special Halloween-inspired atmosphere. Decorations, photo opportunities with Disney Characters and restaurants will extend the magic of the most wickedly fun season of the year!

* Magic Shots are photo opportunities offered by Disney PhotoPass Photographers who invite Guests to follow their directions and pose for a photo where there’s a surprise interaction. Through the magic of Disney, the final photo will feature a Disney Character or a surprising piece of décor alongside the Guest.

Disney’s Halloween Party will spellbind Disneyland Park on October 31, 2021 from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

During this can’t-miss evening, Disneyland Park will be open exceptionally until 2am with captivating evening ambiance and décor, plus major attractions such as Phantom Manor, Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight and Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney Characters and Villains will be on hand for wickedly festive entertainment and much more! Guests can dress up and reveal their wicked side along with Disney Villains. Tickets for Disney’s Halloween Party  also allow early access to Disneyland Park to enjoy the attractions as of 5pm. Reserve here

Some experiences, shows or events will not be available or may be modified depending on the evolution of the health and safety measures and recommendations from public authorities. Guests can visit disneylandparis.com for the most recent updates All the events, shows, attractions and animations mentioned might also be modified, delayed, cancelled or closed without advance notice and they are subject of climatic conditions.

About Disneyland Paris

Euro Disney Associés S.A.S, operating company of Disneyland Paris, which includes Disneyland® Park, Walt Disney Studios® Park, seven Disney Hotels, two convention centers, the entertainment center Disney Village® and a 27-hole golf course, is the leading European touristic destination. More than 500 professions and roles are represented (from marketing to finance, but also with unique roles such as engineer or gilder craftsman) through 124 nationalities and 20 spoken languages. Disneyland Paris is the number one single-site employer in France and the largest private employer in the department of Seine-et-Marne.