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Frequently contributing to the shows at Disneyland Paris, Tim highlights his participation in Disney Junior Dream Factory.

Tim, you have worked on many projects for Disneyland Paris: Mickey and the Magician, Marvel: Super Heroes United, Frozen: A Musical Invitation, The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands and now Disney Junior Dream Factory. What is your point of view on this impressive journey?

It’s really exciting to be able to work and create at Disneyland Paris. I’m fortunate to have a very eclectic career allowing me to combine skills from musical theatre, live concerts and plays. I love being a part of the wonderful teams that create the Disney magic. Its been a dream come true for me as at the age of fourteen I wanted to become an Imagineer.

What role does light play in this new show?

It plays a dual role. On the one hand, it contributes to this magnificent factory for dream’s appearance, having all sorts of little elements that light up and interact with the Characters and the storyline.

Then, on the other hand, it supports the show’s musical dimension. For each number, the light transforms this Factory into a true concert hall, a fairy-tale of lights making the whole space vibrate to the energetic rhythm of the music.

The light puts us in the mood even before the show starts. How did you manage this?

When the audience first enters the theatre, the feeling they get is that of discovering this magnificent space that seems to be alive. You see all sorts of details, like gears moving and smoke coming out of the machines. Since we did not put a stage curtain that would hide the set before the beginning of the show, I chose to create a deep blue universe, a sort of subdued ambiance. This creates a somewhat mysterious atmosphere. There are also tiny amber lights flying through space, creating a bit of magic. You don’t notice them right away, but when you see the show a few times, it’s the kind of little extra detail you appreciate. When the factory team arrives. The factory fills with golden light and comes to life. This is our equivalent to open our curtain.

With each Character intervention, we go from theatre to concert. How did you manage these two aspects?

I’ve been fortunate in my career to be able to work on both musical theatre and concerts. Many of the shows at Disneyland Paris play on these two aspects. On the one hand, the dialogue passages must be understandable and well-lit, and on the other hand, the atmosphere of an exciting concert must be created, so that the audience feels totally immersed. For Vampirina’s number, I use a lot of moving lights with upward movements and strobe effects. It’s like a U2 concert!

How does the light interact with the special effects?

Charles Saulais, the show’s Special Effects Designer, did a wonderful job. We use smoke and haze effects throughout the show to build up the atmosphere. During Vamperina’s rock concert we have bubbles filled with smoke floating down over the audience to create that party vibe!

The finale of the show is a festival of colors!

Throughout the show, in order to best embody the universe of each Character, we were very strict in terms of color palettes. The finale was an opportunity to mix it all up by creating a big rainbow. It symbolizes the fact that everyone’s dreams eventually come together and create magic. It’s a moment where everyone reconnects, on stage and in the audience.

How did you deal with the very original Steampunk side of the Factory?

From the beginning, when I worked with Scott Shaffer, the Senior Art Director for the project, we thought that the set should be able to change color, and to do that, I relied on numerous Steampunk style details. Each element, like the arches, is filled with small LED bulbs, and hidden behind them is more LED lighting, not to mention the back wall with all its patterns. In all, there are nearly 8000 individual LEDs integrated into the sets to bring this Factory to life!  So even if you turn off the stage lighting, the scenery still glows. All you have to do is choose a color, and it takes up the entire space.

What are the lighting challenges in Studio D?

The challenge of Studio D is its rounded shape, like an amphitheatre. We had to make sure that the audience sitting on the sides would be able to see the performers and the Characters as clearly as if they were in the centre. In a regular theatre, everyone sees the show from the same angle. At Studio D, everyone sees the show from a different angle!

How do you design the lighting program for a show like this?

I spend a lot of time talking with the designers and developing ideas and concepts, then it’s time for rehearsals with the artists and the director. Once all the lighting is in place, we move to the centre of the amphitheatre and start programming the lights. We start with basic lighting, then add more and more layers of light in conjunction with the different scenes and Characters.

How is the lighting for the show managed on a daily basis?

The fabulous lighting teams at Disneyland Paris make sure that day in and day out they recreate the lighting that we designed. The lighting program is printed on paper and recorded on our computers. The operators work from both to make sure everything is perfect for each and every show.

In addition to your work on the show, you were involved in the Studio D design.

Yes, I did. I worked with the Disneyland Paris teams to design the lighting platform and the different gantries. I also chose all the lighting equipment and developed new devices. We have more than 200 spotlights, including moving lights and wash lights for ambient lighting on large surfaces.

We have created a place that respects the environment thanks to low consumption lighting, which is very important when you think that the lights can be on for 12 to 14 hours per day. It’s also a modular space, which can also be used for events. Plus, for the first time at Disneyland Paris, we are also able to change lighting colors in the public area. This opens up even more possibilities!

What was your favorite part of the experience?

For me, the strongest moment is when the audience first walks into the theatre. I know the show inside and out and yet when the audience is there, I see it differently. I even discover things I hadn’t noticed at first.  Above all, seeing all those faces light up, there is nothing more magical!


Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast’s “Crackles neons”:A unique technology brought to Ile-de-France just for the ride

The Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast attraction reopened its doors on June 17 after more than a year of rehabilitation, which focused in particular on the lighting and painting of the attraction’s sets and characters, as well as its exterior lighting. A very large-scale project…

At the end of the refurbishment, Walt Disney Imagineering wanted to fill guests with wonder thanks to an incredible outdoor lighting show. To do this, they turned to longtime supplier BTB GES which took on the project.

« This is not a normal electrical project” explains Luis Lourenco, Director of the BTB GES agency based in Lognes, Seine et Marne. “It involves replacing all the existing neon lights by LEDs and installing “crackles” on the five columns of the attraction’s façade.

Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Imagineering Paris – Design & Show Quality worked closely with BTB GES to integrate these neon lights – called “Crackles Tubes” – to the refurbishment project. This technique is unique to the world, created and patented by Wayne Strattman, an American specialist in lighted glass plasma technology. The teams went to the United States to present the project and establish a relationship of trust with Mr. Strattman, so that he would pass on his expertise and let the team relocate the tube manufacturing in France to a glass blower in the Paris region. It was essential to be extremely precise, especially in the dimensions and thickness of the tubes and the pressure of the gas to guarantee the best possible effect. 

Clive Moreton, Manager Systems Show and Ride at Walt Disney Imagineering Paris – Design & Show Quality explains that it is a unique technique in France and even in the world, which requires a specific technicity that is not within everyone’s grasp.

But what’s a « Crackle Tube”?

The “Crackle Tube” effect produces a bright, fast-moving lightning inside a glass tube that is packed with small pieces of fill material, either cut glass tubing or glass beads.

The gas discharge dances through the spaces between this fill material, concentrating the light into thin, bright streamers that take the form of lightning. The path of lightning changes direction at random and is touch interactive. (source: https://strattman.com/crackle-tubes/)   

Find out more in the video and see you soon at Disneyland Paris now to (re)discover this must-see attraction! 

Find out more in the video, and see you soon at Disneyland Paris to (re)discover this must-see attraction!


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Disneyland Paris and Ecovidrio join forces to promote glass recycling in Spain

Disneyland Paris’ commitment to sustainable waste management continues well beyond Marne-la-Vallée, as seen in the latest collaboration between Ecovidrio, a non-profit organisation responsible for glass recycling in Spain, and Europe’s leading tourist destination.

As part of a one-of-a-kind awareness-raising campaign – “Dreams matter more than ever… so does glass recycling!” – themed recycling points bearing the likeness of popular Disney, Marvel and Pixar characters took over the streets of 17 major Spanish cities: Madrid, Bilbao, Málaga, La Coruña, Salamanca, Logroño, Gijón, Castellón, Huelva, Alicante, Tarragona, Gerona, Albacete, Murcia, León, Córdoba and Almería.

“With this initiative, we want to bring the magic of recycling to the young, and not so young, members of the household. At a time when consumption is on the rise during the summer, we must not forget that small gestures such as going to one’s green garbage can every day help a great deal in our fight against climate change,” said Borja Martiarena, Ecovidrio Marketing Director.

From July 13 to August 5 – the best time of the year to spend time outdoors – no less than 120 points were set up with the support of city councils to raise awareness of the importance of glass recycling in a fun way. Of that number, 52 were installed in Madrid, bringing a touch of magic to glass recycling.

“Disney’s commitment to the environment is a tradition in our company, which began with Walt Disney himself and which we continue every day. We are very excited about this project across so many Spanish cities this summer, with the help of Ecovidrio. It is our duty as a leading entertainment company to inspire the entire community, especially children,” said Laure Glatron, General Manager of Disneyland Paris for Spain and Portugal.

Arnaud Philippe

A culinary journey in New York with Arnaud Philippe

Arnaud Philippe joined Disneyland Paris in 1992 for the grand opening of the Manhattan Restaurant. Almost 30 years later, returning to the hotel where he worked as a Cook, he is now the Chef of the Downtown Restaurant, offering our Guests a cosmopolitan menu.


The first step was to think about New York’s culinary influences. New York is a vibrant city with a long history of immigration, resulting in a cosmopolitan cuisine with strong Asian and Mediterranean influences. We wanted to offer a menu that would be representative of this diverse culture.


Creating a menu requires a studying and testing phase. We had to adapt to health and safety measures, prolonging our timing, and we also had to adapt to material constraints. When we prepare a menu, we have to imagine what ingredients and equipment we will need. During this period, many of our suppliers were also closed, which didn’t make it easy to get what we needed! The other challenge was to imagine a buffet menu and then adapt it to table service. This was not an easy task and we had to temporarily reduce the number of items proposed on the menu.


It was mainly through the desserts that we were able to mark our creativity, all the while remaining consistent with the menu and the Asian, Mediterranean and American influences. We have a Baby Groot Chocolate Mousse, a Captain America Panna Cotta, and soon, Thor’s Hammer Chocolate Cake. These are Marvel touches that dazzle our Guests.


Disney continues the “Ultimate Princess Celebration” with launch of first-ever world Princess Week on August 23

Weeklong Event Aimed at Inspiring Fans Around the Globe to be Courageous and Kind

All-New Disney Princess Content to be Released Along with New Experiences,

Ultimate Princess Celebration Hotline presented by shopDisney, Products and More

Grammy® Award-Winning Recording Artist Brandy to Debut Music Video for “Starting Now,”

Anthem for Ultimate Princess Celebration

GLENDALE, Calif.— Disney today announced the first-ever World Princess Week, a special global event that kicks off Aug. 23, celebrating the courage and kindness exemplified by Disney Princess heroes and aimed to inspire fans around the world to display the same attributes in their daily lives. As part of the year-long Ultimate Princess Celebration, World Princess Week will offer fans new products, digital content, a Disney Princess Hotline presented by shopDisney, unique offerings at Disney Parks and Resorts, retail activations and more.

To kick off the festivities, fans can experience the debut of an all-new YouTube series, the “Courage and Kindness Club” and a weeklong Disney Princess blitz on the Disney Parks Blog. The series features beloved Disney Princess and Frozen heroes showcasing simple and fun ways for young fans to show kindness and be more courageous in their daily lives.  Families and fans can tune in throughout the week and join in the conversation and share their own acts of kindness by using #UltimatePrincessCelebration and #HowDoYouPrincess.

“More than ever, the world needs strong examples of courage and kindness – characteristics exemplified by Disney Princess heroes and Frozen queens,” said Stephanie Young, president, Disney Consumer Products, Games and Publishing. “Through all of our products and experiences, we are beyond thrilled to bring this celebration to fans and families across the globe and, in the process, help inspire people the world over to have the courage to be kind.”

To continue the celebration, a range of new products will launch during World Princess Week from brands such as Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry, Lokai and Love Your Melon, all of which emphasize kindness through charitable giving. Additional products from Hasbro, JAKKS Pacific, the LEGO Group, Funko, ColourPop Cosmetics and others will also hit retailers globally. An all-new Disney Designer Collection Princess dolls from shopDisney.com will launch each month, with 12 designs, starting with Princess Jasmine in October. In addition, shopDisney.com and select Disney Parks will offer all-new product across categories including loungewear, roleplay, and more. The Ultimate Princess Celebration Hotline presented by shopDisney will also launch on Aug. 23 with all new recorded messages from five Disney Princess characters who can be reached by contacting 1-877-70-DISNEY, and two Frozen queens, Anna and Elsa who can be heard only by visiting shopDisney.com.

New titles launching from Disney Publishing Worldwide include a rom-com reimagining of Cinderella called “If the Shoe Fits,” fifty delicious kid-friendly recipes in “The Disney Princess Cookbook,” and a holiday-inspired picture book called “12 Days of Princess.” Lastly, a hardcover deluxe storybook collection called “Tales of Courage and Kindness,” which features 14 original stories and artwork inspired by the iconic Disney Princess and Frozen characters, will be available for fans all over the world in early October. For more information, visit DisneyBooks.com.

Also in celebration of World Princess Week, Disney Channel will unveil an all-new music special, “Disney Princess Remixed – An Ultimate Princess Celebration,” Friday, Aug. 27 (7:30 p.m. EDT/PDT). The half-hour special will celebrate the empowering attributes of Disney princesses and Frozen queens through reimagined performances of their iconic songs. Grammy® Award-winning recording artist Brandy will also debut her music video for “Starting Now,” the anthem for The Walt Disney Company’s 15-month event, “Ultimate Princess Celebration,” which spotlights the courage and kindness that Disney heroes inspire in fans all around the world. Disney stars Dara Reneé, Frankie Rodriguez, Julia Lester (“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”), Izabela Rose (“Secrets of Sulphur Springs”), Ruth Righi (“Sydney to the Max”) and Sophia Hammons (“Under Wraps”) are set to perform pop, rock and R&B remixes of “Into the Unknown” from Disney’s “Frozen 2,” “Home” from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” “Almost There” from Disney’s “Princess and the Frog” and “Part of Your World” from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” respectively. “Disney Princess Remixed – An Ultimate Princess Celebration” will also be available on Disney+ same day in select markets, including the U.S.

Disney Parks and Resorts around the world will also join in the celebration with all-new offerings, themed merchandise and special photo opportunities.

Walt Disney World Resort will debut an all-new Princess Tiana-themed playground on Aug. 23 as part of the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival. Guests will also find scrumptious food and beverage offerings across the resort themed to each of the 14 Disney Princess heroes and Frozen queens as nightly Movies Under the Stars at Walt Disney World Resorts will feature a line-up of iconic Disney Princess films.  Additionally, registration will open on Aug. 24 for the 2022 runDisney Princess Half Marathon. Walt Disney World Resort will offer site-wide photo opportunities as Disney Springs will offer art walls and special shopping opportunities.

At Disneyland Resort, Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures will return to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa beginning Aug. 26. This magical experience is for princes and princesses of all ages and includes an exquisite brunch, with special giveaways featured for World Princess Week. Guests can continue to delight in Disney Princess inspired attractions as well, including the newly enhanced experience at Disneyland Park, Snow White’s Enchanted Wish. At Downtown Disney District, fans will be able to celebrate with giveaways, photo opportunities and special merchandise offerings across select stores.

Disneyland Paris has many surprises in store to celebrate World Princess Week, including new exclusive selfie spots and magic shots for guests to enjoy and capture unforgettable memories inspired by Disney Princess.

In Hong Kong, a surprise moment will take place at the Main Street Train Station at Hong Kong Disneyland Park featuring Disney princesses with the brand-new Ultimate Princess Celebration anthem “Starting Now,” sung by global superstar and Grammy® Award-winning recording artist Brandy. Guests may also have a chance to encounter some of their favorite Disney Princess heroes as they celebrate this special occasion.

For additional information, fans can head over to the Disney Parks Blog as well as Disney Parks TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social channels daily for the latest on many fan-favorite Disney Princess characters. There will also be the first-ever TikTok Live event first from Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa on Aug. 25, featuring an appearance from Moana in honor of the 10th anniversary of the resort.

Fans can use #UltimatePrincessCelebration to join the conversation and to join in the festivities. Starting Monday, Aug. 23 at 6 a.m. PST, fans can access the “Courage and Kindness Club” series, view downloadable activities, browse new products and more.

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When Walt Disney opened Disneyland in Anaheim, California, on July 17, 1955, he created a unique destination built around storytelling and immersive experiences, ushering in a new era of family entertainment. More than 60 years later, Disney has grown into one of the world’s leading providers of family travel and leisure experiences, with iconic businesses including six resort destinations with 12 theme parks and 53 resorts in the United States, Europe and Asia; a top-rated cruise line with four ships and plans for three more to be completed in 2022, 2024 and 2025; a luxurious family beach resort in Hawaii; a popular vacation ownership program; and two award-winning guided tour adventure businesses. Disney Imagineers are the creative force behind Disney theme parks, resort hotels and cruise ships globally.

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A Magical Day for underprivileged Families

Today, 300 children and their families were invited to enjoy a day of escape at Disneyland Paris. As part of the annual campaign “Les Oubliés des Vacances” organized by non-profit Secours Populaire, the guests were accompanied by Disney VoluntEARS to enjoy fan-favorite attractions and see Disney characters at selfie spots throughout the parks.

In the afternoon, the VoluntEARS prepared backpacks filled with school supplies during a workshop. Before leaving, the children all received a bag to help them prepare for the school year.

“Every year for the past 29 years, Disneyland Paris has provided magical days for the children and families we support. Since our first partnership in 1993, when Secours Populaire Français and its European partners were chosen to bring 6,500 children to Disneyland Paris for Mickey’s 65th birthday celebration, many days have been offered to families and children. During these days, children and families enjoy the attractions and the magic of the park. This magic allows them to escape from their daily life and to come back with nice memories to tell, especially at the beginning of the school year. A big thank you to Disneyland Paris and all its Disney VoluntEARS. You put stars in the eyes of children!

Thierry Robert – Director General Secours Populaire Français.

This day is part of Disneyland Paris’ engagement to helping families in need through the many solidarity actions organized throughout the year, particularly with Secours Populaire.

toy story playland

“Worlds of Pixar” at Walt Disney Studios Park, One Area for All Disney-Pixar Storytelling

Following the opening of Cars ROAD TRIP earlier this summer, Disneyland Paris is introducing guests to Worlds of Pixar, a new name to encompass the growing number of Pixar attractions and experiences found in Walt Disney Studios Park.

Fans of all ages can immerse themselves in this colorful, family-friendly world featuring seven popular attractions such as Crush’s Coaster, Ratatouille: The Adventure and, of course, Cars ROAD TRIP. This includes a large part of the previously named Toon Studio, inviting guests to find friendship and adventures, meet favorite characters, and enjoy themed dining experiences like Bistrot Chez Remy and the new “Laugh ‘n’ Go!” food truck near Cars ROAD TRIP.

An immersive place full of energy

Beyond our popular attractions, this new immersive zone will invite guests to experience three new photo opportunities and “Instagrammable” backdrops, and discover Pixar-inspired decorations as well as themed merchandise kiosks. New themed snacks and sweets such as Toy Story and Luca inspired shortbreads and exclusive Worlds of Pixar donuts and cupcakes will be on hand at four food kiosks, while the popular dessert, Remy’s chocolate and hazelnut éclair, will be offered at Bistrot chez Remy. Of course, guests will also be able to take a selfie with some of their favorite Pixar characters, and soon maybe even sight Lightning McQueen or The Incredibles roaming around the area!

Repositioning Toon Studio* and naming Worlds of Pixar as of August 27 is just one part of the ongoing Walt Disney Studios Park transformation, adding more immersion and showcasing recent Disney-Pixar storytelling and characters that guests know and love. This represents the first of four core zones that will exist in the Park, as development continues on new themed areas starting with Avengers Campus.

*Aladdin’s Flying Carpet, Animagique Theater and Animation Celebration remain in the Toon Studio zone at the moment.