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French Capital Magazine Ranks Disneyland Paris Among the Best Employers in France

Our resort has been ranked as France’s best 2021 employer in the hotel, tourism and leisure sector and is part of the top 30 of the 500 best rated companies.

Each year, French Capital Magazine works with Statista institute to produce an overall ranking of the top-rated employers. The results are in – Disneyland Paris was ranked #1 among the best employers in France this year in the hotel, tourism and leisure sector! As for the overall list of France’s Top 500 Employers for 2021, Disneyland Paris ranked #21 with a score of 7.97/10. 

In order to establish these new rankings, 20,000 French people working in companies with more than 500 employees were invited to answer two questions:

  • “On a scale of 0 to 10, to what extent would you recommend your employer to an acquaintance or family member?”
  • “Based on everything you know about the following employers in your industry, would you recommend them to an acquaintance or family member?”

In the end, 500 of the best brands – including Disneyland Paris – were selected from more than 2,100 initially listed. Disneyland Paris was also recently named one of the top 25 employers in France this year according to Glassdoor. The international job search and recruitment site, which specializes in job search and recruitment, determined this ranking based on feedback from employees (current and former) who voluntarily provide anonymous feedback by completing a questionnaire about their job, their work environment and their employer over the past year.

For more information, see our article on the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards 2021.


Local companies help to create Disneyland Paris’s new Cars-themed attraction

At Disneyland Paris’s new Cars-themed attraction, Cars ROAD TRIP, guests will be transported along America’s legendary Route 66 highway to get a glimpse of some of its wacky roadside attractions and encounter some of the film’s most loveable characters. Its quirky décor of automobiles come to life has been realized thanks to the expertise of the small local companies that Disneyland Paris and its Imagineers have worked with for years.

Nestled in the Catastrophe Canyon of the former Studio Tram Tour, which has been rethemed for the world of Cars, a blue semi-trailer truck branded Dinoco, for the race sponsor well-known to fans of the popular Disney and Pixar franchise, will greet visitors..

This revamped scene was notably made possible by Axyon and Carolaux-Paradis, local SMEs – ‘small and mid-size enterprises’ – based in the surrounding Seine-et-Marne department, and is a great example of what Disneyland Paris has been able to accomplish with its local suppliers despite the challenges of the past year.

“We helped transform a real American truck so it could become one of the future icons of the attraction. We notably designed, built, tested and installed all the required animation mechanics, and then used a 250-ton crane to lift the truck into the canyon scene,” says Philippe Barbot, head of Axyon.   The engineering company, certified by the Ministry of Research and based in Collégien, also engineered animation mechanisms for other famous Cars heroes that will be visible throughout the attraction. “We have built a relationship of trust, based on dialogue and exchange. This was particularly illustrated with COVID-19. When the first lockdown was declared, the leadership at Imagineering contacted me right away to see what the best way would be to move forward together while abiding by government restrictions. As a result, we never stopped working in close collaboration and Disneyland Paris has always listened.”

Carolaux-Paradis, a local body shop, also remodeled and repainted the truck’s exterior and surrounding props at the Catastrophe Canyon scene, as well as the Studio Tram Tour’s vehicles. For Christophe Gomy, the shop’s co-owner who has worked with Disneyland Paris for 25 years on projects like the Space Mountain canon, the steady workload at the resort is more than welcome.

“Despite the current unprecedented situation, we were able to continue our collaboration with Disneyland Paris and respect all health and safety measures. Our work for the resort is probably what has allowed us to do better than many in our sector,” says Mr. Gomy. In addition to local suppliers, Disneyland Paris continues to collaborate with French companies or international companies that produce in France, who represent most of the destination’s purchasing and Corporate Alliance contracts.


Ride & Learn on Phantom Manor

Do you dare walk through the doors of Phantom Manor? Come inside and unravel the mystery of its haunting bride… You may even discover a few spooky facts about this famous attraction as happy haunts materialize along the way!


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Disney VoluntEARS give gift baskets to flood victims in neighboring towns

Despite the cold on Saturday, February 13, a dozen Disney VoluntEARS – the employee-volunteers of Disneyland Paris who give their free time for helping those who need it the most – walked through high water delivering gift baskets to flood victims in the town of Esbly. Accompanied by teams from town hall, they distributed 300 gift baskets of snacks and drinks.

A few days earlier, 20 Disney VoluntEARS put together 600 baskets, half of which will also be donated to other neighbouring towns such as Condé. To carry out the distribution, the Disney VoluntEARS worked hand-in-hand with the municipalities, with which the resort as built strong relationships over the decades.

“When we saw the damage that the floods had wreaked on our surrounding communities, we felt compelled to bring comfort to the locals,” said Eric Pires Augère, CSR and Philanthropy coordinator for Disneyland Paris.

Marie genevieve

Marie-Geneviève, Magic Keeper at the center of our resort’s audiovisual heritage

Marie-Geneviève Masseron, Documentarian, is one of the guardians of Disneyland Paris memories. Right now, she is also a “Magic Keeper” who brings memories back to life while also recording the present for future memories. This is what she and her post-production colleagues at Disneyland Paris are challenged with.

Can you tell us a little bit about your mission?

I’m part of the photo library team – which is increasingly becoming a media library – guardian of Disneyland Paris’s heritage. We organize, archive and share all the company’s photos, videos, images and graphic resources – but we are not bookworms!

We work with many teams to enhance this heritage and share it as widely as possible. We are a link between the departments that produce these materials and the departments that use them to bring the magic to life.

How has the health crisis impacted your day-to-day business?

Despite the closure of our resort, we remain busy.

More than ever, the company needs to maintain the link between Cast Members, Guests and our resort. We have answered many requests for content to maintain that link and find those rare “golden nuggets” of content that will offer a new look at our architecture, nature, history, attractions, experiences and Characters. There are many topics to research because our teams are not lacking in imagination!

This temporary closure has also given our team and the production teams an opportunity to produce new content, suggest unusual angles and use techniques for shooting which are impossible when Guests are present. We want to use this chance to further record the treasures of Disneyland Paris.

Another major change has been the change to work from home. Our main tool is PixieCloud, an online (internal) platform that serves as a catalogue for all of our heritage assets. Thanks to this platform, we were ready for teleworking, but our partners needed help using it and navigating it. We spent a lot of time on this aspect of the catalogue, and in a way, the distance has helped to strengthen our relationships with our partners.

How are you and your team members doing in this unusual time?

You have to be flexible – I think this is the case for many people at the moment.

Around me, I have colleagues who work on a rotation system. You welcome them regularly and accompany them when they take over projects, then prepare for their period of absence and start over again.

Luckily, we have been working together for years which has made these transitions easier, while the distance has encouraged us to strengthen our bonds as a team. Sometimes we experience a difficult day, but knowing that others are “there” if we need them is a comfort and support that helps us.

MK Allison paysage

Magic Keeper: Meet Allison Boullé, Brand & Creative Development Project Manager

Allison began her career at Disneyland® Paris as an apprentice while completing her MBA in International Marketing & Communication Strategy. Six years later, she’s working on projects, each one more creative than the next… even during this closing period. Let’s sketch out her role!

Introduce us to your team and its missions.

In my department there are two groups: one dedicated to project management, which I am part of, and the other dedicated to creation. With the exception of advertising media*, we develop most of the Company’s “below the line” media. For example, we create key visuals and logos for the seasons, attractions, events or anniversaries, as well as photo and video shoots to highlight new products, or on-site communications. We collaborate with many different departments on a variety of projects! My team also guarantees that our brand image is respected by making sure that all communications developed internally or externally follow the Disneyland® Paris graphic and copyright guidelines as well as those of our franchises: MARVEL, Star WarsTM, Pixar, etc.

What projects are you currently working on during this temporary closure?

We are working on materials for Disney’s Hotel New York® – The Art of Marvel, Disney Junior Dreams Factory, Cars ROAD TRIP, Avengers Campus, and updated graphic chart guidelines for Disney® Hotels.

What’s a typical day for you?

Lots of calls and emails! In the morning, when my schedule permits it, I talk with each graphic designer that I work with so we are aligned on the day’s priorities. Then, I make a series of appointments on upcoming topics, preparing creative briefs and following up on current projects… all while teleworking.

Your advice to someone starting to telework?

Keep a steady pace! It can be tempting to work in your PJs from bed or to finish later in the evening. My advice is to set up a morning routine to start the day off right and not skip the lunch break. Ideally, turn off the computer and go out for a 15-minute walk. Speaking of computers…Put your camera on during your meetings! It’s good to see your colleagues. In my team, once a week we even organize a “virtual breakfast” to take our minds off things and stay connected.

Can you tell us about the best memory you have about a project?

The 25th Anniversary! We worked for months on this celebration, from the creation of the visual identity to the realization of the communication support on-site and throughout Europe. I had the chance to take part in the opening ceremony with speeches from leaders, shows, and even a concert by John Legend in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at nightfall before Disney Illuminations… I had a front row seat, just a few meters from the stage!

* Television, press, billboards, Internet, radio, cinema.