Background Music on Center Stage

It may go unnoticed at first and yet, it is an integral part of the Disney parks experience. Background music, played across Disneyland Paris, has the unique ability to immerse guests in a world of fantasy. Above all, Walt Disney and his Imagineers were filmmakers. It’s fitting that they imagined Disneyland Resort just like they […]

Magic Keepers: Vehicles maintenance

Stefano, head of the resort’s own automobile garage, is in charge of maintaining all backstage vehicles that continue to circle around the resort for their daily duties. Those include security, fire and rescue, and Poney Farm teams grooms among others. A pivotal supporting role to allow the pursuit of essential activities.

Magic Keepers: Nicolas Duport, Medical Doctor at Disneyland Paris

nicolas duport

Dr. Nicolas Duport joined the Disneyland Paris team earlier this year, currently serving as a Medical Doctor for the resort. In his role, he is responsible for proposing preventative health measures that aim to benefit the health and wellness of the resort’s cast members. Alongside his colleague, Dr. Cyril Warmberg, they coordinate closely with health, safety and […]

Disneyland Paris donates more than 1.5 million euros in food and medical supplies

During the exceptional closure of Disneyland Paris, teams working behind the scenes, assisted by Disney VoluntEARS, mobilized to help local associations and healthcare institutions, donating more than 100 tons of food, protective gear and other medical supplies with a market value of more than 1.5 million euros. These donations are part of the company’s ongoing […]

Disneyland Paris donates 10,000 plants to Val d’Europe residents

While Disneyland Paris prepares to reopen on July 15, cast members from the Disney VoluntEARS program recently shared the magic of the destination with residents of the Val d’Europe Agglomeration nearby community by planting hundreds of flowers in the flowerbeds at Château de Coupvray park and distributing 10,000 plants to residents for personal gardening. Originally […]

Inside a look with the Ambassadors

Like us, you’re probably in need of some well-deserved Disney magic! Well, do we have a surprise for you… We recently visited the Resort to meet with our Magic Keepers and made sure to take some snapshots to offer you a glimpse inside our Parks, Hotels and Disney Village while they’re temporarily closed. We hope […]