Sometimes the magic is where you least expect it : A tale of hidden talents

At Disneyland Paris, it’s not just the attractions, the shows and the Disney Characters that draw on the powers of human creativity to delight young and old. In a company this size—15,000 employees work here—you also find skilled artists in many other fields, using their talents to surprise guests with magic where they least expect it. 

Environmental art

At Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, for example, the team of arborists from the Nature and Environment division have gone beyond their technical expertise in trees to learn how to create sculptures out of abandoned wood. Animals of all stripes can now be seen emerging from clouds of sawdust, putting a smile on the face of anyone who runs into them around a corner. What used to be the trunk of a forgotten oak or chestnut tree marked for the wood chip pile finds a new life as a work of art to decorate our parks!

(Almost) too beautiful to eat!

Things take a more mouthwatering turn at L’Atelier, in the Dining division, where Cast Member of fourteen years Cyril Soireau is the official…fruit and vegetable carver! An amazing self-taught craftsman, he began his Disney career in Room Service at the Disneyland Hotel, where he prepared guest rooms and attended to guests’ needs and requests.

Already his creative side was coming out: as he searched for ways to give his guests a little extra Disney magic, Cyril loved to personalize the fruit baskets he prepared for their rooms. Improving his technique and working on new designs, Cyril set himself a new goal two years ago: to decorate the destination’s restaurant and convention center buffets using the traditional Thai art. With nearly 180 characters in his repertoire, he is never short on ideas to wow our guests!

Attention to detail in more ways than one

“At Disneyland Paris, the smallest details matter.” So goes the motto of Ludovic, Cleaning Host in Frontierland, who uses his work equipment to make impromptu sketches of Disney Characters—right on the ground. Many are the photos he poses for as guests try to capture his fleeting creations. What began as a personal initiative has become a skill he is known and loved for, and he even shares it with colleagues in other lands within the park. Day after day Ludovic comes up with new ideas and new drawings to surprise guests as they pass. “It’s what Walt Disney wanted,” he says, his lips tracing a smile.