Free WiFi now available in all Disney hotels!

The hotels at Disneyland® Paris play a key role in the quality of the guest’s stay. As an extension of the park experience, they should integrate seamlessly into their visit, with perfect continuity of service and quality. Part of that continuity rests on connectivity and access to information. Enter free WiFi, now available in the common areas of every hotel.

Guests want to be connected

According to a 2012 study by, free, functional WiFi is the most important service travellers look for when choosing a hotel. Designated as a top priority for all Disney hotels, free WiFi is now a reality. Every hotel at Disneyland Paris now provides free WiFi access for all guests. Golf Disneyland® offers it at its bar, restaurant and outdoor tables, and Disney® Village is becoming increasingly connected, with free WiFi available in an ever growing number of its establishments.

Welcome to Disneyland Paris 2.0

Our engineers’ meticulous work has resulted in a quality WiFi network used by more than one million people over the past year. But improving connectivity at Disneyland Paris doesn’t stop there. The Disneyland Paris mobile app, released in 2010 on iOS and in 2011 on Android and regularly updated since, has been a resounding success. Guests can check attraction wait times, renovations, opening hours and more, in real time, making the app another key factor in a quality guest experience.