Euro Disney S.C.A. and Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs open Villages Nature Paris, a premier European eco-tourism destination

On October 10th, Euro Disney S.C.A. and Pierre & Vacances-Center Parks opened Villages Nature Paris. The ceremony was attended by Jean-Baptiste LEMOYNE, State secretary to the Minister of Europe and of Foreign Affairs, and Valérie PECRESSE, President of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France.
On October 10th, Euro Disney S.C.A. and Pierre & Vacances-Center Parks opened Villages Nature Paris. The ceremony was attended by Jean-Baptiste LEMOYNE, State secretary to the Minister of Europe and of Foreign Affairs, and Valérie PECRESSE, President of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France.   The Villages Nature Paris project was born in 2003, and is the product of a vision shared by the founding Groups, and based on harmony between Man and Nature. Each partner brings its individual and complementary knowledge:
  • the Euro Disney group brings its expertise and creativity in theme parks, its mastery of the art of storytelling, and their knowledge of the European tourist markets which will contribute to the quality of the experience and stay;
  • Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs, leader of residential holidays in Europe, brings its 50 years of experience in the design, development, sales and operational management of tourism residences.
  A unique European vacation destination right next to Paris Just 32 km from Paris and 6 km from Disneyland® Paris, Villages Nature Paris is a destination for short- and medium-term stays, all year long.Measuring 120 hectares, the first development includes 868 apartments and cottages and 5 interactive universes to explore and relax. Joe Rohde, Senior Vice President Creative Walt Disney Imagineering, and Thierry Huau, landscape architect and town developer, supervised all the artistic aspects of Villages Nature Paris. The architectural design of the cottages and apartments, overseen by Jean de Gastines, is inspired by the idea that buildings and the surrounding vegetation become interwoven, and create a whole. Three types of residences are available: VIP Cocoon, Country Premium, and Clan Comfort. Five different interactive universes are spread throughout the site:
  • The Aqualagon, designed by architect Jacques Ferrier, is the destination’s crowning jewel. It includes an outdoor 2,500m² lagoon open to bathers all year long with its 30°C temperature, neighboured by one of the largest covered water parks in Europe and spanning some 9000 m2 and including 7 giant slides. Guests can access the pyramid-shaped building through a winding walkway to its summit, offering an impressive panoramic view of Villages Nature Paris and the surrounding area.
  • The BelleVie Farm, imagined by architect Lionel de Segonzac, measures 2.6 hectares and gives guests an authentic taste of farm life, with cows, ponies, goats, backyard animals, and educational themed workshops.
  • The Extraordinary Gardens, dreamt up by Thierry Huau and spanning over 2 hectares, celebrate the four elements of nature: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. The plants that thrive in these Gardens have been chosen because they flower year-round, and will delight guests as they follow contemplative or fun pathways through the greenery.
  • The Forest of Legends is a wooded area measuring 2.5 hectares designed just for children aged 2 to 12, who will love exploring this magical play area.
  • The Lakeside Promenade is the heart of the Villages Nature Paris lifestyle, the perfect spot to stroll and enjoy brands such as Nature et Découvertes, Franprix, Swind, Chez Meunier, Les Petits Chaperons Rouges, and restaurants like PUR etc., Cépages, and Vapiano.
  Sustainable and responsible tourism as the guiding line Villages Nature Paris leads a pioneering and complete approach to sustainable tourism, through its Sustainable Action Plan. This includes ten targets with timelines, inspired by the One Planet Living methodology developed by BioRegional. The strategy is focused on reducing the carbon imprint of the site, reaching social and economic balance, and valuing heritage and cultural wealth of the land it is based on, through qualitative and quantitative objectives for every phase of design, construction, and operation. This commitment from Villages Nature Paris to sustainable development was recognized by UNEP, which chose the site as part of its “Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism”.   Geothermal energy at Villages Nature Paris: precursor to an energy transition The site’s heating and hot water comes from the geothermal energy that springs from 1,900 metres below ground.  What is more, this renewable and sustainable energy source produces zero greenhouse gases.   A sustainable strategy for local development Euro Disney S.C.A. and Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs, energized by their shared desire to fully participate in the government’s policy of promoting France, chose to build Village Nature Paris in the heart of Val d’Europe. This area, developed for 30 years by the Euro Disney group, offers unprecedented business opportunities for relaxing holidays, just steps from major tourist areas. As indication of their support, public authorities named the creation of Villages Nature Paris as an ‘Operation of National Interest’ for its contribution to innovation in tourism, economic development, and promotion of the eastern Ile-de-France region. Investment for the first phase of development totals approximately €500 million, and has seen 868 of a total 1,083 apartments and cottages ready on September 1, 2017, as well as some recreational features. Currently, Villages Nature Paris is planning to welcome 1 million holiday-goers by year, 50% of whom are French and 50% of whom are European (mostly Dutch, Belgian, and British). Villages Nature Paris and its operation has generated 600 direct jobs, more than 75% of which remain local. Through the coherence and scope of its composing parts, including events, architecture, landscaping, and sustainable and local development, Villages Nature Paris strives to represent model innovation for responsible tourism in the 21st century.   “We are proud to officially open Villages Nature Paris, product of a unique partnership between two major players in global and European tourism. By combining innovation and sustainability, we have helped to write a new page in the tourism of the future,” stated Catherine Powell, Présidente of Euro Disney S.A.S.   “Villages Nature Paris is proof of the shared desire of Euro Disney and Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs to contribute to making France more attractive than ever, and solidify its reputation as the world’s number one tourism destination,” added Gérard Brémond, CEO of the Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs Group.  

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  1. Hi, there! I’m from Brazil, and I’ll be at DisneylandParis on my 40th birthday with my family (a husband and 3 daughters). May I have my “magical birthday ever”? This include a character? How I order it? We’re ordering a 1day/2parks ticket, and we have a doubt about the time of Paris Express. It leaves Disnenyland at 8pm, is that time AFTER the fireworks and night parade? We’re very excited with this family travel,and we’ll be waiting ansiously for your reply

  2. Wonderful article, please more like this!

    I’ve never seen that castle elevation artwork before, could you post it in a higher resolution? Would love to thoroughly investigate the details of it.

    Kind regards
    Disneyland Paris Treasures

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  5. What’s the point of attracting adults and “reconnecting them with childhooh emotions and memories” if once they’re there you’ll treat them like they’re not welcome?
    Maybe the problem is not our perception is wrong. Maybe the problem is you really don’t want us to go.

  6. There’s a Santa Fe style hotel? Oh my! Will have to go back and stay there! Only hotel I had time to see on my first visit was the Disneyland Hotel on my way into the park to see Captain Eo after it re-opened in June 2010. I was on a one-day visit via the Eurostar from London (on holiday there from Australia) so very limited time – too limited. But I loved it.

  7. I’ve been 4 times to Disneyland Paris in the last 3 years and each time the service has been absolutely dredful and not even apologetic – would love to see how this changes.

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  12. Also my question:-) Is there a way to buy something although i’m not working at Disneyland Paris?

  13. So, so sad to see this icon show close! I first saw it in California in 1987 and was blown away by what was then incredible 3D technology, as well as Michael’s performance. When I visited Disneyland Paris for the first (and thus far, only) time on 24 June 2010 I was on a EuroStar day trip to the park from London which I was visiting for Michael Jackson 1st anniversary events with his UK fans. When I heard that Disneyland Paris and other Disney Parks were re-opening the film as a tribute to Michael, I HAD to make the journey across the channel to see it again. Needless to say, I made the most of the opportunity for repeat screenings on that day. And though I’ve since seen it repeatedly in Anaheim and Tokyo (shortly before it closed there last year) I’ll never, ever forget seeing it on the big screen for the first time since the 80s at Disneyland Paris. I’m not sure I want to go back now. 🙁

  14. It’s a shame this classic has to go, really!
    I’m glad I got the chance to experience it once again with the tribute performance.

    It was not quite the same since many of the original effects and the look and feel of the cinema were missing, still the old 3D glasses/technique and and analogue! print/and projector was used, which was and is kind of lazy from Disney. Also, the print was very worn out the last time I’ve seen it and should have been replaced long ago.

    But, still better than no Captain EO.

    Since Captain EO will never return to the Disney parks, please release a worthy blu-ray of this classic masterpiece (in 3D and 2D). I’m sure plenty of Disney-, Michael Jackson-, Anjelica Huston, Franics Ford Coppola- and George Lucas-Fans would buy it in an instant!

    I sure would!

  15. Why oh why is this closing?

    Have seen it several times at Disneyland Paris in the last couple of years and and each showing was packed out! Judging by everyone’s reaction on the way out, the audience clearly loved both the film and its effects.

    Bad decision, Disney 🙁

  16. The reason it has closed is that jardly anyone watches. Figures have dwindled and have been for years. It has been declining in the mast few years. Everyone moans and groans but it costs Disney to keep it running and if the audiences ain’t coming, who can afford to keep it.

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  19. We used these just after Christmas. Such a vast improvement since our last visit in summer 2014. Well done! I still had to wait from about 9am to get a good spot in the queue, but then we only waited about 10 minutes in the actual pavilion, as opposed to 70 minutes last time!

  20. We had a wonderfull new years evening at euro disney 2015 – 2016!!!!
    It was fantastic!!
    Thank you!

  21. Will the foliage be refurbished? Many leaves and small branches are missing and spoil the attraction so hopefully these will be refurbished.

  22. Hello We are a family of 4 with my husband and 2 children.I am 32 weeks pregnant.With the easy access card will I have access to attractions with my family.

  23. would changing the perception around DP to attract adults or a particular age groups not be at the expense of other age groups eg kids, teenagers.

  24. What a shame that they cast aside the park’s heritage, people’s memories and their love of DLP by destroying the named stones and replacing them with bland slabs.
    There were a few broken and loose ones, but surely they could have been kept and relayed to a better standard than they had previously.
    It has really dampened our DLP experience. What next? Removal of the castle?

  25. it’sasmallworld is more beautifulthan before.

    I will ride to it’s a smallworld during go to disneyland paris.

  26. i come to disney land for 20 years every year 2or3 times
    i am a real disney fan i collect it also but my complain is this year
    when y order to stay in the hotel why did they not mention
    that there is so many attraction close in the park you mention about the hotel but let also know about what happen in the park
    i hope you understand why i writhe this
    i hope that you will reply
    thanks yolande

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  28. Hello, I am staying at the Hotel on 9/23/16. That day is my daughter’s birthday. Do you have the opportunity to purchase a cake?

  29. Can anyone help with getting in touch with photopass for Disneyland Paris. Tried sending email through contact us but email keeps coming back undeliverable. All photos are not coming up and need them to find my photos.

  30. Not Impressed! Big Thunder mountain is one of my favorite Disney Rides! Shut! Simlarly, the Star Wars events are apparently unavailable.No mention of these attractions being shut when my booking was made in June. My grandson, for whom we arranged this trip, has extatically reached the height limit, and a star wars addict/devotee will now be denied these pleasures. Will there be a refund/discount offered?

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