Equality index

Disneyland Paris: “Avenir professionnel” law – Index of equality between women and men

As part of the “Avenir professionnel” law, French companies with more than 1,000 employees are required to disclose their equality index on 1 March 2019.  This index aims to measure a company’s commitment to providing an environment based on gender equality to their employees.

It follows a specific methodology measuring companies on a scale of 100 and requiring those scoring under 75 to put proactive measures in place to increase their score for the coming years.

Disneyland Paris worked with an independent third-party company to assess our business based on the specific methodology from the French government and disclosed a score of 79.

Diversity and Inclusion are core values for Disneyland Paris and continue to be part of the company’s DNA.  With more than 500 different jobs and 16,000 Cast Members, this score reflects a solid parity between men and women on such a wide range of different jobs.

For nearly 15 years, the company has employed a system of multiple agreements to address equality between women and men with nearly 20 different measures and a dedicated budget. Significant importance continues to be placed on equality in the workplace with the establishment of women leadership groups to support and further drive initiatives on equality.

Disneyland Paris is committed to continue to work to ensuring Cast Members have access to resources and support to help them grow their careers and feel empowered to create their own story.