Disney VoluntEARS confirm their commitment to associations through Tout le Monde Chante Contre le Cancer

For over eight years now Disneyland Paris with the Disney VoluntEARS have been committed to support the mission of the association Tout le Monde Chante Contre le Cancer -Everyone sings against Cancer-. The association works to create awareness of the illness, improve the daily lives of young patients affected by cancer and their families, and support research. It was only natural to see Disney VoluntEARS on 4 and 5 July this year at the summer festival organised by the association at Villefranche-de-Rouergue (Aveyron)

Disney VoluntEARS put a smile on the faces of children fighting cancer

Throughout the weekend the 18 Disney VoluntEARS present at Villefranche-de-Rouergue organised workshops to customise Mickey ears, they did makeup and painted finger nails, they initiated children to balloon sculpture, and of course they arranged a magical encounter with Mickey. This commitment week-end was also the perfect opportunity to offer the association the castle of the imagination, shown last month of May in the Jardins des Tuileries in Paris and created based on the dreams and drawings of many children. This again was a beautiful example of hope-filled solidarity.

The cherry on the icing of this 9th edition was the flash mob the Disney VoluntEARS organised in front of practically 11, 000 persons. The public warmly applauded the choreography and they enthusiastically repeated certain dance movements performed by the Disney volunteers.

An exceptional Gala to support the fight against cancer

“Tout le Monde Chante Contre le Cancer” is the number 1 national event against this illness that affects everyone. With the presence of its Guardian Angels, the organisers, journalists, athletes and actors who become singers, it has become the major event in the fight against cancer since 2006. The Gala helps the association fulfil various objectives:

• Gather funds to finance the association’s actions

• Create public awareness on the fight against cancer

• Offer children and teenagers privileged moments with the presence of celebrities and artists

3 questions to Vincent Rossignol, volunteer President of the association Tout Le Monde Chante contre le Cancer:

Nicolas Rossignol, you are the Volunteer President of the association Tout Le Monde Chante contre le Cancer. What are the missions of the association?

The association “Tout le monde chante contre le cancer” carries out 1,000 actions each year to improve the daily lives of children fighting the disease and their families, in 115 hospitals throughout France. Since 2005, the 350 volunteers of the association are active on three major platforms:

  • Facilities for hospitals and for the Maisons de Parents (Houses for parents), to ease life at hospital
  • Actions with the children fighting the disease and their families, because while fighting cancer you can help people keep a smile on their face
  • Major events and awareness campaigns to talk of cancer differently.

More than 1, 000 dreams fulfilled each year, thousands of gifts for Christmas, mother’s day & father’s day at hospital, 2 tons of chocolate at Easter, weeks of vacation for the patients and their family, and many other actions throughout France! To learn more about the association, discover their clip done graciously by our partners from Publicis

What does your collaboration with Disneyland Paris consist in?

Disneyland Paris is an historical partner of “Tout le monde chante contre le cancer”. From the very beginning, Disneyland Paris has regularly welcomed families accompanied by the association for a wonderful day in the theme parks. The Disney VoluntEARS also accompany us during events in hospitals, such as concerts or summer parties, as well as during the charity Galas in Paris and in the Aveyron. During those celebrations more than 300 children fighting cancer and their families are our guests of honour to discover the more than 30 artists who are up on stage. In July 2014, the association also had the immense pleasure of enjoying the castle of the Imagination during the association’s summer festival, at Villefranche de Rouergue. The castle gave starry eyes to thousands of spectators! During the two days of the festival, the Disney VoluntEARS offered the families various fun-filled activities such as quizzes, make-up workshops, balloon sculpture, painting Mickey ears and many more, and they set the stage on fire with concerts during a unique Flashmob with over 11, 000 spectators.

Why did you appeal to Europe’s number one tourist destination and its Disney VoluntEARS?  

Throughout the year our association’s volunteers are dedicated to re-enchant the lives of families affected by cancer. The association turned very naturally towards those who create dreams for thousands of children throughout the world, the Disneyland Paris teams. The Disney VoluntEARS bring their magic during each operation to needy families and they create wonder in the eyes of our young patients who are fighting cancer. The Disney VoluntEARS are an integral part of the association’s family of Guardian Angels and now many of them are also volunteers in our association, “Tout le monde chante contre le cancer”.