Welcome to Disneyland Paris News, THE company’s new digital magazine

Disneyland Paris News is designed as an information hub on all the company’s news: development and investment strategy, HR policy, jobs, talents, employee engagement; refurbishment and innovation strategy, financial and economical information, and environmental action program.

Behind the destination, Disneyland Paris News is the place where you can follow the company’s latest news, in all its dimensions.

Thought as a digital magazine, Disneyland Paris News provides you each week with the opportunity to discover dynamic and interactive contents: articles, analysis, reports, interviews, infographic designs, data visualizations.

The website is intended for everyone looking for information about the company. It is structured around four sections:

  • News: articles and interactive contents on the latest company’s news and information,
  • The company: a corporate presentation through some key words.
  • Key figures: an overview of the company’s economical and social impact, as well as its responsible commitment
  • Newsroom: an access to the company’s latest communications and corporate contents (press releases / press kits, official publications, annual reviews, infographic designs, videos)

Disneyland Paris News also allows you to directly access the company’s social media activity through a dedicated Social Media Wall, accessible from the website’s homepage.

Finally, this new media reflects the company’s wish to dialog with all its communities. Therefore, feel free to interact with us through the dedicated comment sections, within the limits established and presented in the General Terms of Use.